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I Couldn't Resist And Fell Inside 'IT' " I?" *** "This kingdom is called Krystal" *** " are not human..." *** "I'm sorry for what happend. I promise I'll fix it" *** "I DON'T WANT TO REGRESS AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN JUST...just don't go..." *** genre: thriller, action, comdey.

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Chapter 1 My Book Shelfs

The book I'm reading right now, has been read already. But this nice night made me want to reread my favorite parts of it.

The story didn't tell one tale, it told three tales. And each of them did have it's professional for the main character.

But the three tales were ended with the same way, it ended with a strong radiant light. And with every ending, a specific sentence was mentioned.

For example, the knight said:

{The knight is a symbol of chivalry and manhood. and the person who joins the knights and faces the danger of death in wars was called a chivalrous man. Not every knight is a knight, not every gentleman is chivalrous, and not every man is a man. Chivalry is not what makes manhood. A man is a man by his actions. Not his status}.

Regarding the superhero, he said:

{Power is not only superpower, but there are several abilities that are not superhuman, such as Authority or money, which you can obtain if you work hard... and there are those who will spoil your life with their abilities}.

Maybe this writer wanted to be a philosopher?, I don't know. oh, and the investigator said:

{Verifying what is right and wrong is the first step towards doubting someone you love, and the first step towards defending someone who may be your enemy. even if the evidence in the end showed that the person you love is innocent, you doubted him until you did verified what he said}.

You feel in his words that his life was full of betrayals.

As for me, and why do I read this book, the title of which is:

{The difference between each person and another}. (lets call it Different person)

Because I thought it was a book about a certain philosophy, but it was philosophy in the form of a story.

and I liked it very much, to the point that I started looking at my old mirror

and imagining myself as the hero of the story, because I liked his stories and actions in every situation. He was very brave.

The book was very simple, but it made me look at people and try to understand their intentions for their actions more than before.

Staring in a mirror for a while made me go to a completely different world. Every time I looked and stared at it, I felt like I was a different person. and I would not wake up from my stupor except by a sudden voice. such as lightning or something falling in the house.

Because of my intense staring, I forgot myself... and because of that, I began to see my face... black?. When I noticed this change, I moved away a little and continued staring... I slowly turned my face to put the book back in its place, but... I looked out of the corner of my eye in the mirror and my black face was still there, and he didn't move a single inch away from the mirror.

I don't know how I didn't notice him not moving.

I looked behind me at the window of my room,

and my face was normal.

I looked again in the mirror, and I saw something black in front of my face, and it grabbed my head and pulled me in...

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