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A young lady, a women of royal blood, is expected to be crowned queen. But it becomes a problem when she deals with something that's not of herself. Since 18 years old, she's been suffering having a completely different side of her that she can not remember. It all goes done hill when she's accused of a crime she sees impossible for her to do. She's being questioned about it and if her story fits she seems to be chosen guilty. When she looks at her reflection she doesn't recognize who she is, and is debating whether or not she should turn her self.

Crimen No para niños menores de 13.

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Look again

"your highness, the plans for the construction and the head is here as which you asked." My butler says proud of him self, pulling the collar of his tuxedo with a grin. "Thanks?" I smile, slightly confused on the news he had provided. " Expect, I didn't ask for all of this." I unfold the blue prints as the smile fades from my face. " Mmm? No, your highness asked for info on the construction and for the man to beheaded." he protest trying to prove he's not wrong. " No," he chuckles. "No, I can assure that if you ask all house maids, servants, they'd agree." He says, hoping I was convinced. " Oh?" I stroked my forehead wondering what I did yesterday night, but nothing came to mind. " I-I'm sorry, but I don't remember anything of the sort." The butler tsk me, and headed out the door. "Aylin!" My maid liv shouted. "Princess Aylin!" She called out. " Yes, liv I'm in my chambers." I flip through the blue prints wiping the sweat from my brow. " Princess Aylin! Why are still in your night gown? The king from whitregh kingdom well be her in 40 minutes." She huffs " That's not nearly enough time to do your eyeshadow." she sticks out her bottom lip, and pouts like a she's a 3 years old the was promised candy. I set down the blue prints and bounce out of bed. " Maybe we can skip the eye shadow, since departure from his kingdom and arrival to mine is so important that he assures us he'll be here last minute." I go on as liv helps me tighten my corset. "What color?" she flips through my wardrobe as I hold my out my arms. " Hmmm, I'm feeling... a fountain blue." I grin. Liv raps my clothing around me, an brings me my shawl. " Did you sleep well my grace?" Liv asks as she brushes my thick, and curly hair. " I slept well Liv." She stopped brushing my hair and dropped her arms, as a warp of confusion crawled upon her face. she shook her head an formed a forced smile and continued to brush my hair. " What ever is the matter liv?" I asked as I tried make eye contact with her through the mirror. " Nothing your highness, just a thought." After that she and I shared silence. She finally placed my tiara on my head and grinned. " As pretty as a princess." she sang. I forced out a chuckle as if it mattered if I gave a response. We shared another awkward silence. I turned my chair around to face Liv. " Hey liv do you-" I was interrupted by the sounds of trumpets and the whining of horses. I and Liv made are way down the steps. The king was waiting downstairs for me with a bouquet of moon lilies in one hand. I finally made it to the bottom of the stairs, and he grabbed my hand kissing it. I take my hand away slowly, wiping my hand behind my back with my handkerchief. And his charming smile told me what he was here for.

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