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Puddles the puppy grew up acting like a kitty. But, one day, he proved that he was not just different from his adopted kitten siblings; he was special. Written with sound-aloud words for the developing reader, this bedtime story soothes with a message of bravery and determination.

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Puddles the Kitty?

On a dark and stormy night, three little kittens were born. They were owned by a princess. They were named Thunder, Lightning, and Rain. Thunder and Rain were brown. Lightning was white. On the exact same night, a brown puppy named Puddles was born. Puddles was adopted by the same princess who owned the kittens. The puppy and kittens were together ever since they were babies, so they all thought that Puddles was a kitten, even Puddles himself. In fact, the three brown pets used to make fun of the white one for being different, not knowing that Puddles was a different animal completely.

Puddles grew up acting like a kitty. Puddles could meow like a kitty. Puddles could wash his face using his front paws, just like a kitty. Puddles could jump up on the table, just like a kitty. The princess didn’t mind that Puddles was just like a kitty. She liked cats, after all. One day a crow flew by the window and saw Puddles jump up on the table, meow, and wash his face with one front paw. The crow said, “Ha ha, you are not a cat, you are a dog!” Puddles was very angry…

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Amazing book
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Awh, when I was a teenager I had a puppy named Puddles! :)
November 22, 2023, 10:30

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