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In "The Crown of Eternia" Jean and his friends, Henry and Mary, are transported to a magical realm of Eternia, where they are greeted by fantastic beings and embroiled in an intricate web of events that will shape the destiny of this enchanted world. Confronted with challenges beyond human comprehension, they uncover ancient secrets and participate in a competition for the crown, where each family vies for supremacy. Amidst treacherous alliances, ancestral magic, and the awakening of dormant powers, they embark on an epic journey filled with mysteries, dangers, and surprising revelations. Amidst it all, an unexpected fusion may change the course of Eternia's history forever. Prepare for an exciting and immersive adventure, where magic and destiny intertwine in a narrative full of surprises and thrilling twists.

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Celestial Cities

In the streets, an uncontrollable commotion grips the crowds, all eyes turned skyward witnessing a unique event, a sight that transcends the ordinary. Trembling fingers point in ecstasy at the multiple cities emerging in bursts of dazzling light, bringing with them grand structures that defy the limits of imagination, as if sculpted from translucent crystal. Only a vast landmass majestically supports these colossal constructions, while imposing golden rings, adorned with enigmatic markings, orbit around them, emitting a divine aura that seems to sustain not only the cities but the very essence of reality.

Time seems to stand still in my city. Seconds crawl like hours, and minutes stretch like days as I remain absorbed in the magnificence of the celestial cities. It is then that a gentle touch on my hand brings me back to reality.

– Jean, you need to see this! – Mary, with eyes widened in admiration, points to a beam of light descending from one of the imposing structures. My eyes follow the trail of that multicolored light, and soon I realize that other cities are beginning to emit the same phenomenon, as if responding to a cosmic call.

– Someone is floating... – Henry interrupts my thoughts, pulling me by the sleeve of my shirt to observe the scene. As I turn, a wave of panic erupts through the streets. People run desperately, screaming in terror, their faces contorted by fear. The beams of light, once so dazzling, now assume a sinister aura of imminent danger. Are they... abducting people? I'm not sure, but I witness the horror as individuals are drawn into these rays of light, disappearing without a trace.

– Let's run... – My sentence hangs in the air as a blinding light envelops us, obscuring my vision and turning everything around me into a vast whiteness. The familiar shapes and colors of Mary and Henry are the only anchors I have in this sea of light.

We are captured by the luminosity. Although logic dictates that I should feel fear and unease, strangely, I experience a comforting warmth, as if enveloped in a reassuring embrace. Mary and Henry draw closer, and together, we lose all sense of orientation, as if gravity were just a distant concept. We intertwine our hands in a perfect circle as we are lifted into the sky, towards the celestial cities.

In the blink of an eye, our bodies merge with the light, and suddenly we are before the grandeur of the crystalline structures. The scene is breathtaking; the air is pure, and lush vegetation covers part of the landscape. As we approach, we can discern the intricate paths intertwining between the translucent structures. Humanoid beings traverse these pathways, their forms similar to humans, but with an aura of mystery and spirituality that leaves us in doubt about their true nature. They seem to be in an earthly city, but there is something indefinable and celestial in their presence.

We walk towards the structures, getting closer and closer. And even going against our basic instincts of survival, of avoiding the unknown, at this moment we only feel great curiosity. With each step closer we take, more things are revealed, wonderful plants, unfamiliar scents, strange trees and animals, but they don't frighten us, everything seems very natural.

Before we realize it, we are at the foot of the structures and within a city, we can see the movement of the people... Or rather, we can see a variety of beings, those we only heard of in books. Elves, giants, fairies, and several others walk civilly through streets that seem chaotic to me, without understanding, but to them, it's like a normal day, they navigate easily and don't seem to be surprised by our presence, not even looking at us. Clearly, we are more astonished by them than they are by us. Henry, Mary, and I hug each other instinctively and walk close together, afraid of anything, until an elegant man approaches us, he wears a kind of celestial suit, the colors suit him well, but what surprises us the most is seeing part of what appears to be a pair of wings on his back, closed, but white as snow, and that seem to adorn the man as if that condition were natural.

We advance towards the structures, each step awakening a mixture of anticipation and curiosity. Although our most primal instincts cry out for caution in the face of the unknown, an intense thirst for discovery dominates our thoughts. With each step, we are greeted by new wonders: a strange plant dancing in the wind, its leaves moving in a hypnotic choreography; a mixture of aromas assaulting our senses, evoking sensations that seem to belong to distant worlds; a colossal tree made of a watery material protected by a gleaming bark, sheltering strange creatures that feed on its substance, one of them possessing limbs protruding from its back and writhing in an unsettling manner.

However, there is no room for fear; everything seems so natural, as if we were returning to an ancestral home.

Finally, we reach the base of the structures and penetrate the city, encountering a spectacular sight. A multitude of fantastic beings wander the streets, each more peculiar and fascinating than the last. They are creatures of diverse shapes and sizes, whose mere presence evokes fairy tales and ancient legends. They move gracefully through the streets, which to our eyes seem like a chaotic tangle, but to them, it is just another day in their lives. Surprisingly, they seem to ignore our presence, as if we were beyond their perception, although we are completely bewildered by them.

Henry, Mary, and I instinctively embrace, seeking comfort and security as we make our way through the bustling streets, fearful of any unexpected reaction. And then, it happens: a elegantly dressed man approaches us. His suit displays shimmering hues that change color with the ambient light, creating a spectacle of colors and reflections. But what fascinates us most are the white wings, pure as snow, projecting majestically from his back, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

– Did you come for the princess's coronation ball? Of course you did. – The elegant man asserts, a clipboard materializing in his hands through a flash of light.

– Coronation? Princess? – My first questions emerge, but something sounds strange. The man's voice, the language in which he speaks, is not one I know, but I still understand his words. We look at each other, confused and intrigued by the inexplicable.

– Excuse me, – says the man. – I haven't properly introduced myself. You can call me Filian. – He gestures cordially as he introduces himself.

– What language is this? – Henry asks Filian.

– You've never heard it? Strange, it's the primordial language, I thought everyone knew it. – Filian explains, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. To these people, everything seems normal, nothing strange, as if even our presence there were expected.

Without fully understanding, we are urged by Filian to follow him, and that's what we do. This time, we can see his wings directly from his back as he turns to walk. They are not attached to his body; they seem to float inches from his clothes, almost like ornaments. However, just as for them, the oddities begin to seem natural to us too, as if we understand that they are part of him, part of his being. It's as if we intuit that the man before us, Filian, is somehow a distant relative, but with an undeniable bond of kinship.

We walk through the city streets, marveling at technology never before seen. While most people travel on foot, we observe tubes connecting the structures, through which the inhabitants seem to float, moving gracefully. Luminous crystals punctuate the landscape, serving as an alternative energy source, generating light, sound, image, and other devices that would be powered by conventional electricity for us.

Soon we come across an imposing arch, radiating a celestial luminous energy. Gradually, an image begins to form inside it, distorted and intriguing: it reveals the interior of a majestic hall, where people move frantically, preparing tables, hanging chandeliers, and decorating with flowers and banners. It's the grand preparation for what Filian calls the coronation ball.

– And now, Mr. Filian? – I inquire, observing the strange luminous arch.

– Please, come in! – Filian points to the arch, his request sounding more like a command, but we have no choice but to obey.

The three of us enter, side by side, holding hands, still uncomfortable with the situation. As I take the first step touching the strange lights of the arch, a static energy runs through my body, sending shivers down my spine, but I continue to advance. In an abrupt transition, we go from the fresh air to a completely different environment: the ballroom.

We are inside, exactly as in the image, but without distortions. Non-human men and women move swiftly, preparing the venue for the grand ball. I look around and see no sign of Filian, nor the arch we passed through. We are alone, in the center of the ballroom.

– This is... strange, don't you think, folks? – Mary asks, with a wide smile on her face. "But I loved it! Look at this beautiful, organized, and fragrant place. I'm excited!"

Henry and I exchange glances and end up smiling. A sense of joy fills us in the face of the beauty of the place.

– Yes! – We respond in unison.

– Let's explore. – I say, starting to walk around the ballroom.

– I want to see that throne over there. – Henry points to the most imposing part of the hall: a colossal throne, erected on a polished marble pedestal, adorned with golden leaves that shimmer in the candlelight. The arms of the throne are intricately carved, depicting scenes of epic battles and royal triumphs. The red silk that covers it seems to emit its own glow, while golden crowns, encrusted with the rarest gems, adorn its peaks, reflecting the grandeur and majesty of whoever sits on it.

Each of us decides to go in a different direction, but strangely, we cannot move away from the place. An invisible force seems to hold us in our chests, as if gripping us with invisible hands. I try to move, but my feet skid on the ground, unable to advance. Until my eyes fix on a point where the force seems to emanate. There she is: a small figure, apparently a woman dressed in a stunning outfit. Despite her tiny size, she holds me with a single hand, a display of strength that defies all logic.

– Who are you? – I ask, interrupting my futile attempts to free myself. – Why are you holding me? – I notice that my friends are facing the same difficulty, each being held by other tiny creatures, appearing as small orbs of light in the distance.

The small figure emits a sound, so soft that I can barely discern her words. By instinct, I approach to try to hear.

– You come with me. I'll take you to prepare and participate in the coronation ball. – The voice, again in the primordial language, resonates in my ears. The small one then flies towards a door and signals me to follow her.

Without hesitation, I begin to walk towards her, following her. I look back and see my friends doing the same, each accompanied by their little guides. It's the first time since we arrived here that we've been separated, and although it makes me a little nervous, I also feel an exciting anticipation for what is to come.

We walk through corridors of polished stone, passing by ancient furniture and beautiful sculptures and paintings. Through the windows, I catch a glimpse of what seems to be the city outside, although the interior of the crystal structures is very different from what is seen from the outside. We continue until we reach a wooden door adorned with iron details. The small one opens it easily, pushing it with a single movement, revealing a spacious room with various armor, capes, and medieval weapons. I enter, perplexed by what I see.

The room is filled with blacksmithing objects, but everything is clean and well-organized. I observe everything around me, amazed by this new room, when I am abruptly interrupted.

– There! – The small one shouts in my ear, snapping me out of the trance I was in. – You'll wear that. The armor of the black dragon. – She makes me turn my gaze towards an imposing armor, with gauntlets adorned with claws, a helmet with horns and extensions forming a muzzle, and scales instead of iron plates. Even the boots have claws, and there is an extension that seems to form a tail.

– But this is too big, it won't fit me. – I protest, noticing the size of the armor. I'm only 20 years old and not particularly large, but this armor seems to be made for an adult man of at least seven and a half feet tall. Or for a creature much larger than me. That's my first impression.

– Just put it on. – She whispers in my ear.

Then I feel a push with the same force that held me earlier. The small one has a surprising strength and throws me towards the armor. Staggering, I fall at its feet, and soon the small one begins to dress me, piece by piece. There's plenty of space left, and I can barely muster the strength to move the boots; my body is loose inside the armor, which seems to balance itself. It's as if I'm just a mold for it. The small one then moves her hands, and although her lips move, I'm so far away that I can't hear her. All I see is a crackling energy coursing through her small body before transferring to the armor, which begins to move on its own, as if it had come to life.

I am led to the main hall of the ball, the armor guiding me against my will, preventing any attempt at resistance. I am placed before the throne, forced to kneel before it, as if I were subjugated. Desperately, I call out to my friends, pleading for help, but I am immobile inside the armor, unable to move, while it remains there, kneeling me.

Suddenly, I hear a voice coming from my left.

– You look ridiculous in that armor, Jean! – It's Henry's voice. I want to turn towards him, but the armor doesn't respond.

– Henry, I'm trapped in here, help me! – I plead for help.

– I'm in a similar situation too. It feels like I'm stuck in something smaller, but I can't move. – Henry responds.

– Strange, I'm completely free! – Mary's voice sounds behind us, and soon she enters my field of vision.

Mary is dressed in a stunning red dress with embroideries, a long tail, and various sashes that seem to float, supported by small fairies flying around her. She sits on the throne with an elegance I've never seen her demonstrate before, appearing as a completely different person.

– What happened, Mary? – I ask, concerned about her strange reaction.

– How should I know? They put me in this dress, and it seems to have a mind of its own. And there's one of these fairies telling me what to say and how to behave. – Mary replies.

Finally, we give a name to these little creatures: fairies. They don't look much like the tales about these creatures, but they certainly have their similarities.

Now I understand that all of us are somehow imprisoned here. While we talk about various subjects, we remain immobile in our positions, feeling sore from standing still for so long. As much as Henry and I complain, nothing changes for us. However, Mary sometimes moves from side to side. All we hear are people working behind us, organizing the place and preparing the ball for the long-awaited coronation.

Finally, my armor moves, spinning towards the hall, allowing me to observe the ball in all its meticulous organization. Creatures of all shapes and features arrive, dressed with an elegance that rivals the most refined royal courts. Both men and women exhibit a dazzling array of appearances: some with majestic wings, like Filian's, others with pointed ears and slender bodies, and some even with additional limbs that impart a supernatural grace. However, even with these peculiarities, many still exude an aura of nobility and beauty reminiscent of humans.

Finally, I catch sight of Henry's attire. He wears a more fitted armor, adorned with intricate details that enhance his athletic figure. A flowing cape gracefully falls over his left shoulder, adding a touch of mystery and sophistication. His helmet, covering his face, features details reminiscent of the majesty of a mythological creature, perhaps a griffin or a royal falcon.

The hall seems to have grown in proportions, expanding to accommodate the grandeur of the event. Luxuriously decorated tables occupy a distant area, filled with exotic delicacies and refined beverages. Near the throne, several colorful banners float, symbolizing the diversity of the gathered families. The writing engraved on them, similar to that of the mysterious golden rings that sustain the city, suggests a deep connection to the primordial language mentioned by Filian, although its true nature remains shrouded in mystery.

As the guests circulate through the hall, their interactions are marked by false courtesy, every word and gesture carefully calculated to maintain appearances. Elegant greetings and graceful bows are exchanged, while servants silently circulate, attending to the needs of those present with discreet efficiency. Although none of them dares to approach where we are, it is evident that we do not go unnoticed. The glances that reach us through the cracks of the armor and the robes are piercing, conveying a sense of superiority that extends even from a distance.

After some time, between Henry and me, an ethereal figure emerges from the floor, as if rising from the depths of reality itself. It traverses the stone floor with a supernatural grace, leaving behind a bright and iridescent trail. The outline of a man forms before us, his human appearance enveloped in a translucent aura of shimmering blue, giving him an ethereal and mysterious presence. Dressed in impeccable gala attire, he holds a scroll with a solemnity befitting an ancestral monarch.

Silence falls over the hall as all eyes turn to the newly appeared man, whose whispered name, "Knives" echoes among those present. He rises with an impressive dignity, as if he were a legendary figure reborn for the solemn moment.

As Knives announces the arrival of the new princess and the imminent competition for the throne, an electric sensation courses through the air, leaving the guests in ecstasy and anticipation. The present families begin to line up with their respective banners, each displaying a distinctive array of characteristics that make them easily identifiable.

Suddenly, Henry tries to articulate a question, but his lips close in an instant, as if an invisible force prevents them from moving. I notice my own mouth being sealed shut, silenced by the fairies watching us with keen eyes, leaving us completely inert before the unfolding spectacle.

At the culminating moment of the announcement, Knives unfurls the scroll with solemn reverence, unleashing a cascade of light that envelops six of the seven families present, causing them to disappear amidst the resplendent iridescence. Only the winged family remains, celebrating with distinct restraint.

– May the spirit of your princess reveal herself! – Knives proclaims towards the Sephir family, raising his hand in a majestic gesture of summons.

From the family's banner emerges a female figure, bathed in the same translucent light that envelops Knives, yet with majestic wings that evoke the beauty and freedom of flight. She gracefully glides between Henry and me, passing us with an aura of indescribable power and grace.

As she approaches Mary, who occupies the throne with newly acquired majesty, the translucent figure sits upon Mary, incorporating into her. Mary then undergoes subtle changes in her appearance. Mary's previously ordinary eyes gain a peculiar glow, reflecting the iridescent light emanating from the translucent figure. Additionally, her wings, once non-existent, begin to materialize on her back, manifesting in incredible harmony like Filian's wings.

Mary then declares with a determination that echoes both her own voice and that of the mysterious figure enveloping her:

– I am ready for the coronation!

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