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When you think you are finally safe, you encounter more challenges to face. Will you and your boyfriend be able to face this natural disaster phenomenon? What happens when you find out that the safer place to take refuge is a haunted one, inhabited by ghosts? Will you be able to live peacefully with these spirits? Will they allow you to stay with them until the danger ends?

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Under the Influence of the Blood Moon

Many people think that the blood moon is a fictitious thing you only find it in werewolves' stories.

You're wrong. I have seen it with my own two eyes.

My boyfriend and I were sailing back from the Bahamas to New York on his beautiful old wooden sailing boat. That night the moon was full. What we didn't expect was to see a giant red moon on top of our heads. John and I were stunned.

It was a breathtaking sight. We stayed on deck. We hugged and watched the red moon.

Soon, we realized that was the calm before the storm. Out of nowhere, lightning struck everywhere, and the wind blew up like crazy. We furled the sails as fast as we could. John saw the navigation computer, his face turned pale. He told me a storm was coming our way.

John's a very careful sailor. He always checks the weather forecast before sailing. It wasn't supposed to be a storm in that area, otherwise, we would have never set sail.

Thank God the coast of Florida wasn't far. John knew the canal to get to Anastasia Island. We'd be protected from the rage of the sea and the storm once we docked there.

He turned on the engine and sailed carefully but as fast as possible to seek refuge in the bay.

We docked the boat. John felt uneasy. He said he preferred we spent the night in a hotel instead of the boat. The storm and thunders were terrifying. I followed him to inform the port authorities we had arrived and were staying until the storm subsided but we didn't find anyone.

We noticed the only lights in town were those of the streets and the lighthouse. All the houses were dark.

We went back to the boat and picked up some clothes, money, and a lantern. Then we headed to the center of Saint Augustine to find a place to spend the night.

We knocked on several doors but nobody answered. We went to the police station but there was nobody there. What was going on? We only found a stray dog.

John told me to go to the lighthouse. He'd go back to the boat to get some blankets. There was no way in hell I'd walk those streets alone.

We ran to the lighthouse and left what we had there. We ran back to the boat. On our way to the boat, John borrowed a shopping cart from a local market. We used it to carry two mats, sheets, blankets, towels, pillows, and his guitar from the boat to the lighthouse.

On our way back to the lighthouse we stopped at the local market. We needed supplies. We only had some cookies and a few apples. John managed to open the door, we took what we needed, and then he left some money on the counter with a note of apology for breaking in.

We didn't know how long we'd be trapped in the lighthouse. but by the amount of food and water John bought I guessed this storm was worse than I had imagined.

I come from a country where natural disasters rarely occur. Maybe some food due to too much rain, or an occasional fire in the summer but that's all, and none of that where I live. No earthquakes, tornados, twisters, tsunamis, monsoons, tidal waves, etc.

To say that when I saw all the pre-apocalyptic shopping John did, I was freaking out was an understatement. He noticed my fear. He told me everything would be alright and that he'd never let anything bad happen to me. That wasn't reassuring at all. What could he do against Mother Nature? That was just wishful thinking.

I love John. He is very protective and a real gentleman. He is the knight in shining armor I have always dreamt of finding. But when I heard him say he was going to protect me from a storm in my mind I could only picture Don Quixote fighting against the windmills.

On the way to the lighthouse, something extraordinary happened. The wind stopped blowing, the clouds disappeared, and the sky was full of bright stars. It was as if time stood still. I almost forgot we were in danger as I contemplated that marvelous starry sky. The lighthouse with that sky as the scenery was a vision from heaven. I was mesmerized.

John gently shook my arm and hurried me to the safety of the lighthouse. I thought maybe the storm had taken another direction but the look on John's face and the way he pushed me to go faster told me otherwise.

Upon arriving at the lighthouse John hit the door open with his shoulder. Once inside, he got everything in. We invited the dog in, but he was afraid. He cried, he trembled, and his tail was between his legs. That was a bad omen. John said it was because of the storm, but why wouldn't he get in to be safe? Maybe the lighthouse caretaker had hurt him? We couldn't let him out. John carried him inside. We closed the door.

I asked him why he had chosen the lighthouse instead of the caretaker's house. He said the lighthouse was more romantic but somehow I couldn't believe him. I told him to tell me the truth. Lying to me wouldn't help with my fear of natural disasters. He hugged me, pecked a kiss on my forehead, and in a soft comforting voice told me we should get on top of the lighthouse just in case the storm got worse. If the town had been evacuated it had to be due to fear of flooding or high tidal wave.

I got paralyzed. John tried to comfort me. Then he insisted on getting everything up. He told me to get the light stuff while he would take the large or heavy stuff. Oh, my knight in shining armor!

As soon as we started, we heard the wind raging. We got to safety just in the nick of time.