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The maniacal obsession with the career is the reason why the relationship between the model, Raquelle Cameron, and the actor, Terrence MacClife is on the brink of collapse, even if their friends and relatives consider this couple perfect. The appearance of Simon Ringer in their lives reveals all the problems that they did not want to notice under the influence of strong passion. Raquelle has to fight against the man, who is determined to erase her from this world for an unknown reason, and choose the future of her relationship with Terrence, who becomes one of those, who turn their backs on her with no regret when she needs someone’s support.

Romance Contemporáneo Sólo para mayores de 18.

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Chapter 1: She Will Have To Meet The Real Her

March 7th, 2016. It's a late enough time. One of the most popular bars in New York. Only young people usually have fun at this place. They are dancing, having fun, and drinking different drinks, which may often be alcohol. The music is so loud that people talking to each other do not always hear everything. That’s why they have to shout at times. Two barmen are working while standing in front of the bar table and cooking some drinks for everyone, who wants them, and they do not always have time to prepare drinks for all the visitors. The members of the staff walk from one side to another in this whole room to throw off trash, wash the floor, wipe the tables, and takes the money from their clients for some orders.

And a pretty young man at the age of twenty with brown hair and hazel eyes in a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and black shoes is now sitting at the table in a more or less quiet corner. Not alone, but with a man, who is much older than he is. At the age of forty or forty-five, with dark, long hair that is gartered into a ponytail. Wearing a black, little shabby coat and dark blue jeans. They are drinking quietly some drinks that they recently ordered and are too busy with their talk, while nobody pays attention to them since they are too busy with their business and those, who came with them.

“It’s time to get out of my hole,” the older man says confidently. “It’s been a long enough time since my latest appearance in her life. Since my latest letter to her.”

“Do you think she forgot you?” the young man asks.

“I do not doubt it. The gal has relaxed at all, forgotten what happened a few months ago, and gotten busy with her business.”

“Maybe…” the young man takes a sip from his high glass. “She started to work with such great enthusiasm. Her face has appeared literally everywhere!”

“That’s why I am sure that it’s time to move on.”

“Are you sure you want to ruin the life of that gal? Are you sure you need it?”

“I am, Richard!” the older man says, raising his head proudly. “I do! I’ve been waiting for too long, and I can’t give up now, when I have passed more than half the way.”

“Excuse me, Simon, but I don’t understand you yet. I don’t understand why you started it all. Of course, I ain’t gonna change your mind and make you sure to stand by the kindness, but still…”

“You should not understand anything yet. The only thing you should know is that I hate the girl named Raquelle Cameron to death.”

“Wasn’t what you did the last time enough for you?”

“Nope, not enough. That’s not what I wanted to get. I thought all her friends, familiar people, and close people would turn their backs on the girl. But my plan worked partly. I only managed to turn her fans against her.”

“Do you think it didn’t become a great hit for her?”

“It did. But she did not suffer too much. There were some people, who supposed her all the time.”

“It’s not a secret for everyone how much the career means to Raquelle. She is ready to exchange it for anything! Even her own boyfriend!”

“But this time, I will do my best for everyone to turn their backs on Cameron. So, nobody wants to support that gal after what I am going to do.”

“What if you can’t do this?”

“Don’t worry, Richy, I can do everything this time. This time, I planned everything much better. Moreover, I recently got something that could let me set up chaos in her surroundings. Turn everyone against her. Make them leave her. Make her solve her problems on her own.”

“Yeah, you’re right…” Richard pronounces thoughtfully and takes a sip from his glass. “The information you got from your familiar person may be very good for you.”

“I was so happy when I got it. It seems like fate itself wants me to try to kick that gal again and make her pay for everything she has done to me.”

“So, you must do this, then! So, that gal is really not as holy as she wants to seem.”

“Oh, trust me, she is a pretender. And I am going to reveal her. Open everyone’s eyes and tell them who they have business with. Tell them about how innocent people suffered because of her.”

“So, will those people think she is absolutely fake?”

“She is false anyway! But I will not refuse a chance to lie a little. And do my best for everyone to believe me, not Raquelle. Whatever she says and does, people will consider her an insolent liar.”

“Oh, yeah, tell them a lie that will make them overwhelmed!”

“No, boy, you should know how to lie. Anything requires proof. I shall tell everyone the lie that I will prove and make look like it’s the truth.”

“Yeah…” Richard agrees thoughtfully. “You’re right, I guess…”

Richard and Simon fall into silence for a few seconds and move their eyes aside, seeing how loudly a gang of young people are having fun while being not far from them and laughing at something after they definitely drank so much that their brains would hardly accept the information adequately.

“My gosh, how loud everyone here is!” Simon throws gloomily. “They don’t let us sit and talk quietly.”

“Today is kind of especially loud here,” Richard notices. “We can barely go through.”

“Ah, youth… Hangouts, fun, stupidity… Nothing has changed through the years.”

“Are you thinking of yourself at the age of theirs?”

“I can say so.”

“Hey, haven’t you decided what you want to do to the boyfriend of that gal?” Richard asks.

“I will deal with him a little later,” Simon replies and takes a little bit from his glass. “But that penguin should also pay me a debt.”

“Are you mad at him for dismissing you?”

“I am mad just because I lost the opportunity to earn a lot of money. No matter what he was, Terrence paid me a lot of money. And now, sadly, I am not able to hold so many banknotes in my hands.”

“Yeah… He has to do it to please his surroundings, so they don’t tell the whole world about his disgusting character.”

“Right,” Simon smiles slyly. “And soon, he is going to regret deciding to go against me. Deciding to stand by the side of that gal, whom he was defending so hard from people’s attacks when they blamed her for her bad behavior.”

“It’s weird that he hasn’t told the world that it was you.”

“If he does it, I shall skin him alive. Earlier than I plan to do it.”

“How hard MacClife is pretending to be good for Cameron. How hard he is trying to charm her and pretend that he is the one, who she is destined to.”

“I am really wondering how they are doing now,” Simon says thoughtfully and glances aside. “Did Terrence manage to make his wish of taking Raquelle to bed come true? Did he manage to tame that Snow Queen, who did not want to succumb to his charms?”

“At least, they act like they’re in love when they’re in public. That boy is always so gentle toward the gal, and she smiles at him and looks into his mouth.”

“Yeah, Raquelle and Terrence are really super cute in public. But what’s happening for real?”

“So, do ya think they’re pretending?”

“I don’t know, buddy… But my gut tells me that their relationship is doomed.”


“When MacClife gets the desired opportunity to brag to his friends about sleeping with Raquelle Cameron herself, his interest in her will be gone one hundred perfect.”

“Do you think she hasn’t fucked him if they’re still together?”

“I don’t exclude it.”

“As far as I know, they’re now living together in a large, gorgeous house. In the territory that is kept under very close view. Nobody can get into it so easily.”

“I know.”

“It’s funny that they started to live together while being unmarried.”

“You can’t surprise people with this. Many people do this nowadays.”

“I guess Terrence just wanted to simplify the task of seducing Raquelle. So, he decided to do his best for her to be near him all the time. So, nothing can prevent them from spending evenings together.”

“Yeah, but I’m not sure if they really spend enough time together.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you see how often Raquelle appears in all the possible commercials and in magazines? How often she participates in fashion shows!”

“Yeah, that girl is popular at the moment. Everyone wanna work with her.”

“And it seems like she never refuses. She goes from one shooting to another and gives interviews from morning to evening.”

“Yeah… She’s trying so hard to make people forget about the scandal with false rumors.”

“That’s why I say Raquelle is a pretender! She has been pretending all her life that she is strong and confident. Pretending that everything is okay. She prefers ignoring uncomfortable things and smiles widely at those, who tell her tons of compliments.”

“I noticed it,” Richard nods confidently. “The gal has overplayed a heroine. She probably watched too many TV shows or read too many books. She wanna be the same person, but she can’t the fuck do this.”

“It’s okay, Richy, it’s okay.” Simon starts stroking his chin. “Soon, the show of that talentless actress will end. After I reveal her, Raquelle will not be able to keep playing the fool with everyone, And people will be laughing at the phrase, ‘stay strong, brave and happy’.”

“I can’t wait to watch all of this. See what is going to happen.”

“You’re gonna love it for sure.” Simon drinks some drink from his glass. “As much as I like it. I am going to have a lot of fun, mocking that gal.”

“Do what you think is right. I am sure that you have real reasons to take revenge on that cutie, who is now getting showered with attention from little girls and hungry men, who dream of fucking her.”

“It’s just insecurity. That girl asserts herself for all those people and constantly proves that she is worth something. She needs it as much as Terrence.”

“That one will actually go crazy if all these little girls stop praising him and fucking him in their wildest dreams.”

“That’s right! He is going to be super hurt! Just like he was hurt by the fact that Cameron became one of fewer girls, who started to show up and refused to lie in bed with him immediately.”

“Well… Raquelle kicked Terrence then, but I will kick her now. Soon. Very soon… She will have to meet the real her. The one she rejects so hard. She will have to remember the former her and accept her.”

“So, do you wanna take revenge on her for some past grievances and make the gal forget about the image that she created?”

“Exactly, my friend!” Simon exclaims. “If I don’t do this now, nobody will know that Raquelle pretends to be another person. And she will erase her real identity from her memory.”

“Listen, Simon, maybe, you want to tell me why you started it all?” Richard asks, putting the glass on the table and folding his hands in front of himself. “Did that girl commit such a hard sin and hurt you so much that you did not want to leave it unnoticed?”

“Don’t worry, Richard, you will know everything soon. Not only you. Raquelle will also have to listen to me and find out so many new and interesting things.”

“You’ve told me literally nothing yet. I just understood that the gal hurt you somehow, and you wanted to tell people that she was not as sassy and daring as she wanted to seem.”

“Wait for a while. I will surely tell you everything when the time comes.”

“I should know what we will have to deal with. Know what you started it all.”

“At the moment, you know everything you need. Now, it will be enough for you to help me bring this case to an end.” Simon looks at Richard with a sly smile. “Will you help me? Huh, man?”

“Of course, I will!” Richard replies confidently. “What kind of question!”

“I will be very generous. If you do everything I need, you will get a lot of money for it. You do need the money. Don’t you?”

“Right, I always lack money. And I can’t work with them at all! If I manage to steal something from people or stores or help my friends rob a bank or a rich house, I spend everything on some worthless bullshit. I go to a shop and turn off my brain because I want everything at once.”

“I get it,” Simon laughs shyly. “Anyway, it’s going to be your money, and you will be able to do anything you want with it.”

“Don’t worry, Simon, you can count on me. And if you need it, I can ask my friends for help. They’re fast, responsible, and loyal guys.”

“Are you sure about it?”

“You’re hurting me! They’re very trustworthy people, who haven't betrayed me yet. They would do everything.”

“Great!” Simon pronounces with enthusiasm. “We will surely need the help of your friends, but not now. A little later. Because someday, I will make the final part of my grandiose plan come true.”

“Just call me, and I will bring them to you shortly,” Richard says confidently.

“Thank you so much, Richard,” Simon smiles slyly. “I knew I could count on you.”

“I am at your service. Any caprices for your money, as they say.”

“I am already madly grateful to you for what you’re doing.”

“Should I keep watching the gal and her boyfriend?”

“Yes, keep watching them. You will keep telling me where they go, what they do, and everything like that. Maybe, someday, you will be able to see something interesting.”

“I got it, boss!”

“But I am asking you, don’t get caught!” Simon begs and fixes the collar of his shirt slightly. “And I advise you not to be in that neighborhood for too long. Otherwise, someone will memorize your face and consider you a suspicious man. And security always keeps their eyes on everyone.”

“Don’t worry, Simon!” Richard pronounces with his head proudly raised. “You know that I do everything quickly and don’t get caught. The cops haven’t caught me yet. Even when the boys and I decided to rob one rich oligarch and steal one or two Swiss watches and several hundred thousand dollars. Even though there were guards, cameras, evil dogs, and something like that.”

“I remember watching a report about it on TV. And as far as I remember, the robbers haven’t been caught.”

“You see it! The police will never catch me. And even if I get caught somewhere because of my stupidity or the stupidity of my friends, we cover all the tracks very closely.”

“Anyway, I put great hopes in you,” Simon says confidently, puts his hand on Richard’s shoulder, and claps on it. “Since I'm so lucky to meet such a quick and responsible boy, you and I can be very good aliases.”

“Well, since you paid me a part of the money that you promised, I can think our collaboration has begun.”

“If you keep doing the same thing, I will pay me a little more.”

“May your sweet revenge come true!”

“Yeah…” Simon pronounces with a mysterious smile and takes a sip of his drink. “Time to pay will come soon… Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife don’t know that they are going to end up in hell soon. The hell that their lives will look like in the nearest time. I will take revenge on them. Crush them like a pea. No mercy will happen. Especially for that nasty girl. She will be suffering as much as she has never suffered in her whole life.”

“The gal is gonna be so ‘happy’ with your appearance in her life!”

“My revenge will be terrible. It’s going to be my revenge for past grievances. For everything I have had to experience. Since this moment on, the life of that sweet couple will never be the same.”

Simon clenches his hands tightly into fists, literally burning from anger when thinking about the girl named Raquelle and the man named Terrence.

“All the masks will be dropped soon. Soon, they will have to make a choice. Decide what’s more important to them: their friends and close people, or their careers and everything about them.”

“So, we will find out what these two will eventually choose. Two egoists, who are maniacally obsessed with their careers and compliments from people,” Richard says confidently.

“We will see it, buddy… Anyway, fun starts from this second, this minute, and this hour on.”

“I suggest we raise our glasses and drink for doing what you want and for my luck in getting the reward that you promised,” Richard suggests and takes his glass.

“For our luck in not having any people or policemen disrupt our plans,” Simon says with his head proudly raised.

“For luck!”

“For revenge on Raquelle and Terrence!”

Richard and Simon raise their glasses, click them slightly against one another, and drink some non-alcohol drinks, the taste of which seems delicious to them. Then they spend some time talking about their plan of revenge on the two lovers, not paying attention to the crown of little drunk young people, and having pleasure from listening to the loud, energetic music, along with which they later decide to decide a little. To let themselves relax a little and get ready to turn the lives of some people into a real nightmare.

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