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Taste Testing

David and I just got married not too long ago when it happened to me, alone, in the empty pet food aisle of the local grocery store. Our courthouse wedding had concluded, and we were shopping for dog food to bring, both of us still in our respective clothes. Mine was a beautiful white dress that wasn't that long on the bottom, as if anyone was curious enough, could get down onto their knees and peek up it.

That would end up happening to me when my newlywed husband decided to leave me in the dog food aisle alone with a lone man. He was fairly young, rather average look, but if I weren't married already, I would've totally dated him. Thinking nothing weird about him, I proceeded to pull out my smartphone and begin texting my family and friends to make sure they had received the wedding photos/videos. But after some time, I would come to notice a rather odd warmth around my legs.

"Huh?" I thought to myself as I turned off my smartphone and looked down, my blue eyes widened at what I saw.

Down below on the tilted floor of the grocery store was the young man that I saw earlier, but on all fours and with his head up my white dress! I was so unbelievably shocked that I couldn't even decide how to react, especially since I was wearing no underwear underneath. But before I could chastise this pervert, I felt something brush up against my bald womanhood. And it felt like the tip of a finger.

"MMM..." I moaned out reflexively, the heat of arousal lighting its fire within my braless chest.

"H-He's... He's touching me..."

I couldn't believe it. This had to be some perverted dream, but it wasn't. It was reality as I was allowing some male stranger to get under my wedding dress and touch my pussy, and in public no less! The fact that I am just married only made the ordeal even more dirty. But that wasn't the worst of it.

The unknown man would be confident enough to push his index finger deeper into my womanhood, myself just standing there and letting it happen! In fact, it felt as though my legs spread apart on their own accord to assist in the pervert's efforts to make me cum on his hand, which I didn't want to. But when he slipped his warm and wet tongue up into my clean anus, I was singing a different tune altogether. I wanted to cum all over this man's face now.

"OH F*CK!" I thought to myself as I lightly jiggled my naked butt on this man's face, his tongue only pushing deeper and deeper with each lewd movement on my end.

"Eat my butt, you f*cking perv! Oh yeah!"

I was lost in sexual pleasure at this point. I didn't care if people passed us by, or even if David came back and saw. My ass was being eaten out lovingly, and my pussy was getting fingered with such care. The fact that it was being done in public and by a total stranger only amplified the arousal in my body, edging me closer to my climax.

I would then lean forward and grip the shopping cart's handle with both hands, groaning softly to myself as he proceeded to aggressively suck my nude ass very loudly! This young man was making me enjoy the fact that I chose not to wear any underwear for my wedding, even using his tongue to give me soaked womanhood some attention.

"D-Do it... Just d-do it already... Make me cum. Please..." I whimpered out quietly, soon gasping loudly after feeling what felt like four fingers pushing their way deep into my pussy.

I let out a mangled groan before finally cumming, spraying my clear sex juices all over the aisle floor without a care in the world. All that mattered was that I achieved climax, wetting myself with my own warm and slick womanly juices being a great bonus. And it wasn't long after I moved away from the puddle I made that the unknown man got up and walked away from me, with my husband returning to me soon after.

After having that happen to me, I never saw that young man ever again. And even though it was heavily perverted to do that to a woman (who's married) in a public grocery store, I personally find that moment to be the sexiest one of my entire life.

Thank you, random stranger. I loved what you did to me.

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Kiontre Miles An established mildly autistic eBook author partnered with a beautiful female artist. Leanore brings the paint, and I bring the words. Creators of the SARTAM universe and the SARTAM Anime campaign. Our dream: Raise $50,000 to cover the costs of turning SARTAM into an anime via 🙂

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