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With a wicked stepmother and two jealous stepbrothers who keep him enslaved and in rags, stands no chance of attending the royal ball. When his fairy godfather appears and magically transforms him reality into a dream come true, John enchants the handsome Prince Charming at the ball, but must face the wrath of her enraged stepmother and sisters when the spell wears off at midnight.

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time, 

there was a boy named John 

He always saw the world as it was but maybe adding a little bit of magic could make it magical

To his father and mother, he was a prince even if he had no castle or ruled a kingdom neither had a crown but he ruled their hearts and the home they had in the middle of the forest where his generation had lived for years. 

With the Mrs. Shelly the turtle and the animal family 

John:Hello there! here have this special food made just for you!  

Martha:Do you really think they understand you?  

John:Well don't they mommy? 

Martha:Oh, yes ,I believe that animals speak and hear us, if we have the ear for them, that's how we learn to take care of them

John:Then who looks after us?

Martha:Our fairy godmothers of course honey

John:Do you believe in them?

Martha:Well i believe in everything!

John: Well i believe in everything too!

His father was a merchant and bought home lots of treasures for his beloved child and wife, John misses him terribly while he was on those trips but he knew he would always return. But sorrow can come to any kingdom, no matter how happy they were and so it came to John's kingdom.

His mother died of sickness but John remembered her last words.

Have courage and be kind

Time passed and John became a full grown out man with extraordinary beauty. His father became old but started a new chapter in his life, he found a woman not as beautiful as Martha but he fell for her charms. The lovely woman and her two sons came home to stay and live a happy ever after with Henry and John.

Thomas:He's skinny as a broom stick!

James:And that curly hair!

John:Nice to meet you!

Thomas:Look at how pretty you are!

John:Thank you! would you like a tour around the house?

Thomas:What did he say?

James:He wants to show us around his farmhouse

Thomas:He's proud of it, I think. Do they keep any animals inside?

Suddenly a woman walked down the carriage... Elane Madirson (yes it's a combination between Thomas's an James's mothers) his brand-new step mother. 

Elane: How charming. How perfectly charming. 

She was a woman of beauty and fine taste and she, too, had known grief but she wore it wonderfully well, she danced around the house enchanted by the beauty it was. 

Elane: You did not say your son was so handsome

Henry:He takes after his...

Both stayed quiet remembering the lovely woman that once lived

Elane:His mother... just so

Thomas: What does mummy mean? What's so charming about him?

James:She's lying, that's just good manners

John's stepmother high spirited lady that she was set out to restore life and laughter to the house and one night Ms.Madirson wasn't the only one having a party tonight the mouses were also having a party tonight Jaqueline, Teddy, Matilda and greedy Gus-Gus but uh-oh  Lucifer was coming to bother the poor mouses but John wouldn't let that. 

John:What do you think you're up to, Lucifer?, the mouses are my guests and eating the guests is not allowed. Go on, now you have plenty of cat food to make you happy

After that incident, John went happily to see his beloved father to his office only to see him working once again, worried he said that he was missing the party but his father said that he had to go to trade once again but this time John didn't seem so happy claiming he was hardly back from his other trip and sorrow came once again and his father also died of sickness during the last trip. 

Elane:We're ruined. 

Indeed they were the economies had to be taken John's stepmother dismissed the household His stepmother and stepbrothers ever misused him and by and by they considered John less a brother than a servant. 

And so John was left to do all the house work, this was good thing for it distracted him from her grief at least that's what his stepmother said and she and her two sons were more than happy to provide John with lots of distraction. 

In their defense, they did share with her the very food they ate, or rather the scraps from their table she had little in the way of friends. Well his friends were very little. 

John: have dinner with me, won't you? 

But those friends she had, were treated with an open heart and an open hand, John placed a tea cup as a table for his little friends. He placed the peas and small potatoes on it with a bright smile and watches as Gus-Gus devores the food. 

Sometimes by the end of the day the drafty attic was too cold to spend the night in, so she lay by the dying embers of his heart to keep warm so he lays with a pillow in front of the warm fire. 

He wakes up before lunch and looks up to the ringing bells his "family" was waiting for breakfast. 

Elane: I thought breakfast was already served on the table. 

John: It is, madam, i'm only mending the fire

Elane: In future, can we not be called until the work is done? 

John:Yes madam

Elane:John, what is that on your face? 

Thomas:It's ash form the fireplace

Elane:Do clean your self up

Thomas:you'll get cinders in our tea 

James:I've got new name for him! cinderwench

Thomas: Oh, i couldn't bear to look so dirt. Oh dirty, john! 

James:Cinderohn! it's a combination between cinder and John!

Elane:You're too clever 

Then John places another plate for himself and his step-mother asked who the plate was for.

Elane:It seems too much to expect you to prepare breakfast, serve it and still sit with us.Won't you prefer to eat once all your work is done, John? or should I say "Cinderohn"?

His face turns into a sad one as he removes the sexting were he was supposed to sit, he then goes down into the basement kitchen only to leave the place but it slips and breaks on the floor. He goes down to pick up the broken plate while sobbing into his chest and he sees his reflection on the copper vase, it was true his face was covered all in cinder.


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