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Demian's journey becomes a struggle for redemption, culminating in a pivotal choice that could reshape his existence....

Cuento No para niños menores de 13.

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In the shadowed realm where despair and temptation entwined, I, Demian, prowled the void between darkness and light. For eons, I had been weaving my malevolent threads, sowing the seeds of desire and destruction in the hearts of mortals. My existence thrived on the fragility of human wills, and my name struck fear into the hearts of those who whispered it.

Yet, there was a whisper, a sliver of doubt that lingered within the depths of my consciousness. A voice not of my own making, but one that echoed from the days when I was more than just the embodiment of malice. I remembered the time when I stood amidst the celestial radiance, when I was known as something else, something pure and good. Demian, a name once whispered with reverence rather than dread.

As centuries passed, my infernal nature flourished, but an unrelenting curiosity gnawed at me. Could I defy the destiny etched into the very essence of my being? Was there a way to transcend the malefic grasp that held me in its thrall? Each time I plunged a soul into darkness, a part of me ached, for I could glimpse the infinite potential each held, the chance for redemption and light.

In a realm of eternal twilight, I met a soul named Rea. Her spirit, bruised and battered, radiated a faint glimmer of hope, an ember refusing to be extinguished. The allure of corrupting her was undeniable, yet a maddening conflict raged within. Was it my duty to fulfill my nature, or could I dare to challenge it?

In the labyrinth of choices, I walked alongside Rea, watching her navigate the trials of life. I swayed her thoughts like a whisper on the wind, tempting her towards paths I knew too well. But as her resilience grew, so did my internal turmoil. I found myself hesitating, allowing moments of compassion to breach the walls I had carefully constructed.

Rea's compassion began to shape me and in the darkness, I yearned for the light I had lost. The name Demian began to weigh heavily on my conscience, a reminder of what I once was. As I fought to save Rea from my own grasp, I felt a dormant power awakening within me. A power that had been dormant for countless millennia, suppressed by the malevolence I had embraced.

The climax of our journey approached, a choice that would redefine both of us. Could a demon deny his essence, just as a human could choose to reject their darkest inclinations? As Rea's fate hung in the balance, I stood at the crossroads of my own existence. The echoes of my former self reverberated in my mind, urging me to grasp the flicker of goodness that had not yet been fully extinguished.

And so, as the tendrils of darkness swirled around Rea, I made my choice. With a force of will I had not known in eons, I shielded her from the malevolence that sought to claim her. In that moment, a burst of radiant light erupted from my being, dispelling the shadows that had clung to me for eons. As my demonic form shattered, the name Demian faded into obscurity, replaced by something that was both old and new.

The echoes of my past struggle to reclaim me, while the spark of redemption battles to define my future. In Rea's eyes, I glimpse the reflection of the angelic entity I once was, and in my own heart, I feel the stirrings of hope that perhaps, just perhaps, a demon can find salvation.

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