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In "Love's Journey: Rajesh and Neha's Valentine's Day," the suspense lies in whether Rajesh and Neha will overcome the obstacles that life throws their way and find their way back to each other. As the story unfolds, readers are kept on edge, wondering if fate will ultimately reunite the two lovers and if they will seize the opportunity to profess their love once again. The unexpected encounter in the park adds an element of surprise, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the outcome of Rajesh's heartfelt proposal on Valentine's Day.

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"Love's Journey: Rajesh and Neha's Valentine's Day."

- "All my dear friends, welcome to my new story, and thanks for supporting my last story. I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day. Let's get started."

- "The old man was walking in the park on that special day, Valentine's Day. He was actually sad. There was a big story and that feeling. And that day, an old woman came into the park. He saw that old woman, and he was surprised. That old memory came to his mind. I will share that story with you, okay?"

- "Fifty years ago, a love story."

- "Rajesh was in college. It was his first time coming to college, and he was very excited."

- "Rajesh: 'I'm coming, ma'am.' Teacher: 'Yes, come. What is your name?' Rajesh: 'My name is Rajesh.' Teacher: 'Go and take your seat.' Rajesh: 'Okay, ma'am.'"

- "The lesson started. Did you know, I'm the weakest student in the class? That day was very special, Valentine's Day. I was very sad; I didn't have any girlfriend. Then, something magical happened."

- "Teacher: 'New student, Arvind, is joining your class. Okay, come in, Neha.' (She came. She was very beautiful. I could see her beauty, but I couldn't express it. Every student was looking at her. I was nervous.) Rajesh: 'Hi Neha, my name is Rajesh.' Neha: 'Hi Rajesh, nice to meet you, Rajesh.' Rajesh: 'Thanks, Neha.' (I was very happy to talk to her in college.) She came and sat behind my desk."

- "Neha: 'Rajesh, can you give me your notes? I want to write down all the notes.' Friend: 'Who are you asking, Neha?' Neha: 'Why?' Friend: 'Rajesh doesn't write any class or homework.' (All the class laughed at me. I was so sad.) Neha: 'Why are you laughing at Rajesh? Stop it. If he didn't write, it's okay.' (She was there with me. She came to my side. She was the best love for me.) Rajesh: 'Thanks, Neha, for being with me.' Neha: 'It's okay. Why don't you write the classwork and homework?' Rajesh: 'I will write and come in two days, okay? I promise you, Neha.' Neha: 'That's like a good boy.' (She called me a good boy. That love was increasing in my heart.) Neha: 'You become my friend.' Rajesh: 'Yes, I will.' Neha: 'Okay, today I'm your best friend.' (I was happy hearing those words.)"

- "I and she didn't come to college. We were writing the classwork. I didn't know she also didn't come to college."

- "Teachers: 'Take the attendance. Rajesh and Neha, stand up.' Teacher: 'Why didn't you come to college?' Neha: 'Ma'am, I'm not feeling well.' Rajesh: 'Ma'am, I'm also not feeling well.' Teacher: 'Sit down and come to all the students. Your classwork, okay?' Student: 'Okay, ma'am.' Rajesh: 'Ma'am, I completed all my homework.' Neha: 'Ma'am, I also completed mine.' Teacher: 'Okay, go and sit.' (He told me to write the classwork. I wrote it.) Neha: 'Hi Rajesh, how are you? Did you write the classwork today?' Rajesh: 'Yes, as you told, I wrote it.' Neha: 'Now, you need to read it. You want to pass, right?' Rajesh: 'I will read it. I will pass.' (I studied, and I believed I would pass.)"

- "One month later. I wrote all the exams. The results came."

- "Teacher: 'Rajesh, you wrote the exam very well. You got 50 out of 39. Very good. Keep going, okay?' Rajesh: 'Okay, ma'am, thank you.' Neha: 'Congratulations. You got 39 marks.' Rajesh: 'Thanks.' (She changed my life. I got 39 marks. I couldn't believe it.) Then, we went to PUC. We were talking and studying. Six months passed. My love was fully alive."

- "Rajesh: 'Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I want to propose to her.' (I called her. Tomorrow, we would wear the same colored dress.) (Neha wore the same colored dress. I was happy. She looked beautiful, and our college was over. I took her to the nearby park.) Rajesh: 'Neha, I love you.' Neha: (Neha was surprised.) 'I love you too, Rajesh.' (I was so happy. I couldn't believe it happened.) I and Neha went to dinner at a hotel. She was very happy with me. Rajesh: 'Neha, thanks for accepting my love.' Neha: 'It's okay. You are a very good boy. You do all your work. You do everything for me.' Rajesh: 'Thanks, Neha.' (Neha and I caught the bus and went home.)"

- "There was a shock in Rajesh house. Her father was transferred out of the station."

- "Neha: 'Hello, Rajesh.' Rajesh: 'Hello, Neha. I want to tell you something.' Neha: 'Tell me, Rajesh.' Rajesh: 'My dad was transferred out of the station.' Neha: 'Oh, why didn't you come to college tomorrow?' Rajesh: 'No, Neha.' Neha: 'What happened to your education? Your exams are coming soon.' Rajesh: 'I know, Neha. Now, I can't do anything.' Neha: 'What about your love?' Rajesh: 'My love is always winners. Our love can't be lost. We made a promise. We can't marry, okay?' Neha: 'Okay, Rajesh.' Neha: 'Come now to the park near my house.' Rajesh: 'Okay.'"

- "I came to the park near her house. She also came."

- "Neha: 'Put that ring on my hand.' (I put my ring on her hand. She also put her ring on my hand. We did the engagement.) Neha: 'Bye, Rajesh.' Neha: 'Bye, Rajesh.' (I cried the whole night. I was so sad. I made a promise. I read. I passed all the subjects.)"

- "Two months later, the exam results came. I passed with 68% marks. I was so happy, and my family was also happy."

- "I went to search for her in all the places. She was not to be seen.

A few years ago, my mother arranged a marriage for me, but I told her I couldn't get married. I believed I would never marry. However, I kept seeing her; she wanted to be with me.

Now, I saw her in the park; she was really an old woman. I was very happy. I ran to her and asked, "Are you Neha?" She said yes.

Rajesh: "Neha, I'm Rajesh."

Neha: "Rajesh, you?" (she was curious)

Rajesh: "I'm very happy, Neha. Today, are you married?"

Neha: "No, Rajesh, you?"

Rajesh: "No, Neha."

Rajesh: "Neha, today is Valentine's Day. Will you marry me?"

Neha: "Yes, I will."

Rajesh and Neha went to the temple, where they got married. If the inspiration comes with love, the love never ends; that's true one day.

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