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Captain Salange has risen through the ranks of maritime command since her father's untimely demise. She sets sail for the same treasure he lost his life over. Will her crew help Captain Salange reach her destiny or will treachery sink them all?

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"Your father captained this fine vessel. Time has come for you to prove unto Neptune you are seaworthy," Morrison states.

Salange stands at attention, "Sailing the S.S. Colossus will be my highest honor," she replies.

"Do you understand what you are up against once you leave shore? This isn't a normal run."

After a moment Salange responds, "What my father was up against ... pirates and piranhas."

"If you steer clear of one the other will surely show their fangs," Morrison contends.

"As exhilarating as that is the weather ultimately judges living and dying at sea," Salange divulges.

"Aye, Captain! You are your father's child after all. Those stories he brought home stuck with you."

"If only I could bring him home one more story," Salange weeps.

"There, there lassy," trying to comfort Salange, "he gave you the opportunity to write your own story."

"I know Morrison, but it's hard," Solange wipes away the tears, "Will you tell me what truly happened out there? Why my father never made it home."

Putting his hand on Salange's shoulder Morrison nods. He turns to the wide-open sea. Arms folded as he rests against the stone wall. Overlooking the deep blue sea taking a deep breath, "Your father was the most noble man I sailed with. He fought a storm Salange and now you have a chance to right the ship."

"I understand it was out of his control," she replies.

"Most things in life are, Salange. Tomorrow you will be leading men. Therefore, for your mission to succeed; from this moment on you must have the density of a man. Are we clear, Captain?"

"Clear as day."

"Get your rest. You will need it," Morrison forebears.

Night falls on the City of Behemoth. Stars light the sky. After the rest of night, sun shines through. The crew is at the ready when Salange takes the helm.

"We're ready to set sail, Captain," Ashton announces.

"Excellent work, First Mate Ashton. Set the charter for 400 clicks north of the harbor," Salange commands.

"Aye Aye, Captain!" Ashton shouts.

Before Salange moves a muscle, a hand grasps her shoulder. She whips around to her surprise Morrison stand at her attention.

"Morrison! You startled me."

"My apologies, Captain. As you know, I am unable to accompany you on this endeavor. King Ubley has my orders clearly defined to maintain and defend the royal port."

"I understand Morrison. Would you tell me what my father was looking for in the far depths?"

"An ancient book worth more than any amount of treasure in the world. If it exists, that is."

"Do you believe it exists Morrison?"

"Aye, Captain. I believe."

"Thank you, Morrison. Goodbye."

Morrison salutes Captain Salange. As Salange heads for the captains quarters her parrot lands on her shoulder, "There you are peaches," she says.

"Ahoy, Captain!" Murray says from the bird nest above.

"Glad to have you as my eyes on this venture, Private Murray!" Salange hollers.

"An honor to be a board, Captain!" Murray shouts.

Another heavy set pirate with a claw for a hand steps to Salange, "An honor to serve beside you, Captain Salange," he says.

"Captain Skully, the most feared pirate around the seas of Behemoth. Together we will collect more treasure than all those before us," Salange entails.

"Aye Aye, Captain! I have brought my best rowers to make sure we sail fast; wind or not."

"May Neptune bless us with wind and protection on his seas," Salange says.

"May Neptune bless us," Captain Skully replies.

He shakes hands with Salange. She makes her way toward her quarters.

"There you are, Captain Salange. We are at the helm and ready for departure," Ashton relinquishes.

"Advise the men to pull anchor." Turning away from Ashton toward her general direction, "That ancient book will be mine."

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