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An honest mistake can lead to some sexy encounters, with Velma experiencing that first hand... Part of the Fan-Fik Verse.

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Happy Accident

It all started with an honest error. A simple bump and boom! There went Velma Dinkley's trademark glasses. When she got down on all fours in search of them, I couldn't resist sneaking a peek up my friend's skirt while attempting to find them, which then led to a plethora of sexual highs with Velma from that point onward. Sorry, Shaggy. You missed your chance.

For Halloween of this year, Fred had decided on taking a trip to an abandoned castle for exploration in celebration of my first week as an unpaid intern for Mystery Inc. It sucked for me since the blonde punk was always hogging Daphne and taking off with her to "Mess around" while Shaggy and Scooby-Doo were insufferable to work alongside with. They would cower at anything, scary or not. Fortunately for me, though, the stoner and his dog, as well as Fred and Daphne, were a pair. This would mean that Velma Dinkley, who was the smartest and most humble of the gang, had no partner when exploring this castle.

Upon teaming up with the sexy woman, I found myself actually getting to know her. A little too well. She would go on to mention how Shaggy got her all hot and bothered, internally irritating me as we explored the royal quarters of the abandoned structure. All the while, my eyes just kept sizing Velma's hot body up. I unintentionally began tuning her wonderful voice out as she continued to speak about her life with the Mystery Gang, only really focused on the jiggling backside of hers shrouded by her thigh-high short brown skirt while searching bent over and looking into an open treasure chest.

Part of me wanted to look under it just for the satisfaction of knowing what Ms. Dinkley likes to wear underneath, but I decided against it. I wasn't a pervert and I respected her far more than I would respect the redheaded tease that was Daphne Blake. That was until Velma quickly stood straight up, did an immediate about-face, and bumped into me. This mistake would cause her trademark glasses to fly off her beautiful face and onto the ground below.

"MY GLASSES!" The young woman shouted out in her shill but cute sounding voice before immediately dropping down to the floor onto her bare knees.


Unbeknownst to Velma, I had already bent down and picked them up. Upon seeing her in this state, however, I found myself pocketing them while also seeing a pair of old reading glasses in the distance. It was then that my mind cultivated a devious plan just as I walked behind my young adult colleague and got down on all fours.

"SIR!" She would yell out to me, unaware that my face was in the space between her legs and looking up her skirt from behind.


"I'm on it, Ms. Dinkley. I'm just getting a real good look around the area. Don't wanna miss anything." I stated as my manhood got very aroused by what I saw.

I found myself almost drooling at the sight of Velma's red thong panties that were perfectly draped over her silky, smooth looking womanhood. The bare cheeks of her round backside were perfect as well, getting me excited at the thought of planting a small kiss on one of them. However, simply looking under Ms. Dinkley's skirt wasn't the plan anymore. It was what I planned to do with the pair of glasses I discovered over in the distance.

After getting my eyeful of my colleague's panties, I carefully got up and walked over to the far right side of the room where a vanity dress was and snagged the pair of reading glasses off of it. Then, I proceeded to position them where Velma's would've fallen but also a little further out of her reach. That way, my devious plan could be carried out.

"Looks like we can't find them, Vel." I start to say while walking over and kneeling down next to her, the young woman's face contorting from sadness.

"BUT HOW WILL I GET TO ENJOY OUR FINDINGS IN THIS ABANDONED CASTLE WITHOUT MY GLASSES!?" She said loudly in a trembling voice as I helped her get up onto her feet and walk forward.

It was then that I smiled with joy upon seeing Velma's light brown eyes widen from shock as well as hearing the sound of crushing glass, music to my ears. Her right foot had stepped onto the pair of reading glasses that I found and planted on the floor, breaking them. Believing they were her own, my now visibly upset colleague stamped her left foot down onto the ground in anger.

"BLAST IT!" Velma shouted down at the floor as she attempted to kneel down and pick up the broken glass, myself stopping her.

"I would do that, Vel." I said to her with concern in my voice, seemingly for her safety, but actually not to ruin my plan.

"They're gone now. We're gonna have to go on with our exploration without your glasses, my dear..."

It was then that I was surprised by my young adult colleague shedding tears of sadness, almost making me want to reach into my pocket and put on her trademark glasses myself. But I didn't. Instead, I altered my devious plan to a more wholesome one. Originally, all I wanted to do was take snapshots up under Velma's skirt and maybe grope her breasts and backside on occasion. After seeing her break down in actual tears from not being able to visually enjoy our exploration of this castle, though, I decided to take a more romantic approach.

"How would you like for me to be your eyes for the duration of our time here, Velma?" I asked with genuine curiosity in my voice as she wiped tears from her eyes.

"R-Really?" She said back to me with quivering lips, myself taking both of her hands into my own.

"Really. I'll describe everything my eyes see around us, and I'll be looking for you to explain them to me. It's a dual effort."

Being overwhelmingly satisfied with what she had heard me say, Velma leaned forward with her lips puckered. She was quick about it, making me almost not want to move so her lips would make contact with my own. But I made myself turn my head to the left, allowing her to kiss the right cheek of my face.

"I would be more than happy to cooperate." She replied to me with a smile on her beautiful face, making me do the exact same.

"Then let's get a move on..." I said to my basically blind colleague as we turned to face the room's door, my left hand still holding onto her right.

This was going to be an interesting rest of a Halloween trip for Velma and I.

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