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The first of two parts where a teen named Jake Marcendo participates in the First World War. His family wants money and being a soldier pays well, except if he dies. Will he, though? PS: This is my first story on the platform so if it isn’t that good, I will continuously improve. Thank you!

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They were all celebrating from past times and how they were over. They were still sobbing about their precious family dying in the many wars. Some were traumatised and in their recovery period. Others were horrified of the wars to come but many just didn’t bother about a thing, one of the families being the Marcendo family.

The Marcendo family was pretty negative and were rude to other people in the villages. They always asked others for money as they wanted to build their wealth, which was a good thing but if the villagers didn’t do as they demanded, the Marcendos would do something bad to them. In short, they were rude and greedy. However, it was 1914 and the start of something new.

Jake Marcendo had things to tell to his parents. He had gathered information and found that if he joined World War I as a soldier or comrade, he would be paid a great salary. Of course, they didn’t consider what would happen if he died. They only cared about the money after all. Jake had a smile on his face. He was about to be rich, or that’s what he thought.

The day had finally come and everyone was reminded about it. Jake followed the ex-soldier at his door and was taken to the place where he began his preparation. He waved goodbye to his mum. He high-fived his dad and formed tears in his eyes. Not because he might die but because of how much money he was going to bring to his family. The generational wealth he would potentially carry in his two hands. Except if he died.

Jake was instructed to get on a plane which was travelling to the country of America where he would undergo rigorous training. He hopped on with his future war soldiers. It took many hours before they reached their desired location.

They were safely and securely escorted by professionals to the gigantic station that they were going to begin in. The future comrades were assembled and arranged into neat rows with hundreds or even thousands of them. A loud ahem(!) boomed over the station as the leader emerged from his polished silver throne and began his brief speech. Then, the highly ranked officials took them somewhere to explain their training. Then, they were taken to another plane. Jake wondered why they were in America for such a short period of time. The officials told them that they were travelling to another country for the training and, potentially, war. They got onto the plane.

Jake sat on a seat and wondered how his parents were doing at home. He interpreted that they might be worried or stressed for his situation because he had never participated in a war before and it was a totally new experience. However, he was prepared by exciting himself and having an extremely positive attitude, which was something he didn’t have back home. He had heard the plane stop and the people getting off and he joined them by stepping out. Training was up ahead and Jake was about to rock!

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Arvind Singh My name is Arvind, a person who is willing to explore the concepts of writing. I like writing and publishing historical stories. I also like posting stories related to games I play, such as Rolling Sky, and unleash my imagination.

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Thato Maake Thato Maake
❤️🌼Lovely introduction!
December 31, 2023, 17:26
Shaun M Waller Shaun M Waller
Nice chapter and I’m sure Jake will rock in training.
December 19, 2023, 14:57

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