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Darkness. Insistent caller. Fear. Terror...

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The call

Terror, pure and almost tangible. That's all she could feel. She sat in the corner of the dark room pressing herself further into the wall. There was no more space. She was at the very end and unless she could sink onto the solid structure, she was trapped. The room seemed to be shifting and walls seemed to breathe, rearranging themselves in a macabre dance that left her disoriented, trapped in a never-ending cycle of confusion and despair. The very air was thick with the scent of her fear tangible in the air. The phone rang again for the umpteenth time. She covered her mouth, stopping the scream that was threatening to escape. She fumbled in the dark and located the cursed device. With a shudder she pressed the green icon on the screen and put her phone on her ear.


She whispered the word again in a shaky breath waiting. All she could hear was heavy breathing. More breathing. A raspy cough. More breathing. She quickly hung up and clutched the phone close to her. This had been happening for the past four hours. At first she chalked it up to a prank by one of her friends. It was April fool's and everyone was out there playing pranks on each other. She had tried calling her friends. They had laughed it off as a crazy prank and finally stopped picking up her calls.

“Seriously… It's not funny anymore. Quit it and go back to your horror movie for the night.”

That had been her best friend ten minutes ago sounding all annoyed and fed up with her insistent calling. The only problem was she had not been joking. It wasn't a prank as they all thought. She gripped her phone tighter, regretting all the pranks she had played on her friends involving stalkers. The theory of the boy who cried wolf was manifesting itself to her in the worst way possible. She had cried wolf so many times that they had stopped believing her anymore. The first call came as a surprise, the shrill ring cutting through the silence of the apartment like a knife. She had just stepped into her room when it rang. She had picked it up out of pure curiosity but there had been no answer, only a static-filled silence and heavy breathing that seemed to stretch into infinity. Confused and a little irritated, she had hung up, telling herself it was just a wrong number, a simple mistake. The next phone call a few seconds after the first had made her angry then the next few she had made her laugh. Then it stopped being funny after an hour and a half of the calls. Then she had called all her friends and none of them seemed to understand what she had been talking about. At that moment she had realised she didn't know whoever was calling her though he seemed to know her. Then her power was cut and she was plunged in darkness. He had then started to toy with her, whispering random things whenever he called and she picked up. A text message after all that, had driven her to lock up her room and seek refuge at the corner she currently was huddled at.

The phone rang again making her drop it, shaking all over from the fear gripping her. She knew not picking up wouldn't change anything. She couldn't switch it off either since it was the only source of light. She picked it up and listened again, this time round on speaker. She couldn't bear the feeling of the phone in her ear as she listened to the now familiar breathing that was still happening.

She looked at the blank bright screen as the breathing went on.

“...I'm right behind you.”

The breathy words were like a bomb suddenly dropping on her. She whipped her head so fast to look behind her not remembering she was at a corner. The loud thud resounded throughout the room as her head hit the wall. She let out a scream of pain as she bounced back and hit the back of her head on the other wall. The doubled pain was almost unbearable as laughter began from her phone.

“Silly…silly… You can't see me…”

She held her head in pain as she felt a chill travel down her spine. She looked back again, careful this time not ro hit her head again only to be met by darkness and the solid wall. Logically she knew he wasn't really there but she couldn't convince her mind of that fact. She could feel his phantom breath on her shoulder. She shivered as the cool breath fluttered over her shoulder caressing her cheek. She felt utter revulsion and gagged. She shuddered again. It wasn't making any sense but she could feel his overbearing presence grow with every passing second. The darkness that was enveloping her wasn't helping the situation either.

“You feel me ….I know you feel me…I'm right there….you feel me…”

He hung up the phone plunging her into the dark again. She quickly pressed the power button and stared at the screen as it lit up. Her smiling face was staring back at her. It looked so foreign to her. Was she the same girl? She looked up at the small icon indicating her phone's percentage. Thirty percent. It would be over soon and she did not know what would happen after that. It was three am in the morning, and it would be a while before daybreak. She stared at her phone knowing she would need to switch it off for a while to save on power though she wasn't ready to be in the dark again. The whole night had not been anticipated. She knew these feelings were not to be trusted, yet there was an insidious doubt that crept into her thoughts, a relentless tide eroding the remnants of her sanity. The nature of her reality began to blur, the edges of her world fraying as the phone calls grew more frequent and her hallucinations more vivid. The boundary between hallucination and reality blurred, each moment a torturous uncertainty of perception. Was his presence in her room merely a trick of her own mind, or something far more sinister? She closed her eyes trying to shut everything out.

Shadows took on life, morphing into grotesque shapes that lurked in the corners of her vision, every time she opened her eyes. The light from her phone, once a source of comfort,was becoming an enemy, casting sinister patterns on the walls and fueling her growing paranoia. She did not pick any more of the calls. The insistent calling was slowly chipping at her sanity driving her to the brink of insanity. In a fit of rage she threw the phone to the other side of the room and sighed in relief when she heard the loud crack.

The silence was a welcome reprieve from the torture she had neen going through these past few minutes. It was however short lived. The familiar ringtone started at the corner the phone had landed on. All that was constant was the darkness. Hearing it ring in the dark evoked worse fears in her making the tremors on her body intensify. She could only watch the shadows as it rang on and on. She could feel the shadows pressing down on her, clawing at her. She began scratching and rubbing her skin trying to loosen the pressure, trying to get free from the phantom tendrils that had her in their grasp. She knew deep down that all these were creatures born of her deepest fears, the echoes of her terror merging with the oppressive darkness around her. She screamed into the darkness, the echoes of her terror resounding in the darkness as the phone rang in the background.

A loud banging on the door drove her to the corner as she cowered in fear. He was here. He had come for her. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her hands clammy and wet and her head felt heavy. Why was he here? Is it because she had not picked up the phone? Would he leave if she answered his call? She tried patting the ground beside her searching for her phone only for it to ring on the other side of the room. She watched the shadows as the phone rang, realising its screen was broken. It was all over for her. She closed her eyes, buried her head into her knees and began rocking back and forth.

A loud bang made her shudder and a chill settled on her. She didn't dare lift her head terrified of what would happen. There was someone in her room. Was he here for her? She couldn't open her eyes. She couldn't look at him. She wouldn't let him see her fear. Tears began to trickle down her face as she began whispering,

“I'm sorry…I'm sorry I didn't pick the call…I'm sorry…”

She repeatedly whispered those words in a broken voice still rocking herself. She sounded like a broken record but all she could think of was to apologise to survive. She could feel his presence. It was getting closer and closer with each minute. Her whole body stilled as she listened. Was he really here? Had he not been here since she heard him? Was it someone else? Or was it no one? She couldn't tell anymore. A hand gripped her arm. She jerked away so violently she hit her already throbbing head on the wall. She could hear someone call her name anxiously, the voice familiar. Maybe he had gotten to the others. Why did it sound like her best friend? The confusion was fading into the background as the dull ache turned into searing pain, hot and unbearable.As the darkness engulfed her, her last thought was,

‘Am I going to die?”

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Alice K. Always been a book lover and I a really wild imagination so I try to put down in words. I'm not an experienced author, I'm just starting my writing journey. I hope to grow as a writer here with all of you great authors and readers as I share my unique take on life in my books.

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