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Vanessa has had an accident and remembers nothing. The only remnant of her past that remains with her are her strange dreams about a man in a hoodie. Who is this man? Why can't she remember anything? She will do anything to unravel these mysteries

Suspenso/Misterio No para niños menores de 13.

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Part 1

Vanessa woke up startled; it was the third time she had had the same dream that week.

In her first dream, she saw a pale, thin man walking in the shadows of the trees. She couldn't see him properly because of the snow covering the ground and the trees, and he was the same color as her skin.

The next day, she had the same dream, but this time she could see the man coming towards her and walking past her as if he didn't see her. He was wearing a black hood, so it was very difficult to see his face. The mysterious man kept walking straight until he entered a dark cave and disappeared.

And now, in the last dream, the man noticed her presence, walked up to her, and stared at her. He seemed to be trying to say something to her, but he couldn't; he just moved his lips without making a sound. Even though he was face-to-face with her, it was almost impossible to see his face; the hood covered almost all of it. The only thing Vanessa could see was a scar on the man's chin, a scar she had certainly seen before, but couldn't remember where.

Still processing the dream she had just had, Vanessa got up and unlocked her cell phone, realizing that she had forgotten to set the alarm the night before. It was already 9 o'clock, and she was very late for work.

She rushed off to take a quick shower and a cup of coffee, trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to disturb Gabrielle, her roommate who took her in, until things got back to normal.

In her haste to leave, Vanessa bumped into a glass, which fell to the floor and broke. A small shard of glass fell on her foot, causing a cut that, although small, stung and bled a lot. She ran to the bathroom to bandage it.

Her foot still hurt from walking, but she was very late and needed to run, so she grabbed her car key and set off, hoping that the sound of the glass breaking hadn't woken her friend.

The night before, Gabrielle was on call, she was a doctor, and she worked for 12 hours straight, only leaving the hospital at 5am. Gabrielle barely had time to rest between shifts and was always on call, as they lived in a small town and the local hospital only had two doctors. That's why Vanessa avoided making noise when Gabrielle was asleep; she didn't want to disturb her only moment of rest.

Vanessa finally arrived at work, and as usual, her day was completely boring—8 hours of staring at a computer screen, filling in spreadsheets, and making reports. The hours dragged by until it was finally time to go home.

Before leaving work, she went to the bathroom to check on her wound. It had stopped bleeding and was hardly stinging anymore; she could walk normally.

Tonight is Gabi's night off; does she want to go out to eat? Or maybe see a movie? Vanessa thought as she drove home.

But when she got home, she realized that something was wrong. The door was open, and Gabi would never leave the door open; she knows the neighborhood is dangerous, and she's terrified of being mugged. When she got closer, Vanessa realized that the door had been broken down, because the wood around the door was broken.

She approached carefully, thinking that whoever had broken down the door might still be inside. Looking out of the window, she saw that everything had been turned over, as if someone were looking for something.

Vanessa slowly walked around the house and looked in her friend's window to make sure she was home. She wasn't prepared for it; the sight sent a chill down her spine. Gabrielle was on the floor with her neck cut, dead.

Seeing Gabi lying on the floor, Vanessa panicked. She started to cry; her eyes were soaked, and her hands were shaking. She took out her cell phone to call the police, but it was very difficult to see the numbers.

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