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This time Paul must obtain the files that were requested of him, but at the same time he seeks help to rescue his wife. Although a revelation leaves him stunned and he doesn't know how to react.

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I woke up the next day, I was lying on the couch when a message appeared on my phone, it said that it was time to act, I left my house and headed to my vehicle, once inside, another message arrived, this time He said that there was something in the glove compartment that was going to help me, when I looked I noticed that there was a gun, I couldn't believe it, I hadn't used one in a long time.

Anyway, when I arrived at the station I saw a large number of officers, I began to get nervous, since some of them saw me in a very suspicious way, I headed towards the file room and began the search, there I found three folders of which It talked about murders, kidnappings and robberies, the names that appeared there were the following:

Lance Robert.

John Lambert.

Owen McGregor.

Ethan Sanders.

And many more. Apparently this guy wanted to clear those names by recovering these files, once all this was done, I told him by message that I got them, but just before I could leave, some officers entered the room

—Hey. You're not supposed to be here. Who are you?

I was scared, I couldn't even say a single word, until one of them turned around and spoke on the radio saying that they had a possible intruder at the station, although before he continued speaking I had no choice but to shoot them, It hurt me so much to have to do that, but they didn't leave me any other choice.

Other officers rushed in, madness broke out right there, upon hearing the shots the alarms began to sound, I heard the screams of several officers telling me to surrender, or they would open fire.

I panicked, I quickly started looking for an exit, I managed to find a window through which I could get out perfectly, but the police were even outside the building, once I found it, I started running, they shot me with all their reasons, at that moment I thought <obviously they would do it, if I had just murdered two police officers>.

That guy sent me an audio message, in which he warned me that he had left an escape vehicle, he gave me the license plate numbers and the model, the good thing for me was that he was just around the corner.

It was a black car and it seemed new because of how impeccable it looked, I got in and started driving, it had a 9-inch screen, from which you could answer calls, it already seemed to me that for some reason they had given it to me , that guy made a video call to me, it was to show me Rose

—You won an award Paul. You can talk to him— he finished, then walked away from the screen.

There she was, as beautiful as ever —Hello my love. Are you OK? They hurt you?

—Help me— he said, sobbing with fear —. Please, get me out of here.

She was very scared and wanted me to go get her immediately, I explained to her to stay calm, that this was going to end very soon.

Before hanging up, this man told me that I should give him those files personally, which seemed very fair to me, since I wanted so badly to kill him for what he was doing to me.

Night came suddenly and I had managed to lose the police, this man told me where I should go so I could recover Rose and give her the files, but I had other plans, I decided to ask for some backup and call Henry's friends.

The one who led that group was called Adam, behind him were about 10 more men. When I met him he told me that Henry had already told him what was happening, that relieved me and saved me the time of explaining everything to this man, the only thing What I wanted was my wife, the rest didn't matter to me.

Once everything was settled, we headed to where that stranger asked me. It was behind an abandoned warehouse, in the port and in the middle of the night, the ground wet from the drizzle and the cold did not help me much.

After arriving we saw six trucks, on the sides were other guys, there were a lot of men for one thing. Finally I get the final call, it was that guy who was guiding me all morning, he told me that I was shameless, apparently he realized that he was not alone, I told him that at least he had what he wanted, the files were more important to him than anything else.

One of them was in charge of getting Rose out of one of the trucks, but they didn't want to let her go, not until I gave them those papers, this deal was going nowhere, so I told them that if they didn't give me Rose the Shots would begin to flow, apparently that didn't matter to them, much less to this guy.

—If you do that. You can say goodbye to your wife.

—Shoot— I told Adam with great confidence. And soon a rain of shell casings began to arrive.

Both sides started war from one moment to the next, I shot at all of them, I only hit three of them, until I saw a man get out of one of the trucks, right there I realized that it was the guy who was hitting them. orders everyone, and he was the one I was talking to this whole time.

I prepared to follow him, he didn't get very far, he was trapped between a rock and a hard place, I told him to turn around and face me, since I would never forgive him for what he did to me, attacking me is one thing, but messing with my family is another

—You will be disappointed.


He turned around, took off his hood, finally revealing his face, although I was shocked as he said, I couldn't believe it, the person behind all this was none other than... Henry.

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Pablo E. Arnau No seré un gran novelista, no seré un estupendo literario, pero de algo estoy seguro, se siente tan bien darle vida a lo que se esconde dentro de mí mente

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