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One more can be good when more can be bad we'll take one more if they can be had

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One More

In the steadiest stream it

does stay coming at me,

and it can be so draining.

Almost reaching a point of

Being beyond tired of the

fighting and straining.

Tired of giving out pieces

of myself, genuine and true.

To whom couldnt care less,

and probably never could.

Whom so easily did make

a mockery out of your love,

and of how deeply you feel.

Still you choose to return,

even if only this once more.

Maybe it'll be different!

Yeah right! Not this time,

nor will it ever will be.

But I feel it every time,

even more miserably.

Can this cycle be broken?

Whens enough enough?

Maybe ill say it out loud.

If it needs to be spoken.

It seems that we never do.

One more time I guess,

of habit this creature does remain ever so too true.

One more time and I will

Give it just one more day

One more drink and it wont hurt for to go on more date.

It's that one more, you see, that could be too much or

be the day that's too late

Now one more heartbreak,

again to endure the pain. Crying so much that your

clouds do run out of rain.

Your emotions are not the

easiest for you to maintain.

And really I dont know how

exactly to try and explain.

For we have all been there,

Stuck in the boring cycle of,

just one more freakin time.

Its just one more little try.

As time quickly flies by

Trying to pump water out

of well so obviously dry.

Unanswered, but are not

forgotten about questions

The most important is why.

Can't we ever be satisfied, even, after all avenues have been exhausted and tried.

For humans, nothing is ever quite sufficient enough.

A void that nothing can fill,

Shows howweak our will.

How broken we truely are

from the instant we're born.

Weve never known who we actually are on the inside.

So we've never known how

truely valuable each of us is.

And that void has us on the

a highway of destruction,

moving to the express lane.

We are destroying our earth,

at an alarmingly rapid rate.

What could we be missing?

Unsure if I will ever know.

A gaping hole that which will continue on to grow

But nothing seems to be sufficient enough to fill it,

to quench such a massive

an insatiable age old thirst.

That's something that we must, with us figure out

to fix any of our problems.

The problem goes so much deeper than we may think.

Sometimes it feels, the more

we try and fix any thing that the deeper we tend to sink

So let's take another second, and have one more drink.

Do drugs just one more time. So we can leave any issues or troubles we have behind. We must try and remember,

yes that is all well and fine.

We must learn to be happy with what we have got, even though to others it may not seem like a lot here on earth. Because when we die, none of it can be taken with us.

It's not like when we do go, any of it will start to miss us.

So, come on and let's go on ahead with having one more

And then hope that life has

Some mercy on us for sure.

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