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Zoe hasn't dated anyone ever. She used to be in love with her best friend's brother. After his rejection she struggled to move on from him. Now she has to go back to her home town and see him again. Will she catch feelings all over again?

Erótico Sólo para mayores de 18.

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Chapter One:

For the longest time, I had a crush on Bennett. He is snarky, handsome, intelligent, and about as rough as a bad boy could be. The only problem is that he's my best friend's brother. Rachel always knew I liked him but we simply wouldn't discuss it. For a while growing up it was a sore subject. When the three of us reached high school Rachel would tease me in private about it.

Bennett is two years older than us. He has always treated me like another sister. He also is the first boy that broke my heart. I was a freshman in high school back then. He was a junior and he was very popular. Rachel decided for me that I should confess my feelings for him finally. With her encouragement I knocked on his bedroom door eagerly. He opened it, let me into his room, and listened a good twenty minutes to me. Once I finished talking he had this cold distant expression on his face.

Bennett harshly rejected me. Telling me I could never be his type of girl. Whatever that is supposed to mean. That he isn't into girls like me. He lectured me for a while. Saying I need to find a good decent guy. Anyone but him. Rachel comforted me afterwards. She didn't think he would be so cruel especially since we all grew up together. She hated him for being so melancholy. Soon after I began ignoring him. When Rachel and I hung out it would be at my place for the rest of high school.

I took it very hard. He was my first love afterall. He became a ghost in my life. It was the only way to push through the pain. Once I was in my senior year I applied to colleges and dorms away from home. Rachel and I stayed best friends. However, something inside me changed when I graduated high school. I started getting involved in photography club on my campus, drinking at dorm parties, and not being so proper anymore. I changed my clothing style. I started over and made a new life on campus. Rachel was proud that was I finally living my life.

Soon I forgot all about Bennett. I met two people who became my gang. Sarah and Carter embraced me. I was and still am popular on campus. Now I am a third year college student. Life is very different and I am about to come home for Rachel's wedding. I am her maid of honor. I don't know how everyone is going to react to seeing how different I am. I have been avoiding my hometown for three years. Things are about to get crazy.

I take a deep breath in as I step off the train. I hold my bag of luggage tightly in my right hand. My left hand is texting Rachel on my cell phone. A car horn honks at me as my mother practically jumps out of my dad's car. I smile. She hasn't changed very much. Still a little ditzy. She pulls me into a huge hug, throws my bag in the trunk, compliments my new look, and shoves me into the back of the car.

My dad cracks some jokes and puns on the car ride home. Mom interrogates me about my life. Nope, no boyfriends or girlfriends. Not even a fling. She frowns. I reassure her that one day I will meet someone. Today is not that day though. She groans. My dad chuckles as he pulls the car into the driveway. I take my things out of the trunk to my old room upstairs.

My room hasn't changed. The walls are still pastel pink with daisies painted in the corners. I cringe a little. The furniture is still wooden and chipped. The wooden floor has some nail polish stains on it. My twin bed is covered in pink blankets. I cannot believe how much I've changed. I used to be in all pastels, sundresses, and into cute things. Now I dress more monotone, sometimes in black clothes, and love the victorian style. I still like stuffed animals though. Couldn't shake that apparently.

I set my things in the closet then head downstairs. There's going to be a party at Rachel's old house. It will just be for her bridal party and friends. My parents inform me that they are also going out for the evening so make sure I have my key. We all leave out the door around the same time. I walk down the street to Rachel's house. She opens it and immediately smothers me. I laugh a little. Her house has stayed the same too. Her friends greet me and are happy I showed up.

Rachel has also stayed the same. Her bright blue eyes are shining. She has long curly black hair and it's complimented by her complexion. She is wearing a pretty sundress and sandals. Suddenly, Rachel whispers in my ear that she has to tell me something important.

I glare at her. Usually, when she says that type of thing it means it is bad news. Before she can tell me herself he walks into view. I stare at him. My body turns cold. I had forgotten what Bennett looks like for a bit. Bennett comes over to everyone and talks to the girls. Rachel whispers an apology. She didn't think I'd still be upset after all this time. I plaster on the best smile I can do and reassure her that I am over it. Rachel sighs relief. She focuses her attention on the party.

Bennett for some odd reason decides to hang out with all of us. A few times I catch him looking in my direction. I hate to admit it but he has cleaned himself up. His black hair is cut nicely, his beard is trimmed cleaner than most guys, he grew a few inches taller, his voice deepened, he has a few tattoos on both his arms, and hes dressed casually. He seems to be working out too. He is muscular but not overly muscular.

I shouldn't even be noticing any of this. He was a jerk back then and is probably a jerk now. I leave the living room to grab a beer from the fridge. As I am reaching for the beer in the back I hear foot steps approach me.

"Hey." Bennett says.

"Hi, how have you been?" I ask nonchalantly.

"Pretty good. Just thought I'd say hello." He pauses. "What about you? You dyed your hair?"

"Yes, I dyed the ends blue recently. Needed a change. Got tired of the generic dirty blonde hair." I open the beer.

"Your clothes are also different." He stares.

I cannot tell if he is messing with me or not. I suppose it is surprising that I am dressed in a grey crop top and black jeans. Not childish clothes or pastels. I watch as his eyes fall to my chest for a split second. I pretend not to notice it.

"Rachel has told me a lot of things changed but I thought she was kidding." He says.

"You apparently haven't though." I scoff.

He is still a douchebag. I take my beer with me back to the living room. I greet the women with a happy expression. Rachel and everyone decides we will play some adult card games tonight. Just have a super friends game night. Bennett asks if he's allowed to join. Rachel hesitates while looking at me. I nod and she says yes.

We take out the drinking card game. Either answer the question on the card or take a shot. All the girls are excited. Most of them are taking the shots and dodging the questions. When it rolls around to me I decide to answer whatever the question is. Rachel picks up my card and reads the question. Everyone starts giggling. The question is if I have ever had sex or not and if I have who was it with.

"Yes, I have. It was with a couple from my college campus." I answer.

I happily think of Sarah and Carter. Our threesome was the best experience I could've asked for. Especially since I was a virgin. Bennett stares at me. A few of the girls whisper things I cannot hear. Rachel is blushing. No one expected that to be my first time. We continue the game and everyone answers most of the questions.

By the end of the night we're all a little tipsy. Everyone except me goes home. I decided to stay and help clean up everything. Rachel is the light weight so Bennett helps her to her bedroom. After he gets her to lay down he comes back to help me clean. We're silent the majority of it.

I think to some of the questions he answered. He admitted he is pansexual, hasn't been on a real date in a while, and has slept with at least ten different girls specifically. He kept his boy count to himself. He took a shot for that one. He also said he likes a good girl. That made some of the girls giggle. Rachel looked visibly uncomfortable with her friends responses. She obviously doesn't want her friends thinking of him in a sexual way.

I think back to when he told me to get lost. He wants a good girl? I laugh on the inside. Rumors back in high school stated that he was into bad girls. He even dated a few of them. The girls who skipped class, smoked, etc. He was the bad boy all the girls wanted. The guy you don't bring home to your parents.

I put all the alcohol back in the fridge. Bennett takes out the trash bags. When he comes back I'm sitting on the couch looking at my phone. It's really late and my stomach isn't agreeing with the alcohol. Bennett wants to know if I am okay. I shrug and explain that I am nauseous. He frowns.

"You shouldn’t walk home if you aren't feeling well." He states.

Bennett offers to spend the night in his bed. I raise my eyebrow. He will sleep on the living room couch and I'll stay in his room. Nothing weird at all. He'll text my parents and let them know I'm not coming home until morning. I think about it for a few seconds. My stomach is killing me. I agree to doing this. Bennett walks me to his room to make sure I'll be okay.

Now, I am alone in his bedroom. The door is shut, he's in the living room, and I don't know how I am feeling. His bedroom hasn't changed much. The walls are painted navy blue. His vanity has his collection of trophies from when he played hockey. His drawers are messy with clothes sticking out of it. His closet is one big pile of boxes filled with things from childhood. Seems his parents packed up a lot of stuff.

Next to his bed is his laptop. Part of me wonders what is on that thing and another part of me doesn't want to know. It's a newer laptop. He must've brought it home with him from the college he attends. Curiousity kills the cat they say. I open his laptop and the screen turns on. No password required which is odd. I guess he thinks no one would snoop on it or he has nothing worth hiding.

I see he has some games downloaded on here, word, and an internet browser. That's about it. I open the internet browser then click his history. I shouldn’t be doing this at all. It goes against my morals. Usually, I am very respectful. However, I can't seem to help myself. None of his history has been deleted.

Most of the sites are either for college or porn. Typical college student stuff. The other sites are for online shopping and streaming services. In his saved files is where things start to get weird. He has a file on here called personal. I stare at it afraid to click it. Eventually, I do open the file. What I find is something I never expected.

It's homemade porn videos of him having sex with others. Some are girls, some are boys, some are people under the transgender umbrella. They all consent to being filmed too. A few videos are him being involved in threesomes and gangbangs. Some videos of him at sex clubs and dungeons. A lot of the time he is the dominant in the videos. I sit in disbelief.

He is kinky that's for sure. Beyond what I would've ever thought he'd be. I exit out of everything, close the laptop, place it back in the spot it was at, and lay down. I stare at the clock on his wall trying to fall asleep. That was over ten girls. He lied about that. His body count overall must be at least forty just from what I saw. Most of the videos where with the same people and at the same places too.

I'm not judging though. Is it surprising? Yes, it is. However, it somehow turns me on. Seeing what he looks like naked and the things he knows how to do is hot. I shake my head. I need to be over him already. I've tried hard to move forward from everything. I can't slip up especially since I am here for Rachel's wedding. In three days I will stand on a beach beside her and watch her kiss the groom.

Until then I must stay focused, help her with anything she needs, and avoid Bennett at all cost. I cannot be thinking sexually of him. I take a deep breath in and finally fall asleep. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start.

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