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In a time of shifting dynamics fueled by instinct, bloodlust, sex and hair-trigger decisions to be made, Aiden Gallagher remains human in a world dominated by those who see him as nothing more as a thing to be owned, eaten, or killed. Separated from allies and friends both by time and circumstance, Aiden returns to a wild Wyoming in a bid to reclaim his life, reconnect with those that had been the closest to him, and carve out a place for himself in the wilds of the Bighorn Mountains. He just never expected to find more than Shifter’s and Skin Walkers roaming the territory of Canterton Valley, and maybe, for once, life will pleasantly surprise him on his journey into the dark apocalyptic world of the Werewolf. ~A Story of Romance, Adventure, and Erotica, come along on Aiden's wild journey into the feral outskirts of reality and find out if there's such thing as love in a World dominated by Monsters~ *Themes: Adventure, MM Erotica, Violence, Post-Apocalyptic, Drama, Romance, 18+*

LGBT+ Sólo para mayores de 18. © All rights reserved. M. Lane. 2024 ©

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Authors Foreword

Greetings Readers!

If intense situations, adventure, and hot encounters between sexy men aren’t you’re thing, I implore you to turn back now and save yourself this particular ride into the unknown. For new readers, be wary; as much as I like to make you laugh, I also like to make you sweat a bit here and there (sometimes for very naughty reasons). So, that being said, you have been informed. Otherwise...

...Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of the Werewolf! I'd like to create something a little spicy, a little disquieting (I hope), and something that gets you a little hot, bothered, and makes you perhaps, reconsider your stance that Pack life is a delight...

This is not intended to be a typical Werewolf, Alpha-Omegaverse type of novel, but more a darker slow-burn take on living and loving in a world that has forever altered.

Please, read on. My sincere hope is that you get a little disturbed, a tad distressed, laugh often, and find a little joy within these pages. If nothing else, I hope some scenes make you ask the question, what would really happen if Werewolves erupted on the scene?

Would you survive?

Could you love a monster?

Welcome to Wyoming. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

~Don't forget to Like, Follow, and tell me what you think! Every bit of feedback lets me know I'm providing you all with good content, and I love to hear from you!~

Always a Pleasure Writing fam!

~M. Lane

PS: This story contains multiple POVs and intial shifting timelines as the story winds up. Enjoy!

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