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His reign of terror against women comes to an end as Ron is forced to transition from a male Cinthyan body into a female one after brutally torturing Corusso's most popular sexworker, 'M'. Now known as Rana, he has no choice but to live this other side of life as the sex he had treated like trash, with an ironic twist of Karma finding its way into it as well... Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context about this character, please read 'The Transition In Life: The Story Of Corusso Notak' First.

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Taking It All In

"F*ck..." I thought to myself as I blew the tenth man's cock to climax, allowing him to ejaculate inside of my mouth as well as all over my face and bare chest.

"I can't stop. I can't f*cking stop myself anymore. I'm turning into the whores I used to f*ck when I was a man! What is this sh*t..."

It was hopeless. I became utterly addicted to having sex with male strangers. I sat down on the ground on my knees, completely naked from head to toe as my boyfriend and his nine male friends surrounded me in a barely lit alleyway at night with each of their erect, girthy members pointing right at me and ready to slip into my gushing womanhood one by one at any given moment. Anyone else looking in on this situation would assume that this was a 'Gangbang', a scenario where a group of men would have sex with a singular woman, with or without her consent. However, I consented to this, and very enthusiastically as well. Because in my mind, I wanted to punish myself thoroughly. I used to do this to tons of women all the time when I was a man and pretty much treated all of them like disposable sex toys. But now, something deep down inside of my newly transitioned female body wanted to experience this as a weird form of self fulfilling justice, as I also couldn't resist the overwhelming feeling of arousal that being ran through sexually by ten different men had brought out from within me.

It was 2 weeks ago when my friend Ben and I brutally assaulted the legendary sexworker of the Amazon, 'M', and were later caught by her boss, Corusso Notak. Instead of killing the two of us, he would have us fully transition into female Cinthyans via the biotechnology in his establishment to teach us both a lesson in what women had to fear in men, and I certainly had experienced that fear.

Upon being escorted out of his establishment, two homeless looking men would take interest in Beth and I while Corusso himself just sat there and almost let me be raped by one of them. However, he would shoot and kill them both before anything could happen to me. But something did happen to me after having experienced that horrific ordeal, in the mental sense.

After leaving 'M's boss's sex complex, heading to my apartment and ignoring Beth's texts, I found myself bewildered by the fact that my panties felt saturated with womanly juices. And this would be after I was almost raped, too! As I lay on my twin sized bed and faced up at the ceiling in visible disbelief, I ran my right hand underneath the bottom part of my short black skirt and felt the crotch of my underwear with it. And low and behold, I indeed was wet for some reason.

"What the..." I said to myself, the index and middle fingers of my right hand starting to rub at my womanhood and make it gush with juices.

"HUH!?" I moaned out in surprised shock as my left hand immediately shot up to my face and covered my mouth in ernst.


I didn't understand it in the slightest. Both of my hands had a mind of their own, one muffling my fearful moans of pleasure while the other worked feverishly at rubbing on the soaked womanhood of my newly transitioned female body to achieve climax, the worst part being that my mind began to play an alternate version of the homeless man assaulting me in my head. In this scenario, he would shove his cock deep inside of me and thrust it in and out very aggressively as I would then wailed out in both pain and pleasure. The imaginary outcome would cause me to violently groan out pleasurably as the two fingers that rubbed at my wet womanhood through my panties had slid themselves deep inside of me and thrusted in and out as well, imitating the male penis of the 'What If' scenario.

"F*ck..." I said weakly into my left hand as if I were on the verge of tears, whimpering in sexual delight as what was perhaps the best orgasm I've ever had in my new female life.

And my female body would then spasm and jolt around as my climax hit, my mind going completely numb to the fact that I was almost raped today. It felt as though my body was in complete control, and me, the mind of it, was just a passenger present for the ride. The sexual ride.

Through the course of two weeks, my newly transitioned female body would be in charge of my new life. I couldn't go anywhere without wearing a dress or skirt, my hands seeking easy access to my womanhood as they itched to pleasure it at any given opportunity, even in the public eye. It would eventually get to the point where I had to stay home and get all my needs met through delivery drones, having been almost arrested and charged with 'Public Indecency' under 'Female Cinthyan Exhibition Laws' for touching myself in a Cafe one time.

I f*cking hated my new life. I also hated the fact that my mind went back to my assault every time I had an orgasm. And worse of all, the torment didn't stop there. My body would find it extremely arousing to talk to male strangers online and stage hookups with them, myself able to fend off touching my womanhood in public for the first time in a while when I went on my first ever date. However, It was all just a false sense of security before meeting... Him.

The first man that I met in person through online chatting turned out to be a total creep who had a groping fetish. He would gloat about how he enjoyed squeezing a female stranger's breasts or her butt and how he'd always get away with it. But more surprisingly, I was, in fact, turned off by the guy! Frankly, I would be concerned for what got me off due to having made myself orgasm from an imaginary rape scenario, but I would be relieved by the fact that creeps didn't get me all hot and bothered. Or so I thought.

As Danny and I waited in line to enter the Pollux Entrée Palace restaurant in the afternoon for our first date (which at the time I thought would be our one and only date with each other), he began rubbing on my big round butt with his right hand over my black knee-high dress in the view of the public. Thankfully, we were the last in line and nobody noticed his perverted act, but I still wasn't happy with what Danny was doing to me in presence of others and turned my head back to give him a piece of my mind. That was the plan, until I had realized that upon doing so, my open mouth would make absolutely no sound.

"What the f*ck!?" I thought to myself as my entire body began to feel hot from him squeezing hard on my butt with the entire palm of his hand.

"Why can't I say anything to him!? No... No don't tell me... Not... NOT NOW... NOT LIKE THIS..."

It was happening all over again and at the worst possible time, too. My body had taken control and silenced me as it wanted Danny to touch me like this. And since I didn't say anything to him, he was emboldened enough to reach down underneath and into my black dress, planting his busy right hand onto my bare butt. It was only right then that I knew that I should've worn panties that day as it would've spared me the fate of becoming who I am now: An exhibitionist whore.

"Please... Please stop it..." I screamed out inside my mind as I faced away from him, hoping Danny could read my thoughts.

After teasing me with gentle rubs and lighter squeezes to my naked butt, I assumed that my date would soon pleasure my womanhood with his fingers and get me to climax all over the place. However, he would then surprise me with something that I used to promise women that I'd never do but lie and perform on them anyway: Anal stimulation.

Without saying a single word to me, Danny would shove his right middle finger up deep into my anus and wriggle it around aggressively! I then violently groaned out in pleasure so loud that it would alert the people waiting in line and in front of us, causing them to turn back around to look before immediately facing forward again with red faces.

"OH F*CK YES!" My body allowed me to say out loud as Danny continued to finger the inside of my butt, which caused me to collapse down onto my knees and then on all fours like a dog.

"Go on, Rana..." He began to whisper into my right ear as he watched me whimper in ecstasy with an open mouth smile at the ground, large amounts of saliva pouring down my bottom lip as well as the sides of my mouth.

"Say it. Tell me that you want me to keep doing this to you. Tell me that you want me to make you cum all over the ground in front of this restaurant. I wanna hear you beg for it, like a good little b*tch..."

This was the last thing that I wanted to hear having been said to me as my cybernetic male mind was in definite scrambles, not able to think clearly from being anal fingered like the way I was. I wanted to shout back in anger and tell him to stop humiliating me like I was just some plaything to this pervert, but my newly transitioned body didn't let my mouth move in protest whatsoever. It only allowed me to use my voice if I agreed with what was happening to me. After Danny's invasive middle finger curled and sent a jolt of mind-numbing pleasure all along my body from the anus, there would be absolutely no protest in my mind anymore. I began to... enjoy the experience. All I wanted now was for the middle finger deep inside my booty to keep pleasuring me until I came all over myself. like a good slutty girl.

"K-Keep doing this to me, Danny..." I moaned out in ecstasy as I pushed my butt up against his right hand and thrusted on it, hoping to make myself cum on the spot.

"Make me cum all over the ground in front of this restaurant. I deserve this..."

And he would do so. My now boyfriend would do things like that over and over for another week straight. Danny made a dirty whore out of me in public and in a very discreet way wherever we went, myself only allowed to wear short length black dresses and never allowed to wear panties underneath unless I was alone. He would make me cum so hard as well, satisfying my anus and womanhood over and over again using only his long fingers while in public or otherwise. That was until I met his nine friends.

In the present, Danny had invited me to meet his friends in an alleyway at night and offer me up to them. They were extremely skeptical of me at first as they were definitely not rapists and only wanted to Gangbang a woman who was willing to try it. But their faces would perk up, myself giving them the go-ahead to handle me however they saw fit as long as it didn't go too far. I was that kind of woman now.

It was a physically taxing ordeal, but after 6 long hours, I would blow every cock with my mouth, letting each of them soak the inside of it as well as my naked body with their warm and gooey seed to my immense orgasmic pleasure, also allowing each of the ten men to pound my very wet pussy with their long and girthy cocks one by one until I basically passed out from all of the climaxes.

Sometime later and in the morning, I would wake up on my bed inside my apartment with my black dress laying neatly folded on the lower abdomen of my nude body. I could barely sit upright, my arms and legs feeling as if I ran at full sprint for hours on end without stopping. However, there was a white note clipped to my dress with Danny's name written on it that would catch my glowing lilac eyes.

"Huh?" I asked myself aloud as I saw it while also rubbing my naked body with my hands, realizing that the semen that I thought would dry onto my skin wasn't there at all.

"He sprayed me clean, too. How... kind of him to do..."

After taking the white note out of the clip from my black dress, I began to read through it, and to my surprise, I began to blush wildly in the face at what was written for me.

"Dear Rana, You were such a good sport last night. The guys and I loved how slutty and willing you were to f*ck us and thanks to you, you've given male to female transitionors a good reputation! Yeah, we know about the incident and the Amazon that to Corusso reporting your transitions to the media, 'Ron'. As a sign of respect as well, we bought you home, cleaned you up, and left you alone for the rest of the night. However, the guys and I did put our digits into her smartphone in hopes you would service us more in the future. That happened because we realized something last night: we need you just as much as you need us. You may delete our numbers and ignore us all, but come on, Rana. After the fingering I gave you that day as well as the unbelievable work you did last night, you and I both know that you don't wanna go back. So, and with that beimg said, Just text me 'Yes' when you wake up if you agree with me and make all of our lives more fun. Otherwise, this is goodbye."

After having finished reading the lengthy note that Danny left for me, I felt a mixture of arousal, shame, frustration, and satisfaction all in one. I pondered his words for a long time, actually wanting to delete every number in my smartphone and start a new life as Rana Snivelak. But then, I thought about all the orgasms Danny had given me, all the raw feelings it brought out from within my new womanly body, and all of the pleasure that I could still receive as well as give going forward if I remained in touch with him and all of the other guys. Quickly being overwhelmed with emotion, I scrambled my naked self off my bed and over to my dresser that was across the bedroom, unplugged my smartphone from its charger on the wall, and frantically took it into both of my hands.

Upon the screen lighting up, I hastily opened up my 'Contacts' tab, pressed Danny's name, and began composing my message to him with my entire face flushed with redness and tears falling from my face.

"Yes." I would send to him, getting a message back almost immediately.

"Good girl. Infinite pleasures await us all 💙" Danny's message read, making me smile with absolute glee.

"Yes. It sure does..." I said to myself out loud, my body getting hot with arousal for the future that awaited me.

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