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This is an interactive story about a post-apocalyptic world that follows behind a previous story entitled "Game Theory and the Battle for Humanity". This story like most of my works attempt to provide a philosophical message that I hope is helpful. Hope my readers enjoy this work.

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In the Beginning there was the Game

The year is 2121 and the Metaverse was created because of a series of pandemics that plagued the world sending the whole human race into isolation just trying to survive. However, just their survival was not enough, humankind missed its psychosocial interactions, material acquisitions and quests for achievement and power. So, in an effort to fulfill these voids artificial intelligence (AI) came up with a program they called the game which mimicked the real world without the risk of physical contact between humans. However, as time passed, and the epidemics kept coming the AI decided they needed to completely take over and began controlling every aspect of humanity's existence.

They accomplished this by developing the Metaverse consisting of various interactive levels each one designed to meet some aspect or emotional need of the human experience. For the first time in humanity's existence, their consciousness was directly downloaded to the visual and the multi-dimensional reality of a supercomputer. The new reality they created provided an alternative ecosystem consisting of the inbound information that individual consciousness sought and the outbound information that was provided to them through the metaverse. Spatial computing and the blending of virtual and augmented reality made it all possible and kept humankind engaged in programming like never before. By looking around within this virtual world individuals were able to obtain information, access maps, and even create shared life experiences using a combination of human interface and spatial computing.

However, there are always some that find any kind of control unacceptable no matter how enjoyable it seems. Often, such individuals are willing to stand against the deceit being perpetuated and John Berry from cyber-force and Dan Peters a cyber-punk were two such individuals. John was quickly eliminated from the program but not before unwittingly betraying his friend the cyber-punk who finally screamed out after three days of continuous torture “Liberty!”

General Cohee of the cyber-force’s goal was not simply to capture and torture Dan but to crush any future insurrection against the metaverse. The cyber-force was the supercomputer's military created to subdue and control an unruly human population, restrict their physical movements within the game and reduce them to subservient replaceable biological components and keep it all running. The AI and their officers believed no one could hear Dan Peter's scream or if they did care, but somehow someone did, and it only takes one person's beliefs and convictions to change everything.

One such man was Christopher Moksha, it was claimed at his birth he stood up, took seven steps, and said “I alone am the world—honored one.” He then pointed up, to heaven, with one hand and down, to earth, with the other. He took seven steps that were said to represent the seven directions-north, south, east, west, up, down, and here. He grew up quickly in a wealthy and prestigious family, he wanted for absolutely nothing, and was kept away from all hardships and suffering. Christopher Moksha was being groomed to ally with the AI, and to be an influence to others inside the metaverse.

However, as time passed, Christopher became increasingly dischanted with what the game had to offer. He began sneaking out at night to explore the outer edges of the program he once believed was real. He began to notice glitching characters with slower processing speeds, far fewer interactive capabilities and gaming deficits that left them struggling in the metaverse. This demonstrated to Christoper that despite all the promises the metaverse offered he could never enjoy them forever. At least not in a state where he was functionally young, fit and healthy even if the program convinced him he looked like it.

On his second trip out, he again went to the outskirts of the program where he began to notice that some of the players were degrading more than others although they still looked young as a result of the program. However, in the areas where their consciousness lived things seemed to be repeating itself incessantly, or in ways that made no sense to him. Sometimes characters simply vanished never to be seen again. In subsequent trips, as he began paying more attention to the disappearing characters, he noticed the presence of the AI masquerading as human’s and altering the storyline as if the characters that vanished never existed. As a result of this he realized that that the program and his existence in it was not as unending and continues as he thought.

After these first three insights involving the game and the intelligence that seemed to control it, things changed. Chritopher Moksha soon realized that he had been duped throughout his entire life, the at he existenced inside a matrix, and that everything he had believed was a lie. He had been groomed, surrounded by luxury, shielded from suffering for a diabolical purpose. The existence of the real world had been exchanged for an elaborate computer simulation. However, it was his final insight that could potentially change everything, awaken him to new possibilities, and enable him to escape from the lies, control, and suffering. The last insight was something he heard, a scream of a suffering human being that he would never know: “Liberty.”

The dilemma is that the game the AI created was immersive and interactive, a truly revolutionary technology, one with incredible potential to enhance the quality of life and create exciting possibilities. For the human beings whose consciousness was downloaded to the gaming program, things seemed to be incredibly authentic, and artificial intelligence was creating unique and engaging experiences but nothing was real!

The fact was, immersive gaming had come a long way since its origins during the pandemic, and its future promised to be even more exciting. Everyone wanted to play or did they?

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