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County home haunted by and lady who appears on the staircase

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Lady on the stair case.

There was this beautiful old county home.This house was on the market for years,but anyone who wanted to buy it never stayed they would leave.people would say it haunted.so one year there was a couple who brought it,They figured it's a good place to raise there were 3 children.well the couple fixed the house up and updated the things that needed it.They even repainted the rooms.and finished the staircase.so early spring the family started moving in.and unpacking there things.how they wanted it.well last one night around midnight the mother was awaken to the sound of foot steps on coming up the stairs case.so she got up and went to see what it was,so she walked down the hallway and started down the stairs,about midway she saw what was appearance of a ghost figure of a woman.this went on for few years and one day this family disappeared without a trace.

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Angela Mozingo Angela Mozingo
I really like this it happen to my grandmother .
February 17, 2024, 02:35