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About a girl who was adopted by a wealthy and rich family but was refused to be accepted by her sister cause she felt it would ruin her reputation for having anything to do with an orphan, then a stocking discovery was made,which turned the lives of both girls upside down,would they remain enemies forever or become best friends forever Read to find out it would be updated every two weeks or every month

Ficción adolescente Todo público.

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Chapter one

Jasmine was making a tiktok video when the door bell rang

'Just go away' she muttered to herself as she went to check who was at the door.

"Who is it?" she asked then she heard a familiar voice asking her to open the door.

"Mum, Dad I thought you guys went to work" she said as she stepped aside for her parents to come in, then a girl almost her height and obviously her age followed her parents with a trolley box in her hand. Jasmine gave her parents a puzzled look

"Come in" her father said to the girl as she followed his wife into the living room, the girl left Jasmine confused who followed the girl with her gaze. Jasmine finally regained herself then closed the door and went to join her parents in the living room.

"Mum, Dad who is she?, my maid?" Jasmine asked still wearing a puzzled look on her face.

"No darling you're 16.... and you expect your father and I to get you a maid?" her mother said nearly laughing

"Then if she's not my maid then who is she?" Jasmine asked already raising her voice.

"Chill, she is your new sister her name is Charlotte" then turning to Charlotte"Meet Jasmine". Charlotte smiled then brought out her hand for a handshake, Jasmine eyed her then hissed.

"What do you think you want to do?" She asked angrily

"I wanted to give you a handshake as my new sis--"Charlotte said but was cut off by Jasmine, "Don't even say it! me,your sister,God forbid!, I'm not your sister cause I am sure you were adopted that means your parent are dead well, mine is very much alive so we aren't sisters in any way"

"Jasmine!!" her father shouted

"Mum, Dad can I speak to both of you in the kitchen?" Jasmine asked then stormed off into the kitchen

"Don't mind her she is naughty at times" her mother said as she stood up and went into the kitchen with her husband

"What was that about?" her father asked as he entered the kitchen.

"I be should asking you and mum that question, is this a prank or what?" Jasmine asked angrily

Her parents exchanged looks with eachother "Does it look like one? What's so wrong with adopting a sister for you?, You should be thankful" her mum said angrily

"Thankful? for ruining my reputation or is there more you guys have done?" Jasmine asked

"What sort of stupid reputation are you talking about?" her dad blurted out

"It might be stupid to you,but what do you think my friends would say when I tell them that thing, is related to me?" Jasmine asked

"Ohh is that the reputation?" her mother asked nearly laughing

"Why?, why did you adopt her? I was doing really good I wasn't complaining" Jasmine asked

Her parents took a deep breath then her father said "Well apparently, your mother and I will be out on business trips more often immediately you start your SS3 class, and she pretty intelligent to she can help with you with studies, you guys can be best friends in class".

"What do you mean by in class isn't she going to be in SS2?"Jasmine asked

"No dear, you principal tested her ability and he allowed her to continue SS3 she will resume on Monday when school starts" her mother said smiling.

Jasmine was already at the peak of crying, she stormed out of the kitchen angry and banged the door of her bedroom.

Her mother remained in the kitchen to prepare lunch while her father went to show Charlotte her room.

"This is your room" Her father said in front of a room that had its door wide open

"Wow! Thank you sir" Charlotte said happily

"Call me dad or Daddy" Her father said

"Okay si---- umm.. dad" Charlotte said stammering

Her father chucked "Well welcome home, feel at home and don't forget to hang your uniform you don't want it to get rumped"

Charlotte nodded the entered her room

Lunch was Spaghetti and boiled eggs, Jasmine refused to join the rest of the family for lunch so, she ate in her room, so Charlotte did the dishes alone. Later in the day the couple went out to visit a family friend and Charlotte was in her room doing nothing, she stared at the ceiling for a long time out of boredom.

So she decided to go to Jasmine room to try to make friends with her she knocked on her and when she got no answer she went in.

"I thought I locked that door" she said still pressing her phone

"Well, you didn't" Charlotte said smiling

Jasmine nearly threw her phone when she saw Charlotte in her room

"What the hell are you doing here?, who do you think you are to barge into my room?" Jasmine asked angrily

"I didn't barge into your, i knocked but got no response" Charlotte said

"Then you should have gone back to wherever you came from" Jasmine said angrily

"I'm sorry" Charlotte said

"Leave my room and never come back again" Jasmine said nearly. Charlotte turned around and left really sad she was so confused she didn't know what she had ever done wrong to Jasmine "I miss the orphanage home" she blurted out before she drifted off to sleep.

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    Haha sure I can point out some! I have noticed after an “ you don’t often put a full stop :D Eg. Instead of “Hi” it should be “Hi.” Another thing, maybe make the story progress a little slower? It feels like it jumps into action a little too fast :) That’s all, keep up the good work! April 04, 2024, 01:20
Esther Campbell Esther Campbell
I love your stories, make sure to use grammar lol. Keep up the writing :)
April 03, 2024, 23:18


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