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Sometimes we don’t know that our soulmate is already infront of us. This is how Margarette’s story begin.

Ficción adolescente Todo público.

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Chapter 1: Unexpected Things

A beautiful morning changed into bad day because of my mother’s news. I’m here in my bedroom watching my mother preparing my things for my vacation.

"Ma, I told you. I don’t want to go in lola Milagros’ house," I said while mama packing up my things.

"Darling, you have to because it’s your summer break, so why don’t you have a vacation there?" Mama said while still preparing in packing my clothes.

"But mom. There is no signal there, no aircon and yes it’s so wide to walked on but there is no place there to go except from the barn where my horse lives and the lake," I said.

"Stop complaining Margarette. You will go there no matter what and besides, your lola missed you," Mama said after she finished preparing my things for two months.

"But mom..."


"Margarette don’t forget that your having a two months vacation there okay? I will tell your lola that," my mom’s reminders in the phone call even I’m now at the front of an airport where I landed on.Yes, I end up being dragged to go here at the province of my lola.

"Be safe okay?Bye."

"Bye mom," then I hangged up my phone. I really hate this. While I’m waiting for my grandma’s driver lola (grandmother) called me.

"Hello apo(grandchildren)," my lola said with a sweet voice.

"Hi lola, mom said that you miss me so I came here," I said then lola chuckeled.

"Of course. You are my only grand daughter so why won’t I miss you," she said. Lola is correct because to all her eight grandchildren from one son and two daughters, I am her one and only grand daughter.

While still talking to my lola, I saw the familiar car from my lola so I told her that I will end the call and continue our talk in her house.

"Is that so? Okay apo bye."

"Bye lola," I said and end up the call.The car stopped in front of me and a man get out from the car.

"You are Ms. Margarette Tuazon right?" the man asked.

"Yes I am. And you are?"

"Miguel ma’am, Miguel Dela Cruz,"he said then he offer his hand. I accept it and have a shake hand with him.

"May I ma’am?" he asked to get my baggage.

"Sure," I said then I gave to him my bags and get inside the car beside of the driver’s seat first.

While I am waiting for him, I saw an old picture that was clipped beside of the mirror. It was a two child who seems so very happy because of their gifts from each other or something, but these picture is quite familiar.

I wanted to look closer to the picture to confim it but Miguel already finished his work so I sit immediately at my seat and put on my seat belt.

"Let’s go ma’am?" he asked then I gave him a nod.

We drove at the road for 30 minutes only because it is now smooth cement. I remembered before that we drove it for almost a hour and half because of bumpy and rocky road.

We are here niw at my lola’s mansion and while Miguel is busy putting down my things, my lola greeted me.

"Welcome home ija."

My grandmother greeted me with a kisses and hug.

"Thank you lola," I said while doing the ‘mano po’, it’s our tradition for greeting an older people and relatives. For almost five years, I came back to this mansion again.

We walked inside of her mansion and it was changed a lot because there is a big and rounded chandelir now on the ceiling and many pigurines and furnitures were added. Before lola and I go to kitchen, we sit at the couches and she called Miguel.

"Ija, did you talk to Miguel already?" lola asked.

"Yes lola, why?"I asked.

“So did he tell you?"lola asked.

"Tell what lola?"I asked in confusing look then Miguel came inside of lola’s house.

"Ija, this is Miguel," lola said and I smiled at him because we already met at the airport.

"Your fiance," lola added. What?

My happiness changed into confusion again because how come a family driver become my fiance? I also saw Miguel got confused.

"L-lola, how come that Miguel became my future husband? Did you already talked with mama?" I asked in calm voice.

"Yes ija, that is why you are here. To arrange everything before you enter your last year in college and graduate. Your mother didn’t tell you?" lola said while smiling.

"He is the son of your parents’ business partner. In short, this is an arranged marriage," lola explained.

What? What’s happening here? Arranged marriage?

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