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Due to the false rumors spread by someone to defame her good name, the famous model, Raquelle Cameron, immediately loses the admiration of her fans, lucrative contracts, and a perfect reputation. After deciding to ride out the storm and visit her aunt, Alicia Middleton, she finds out that mortal danger is threatening her. Raquelle is determined to punish the one, who may deprive her of everything she has earned for ages, and help her relative, not knowing about the sins that have been tearing the woman’s soul apart for many years.

Drama Sólo para mayores de 18.

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Chapter 1: The Weight Of Revelations Will Break Her Wings

“I will not give up on my plans!”

The dark-haired man at the age of forty is now talking on the phone with someone while keeping his legs spread widely and sitting comfortably on the soft, small sofa in the living room that is well-lighted with the chandelier hanging on the white ceiling in the evening time. He sometimes keeps his eyes on one of the pictures hanging on the wall, or just watches a movie on a TV that is working at low volume. But the man does not pay too much attention to what’s happening in it and is too busy with what he hears from the other man on the end of the line.

“No, buddy, never!” the man exclaims. “Do you really think I will give up so easily after I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to take revenge?”

“It’s been so many years, but you’re still wishing to take revenge on that girl for what she did not do,” the man on the phone replies.

“The gal must pay for what her close person did to me one day.”

“But you said that person has already paid a lot for that.”

“Right, but it’s not enough for me. I want more.”

“Don’t think about your past, my friend. What’s wrong with the fact that someone hurt you? You should learn to forget and forgive! Live quietly and do your business!”

“Oh, no, I am not going to forget and forgive! And I will not calm down until I ruin the life of that gal.”

“She has done nothing bad to you. And the sins of her friends and close people are their sins. She doesn’t have to pay for them. She should only pay for hers.”

“That cutie is not as innocent as it seems. She is not as fluffy and sweet as she wants to seem.”

“Yeah? I think she is very good! She has never been involved in a scandal!”

“So, I shall start it!” the man smiles slyly and leans back in the sofa with his head proudly raised. “I will ruin the reputation of that second-rate model, who pretends to be a fucking goddess.”

“If she knows who did it, that girl will skin you alive. She probably has good contacts! Lawyers, policemen, and some important people. In the worst case, you will just be put in prison on the charge of something. But in the best case, she will just sue you, and you will have to pay her a lot of money as moral damage.”

“She can try.” The man glances at the slightly open window, through which the cold winter wind gets into the room. “First, she will have to find the one, who is guilty of all of it. And prove that it’s all my fault.”

“Ha, interesting… How are you going to take revenge on her to remain uncaught?”

“Don’t worry about it. The gal will not guess who did it. At least, because she does not know me yet.”

“Are you going to meet her?”

“I am.”

“Doomed to failure! That model is probably surrounded by a lot of bodyguards, who don’t let anyone come to her and follow her everywhere to take care of her precious ass.”

“You are wrong in this case!” the man exclaims. “The girl has never cared about it. I know for sure that she has never hired bodyguards. Even when she was somehow chased by a crazy fan, who was obsessed with her.”

“Are you so sure?”

“I watch her life very closely and have examined the full biography of that girl.”

“You’re acting like a possessive maniac!”

“Yeah, but I am not obsessed with her. I am obsessed with revenge. A wish to turn the life of that model into real hell. Ruin her career and make her reputation much worse.”

“Don’t tell me you want to hire killers and kill her,” the man on the line gets suspicions.

“No, I am not going to kill her. At the moment. I don’t exclude that I can change my mind later. But now I care about something different.”

“What did you come up with, then?”

“Don’t worry, my friend. You will see everything soon. You will see it when the fans will start turning their backs on that gal, and companies will cancel all the existing contracts with her. I shall do my best for her to become an outsider in the show business. So that nobody wants to talks to her or just say hello to her.”

“If you are going to spread false rumors about her, you will have to prove them. Otherwise, your party will end after the first statement from her managers.”

“That’s why I have examined her full biography to know what could be good for me. Trust me, I found out a lot of interesting things that I could use.”

“What things in the biography of the girl with a perfectly clean reputation could be terrible?”

“Many things… There are many things that she is terribly afraid to make public. She understands that if everyone knows it, the place of the innocent angel will be taken by someone else.”

“So, do you want to say all her smiles, good actions, and something like that are fake?”

“Exactly!” the man exclaims. “E-xact-ly! Just because she is always so nice to her fans doesn’t mean that the gal really loves and appreciates them.”


“Raquelle Cameron will love them until they praise her. Until they pray to her like a goddess, Until they tell her how beautiful, sexual, and talented she is.”

“Actually, everyone loves getting compliments.”

“Yeah, but that girl tries to assert herself on them and make herself sure that she is really strong, brave, confident, charming, and talented.”

“Man, all the girls doubt themselves! Even a certain Miss Universe can find a million reasons to hate themselves, even if the whole world admires them.”

“You are right. But Raquelle is just playing the role of the confident girl. She does it for fame, money, and admiration.”

“I think you have a very bad opinion of her, friend. Yes, I can’t call myself a fan of Raquelle, but I like her anyway. She is a beautiful, young girl. Single, just saying.”

“I do not judge those, who go crazy for her. But I do not agree with everyone’s opinion of her, and I think people chose the wrong idol.”

“Actually, young men and girls admire her! But excuse me, you are no longer a boy. You are more than forty. Your tastes can be absolutely different at a different age.”

“The case is not about age, man. There is just nothing special about that girl. If you remove her makeup and put some cheap clothes on her, she will become an ordinary, homely girl. The homely girl that does not spread sex, for sure.”

“My God, why are you so obsessed with Raquelle?” the man sighs tiredly on the phone. “Let the girl live and enjoy her life! She is young, beautiful, earns millions of dollars, travels around the whole world, and does what she wants… She has achieved everything by herself. With hard work.”

“Yeah, hard work…” the stranger smirks evilly.

“Hey, is the problem with banal jealousy? Are you just jealous of her success? Are you jealous that she earns much more than any average guy in our country? Are you jealous of her youth?”

“I am not jealous of anyone! And I earn enough to live a normal life.”

“Then, why would you the fuck make the girl suffer? Would you feel better if you saw everyone showering her with mud? If you saw her being all alone and dreaming of hiding from everyone?”

“That’s what I want. I want to know that she is suffering. And trust me, Raquelle will not remain indifferent. The modeling career is everything for her. That girl would sacrifice anyone to keep shaking her ass for a camera, walk on the runway in shoes with 7-itch heels, hear compliments from everyone, and catch glances full of admiration.”

“You are starting to scare me more and more.”

“Anyway, I am no longer going to save it for later,” the stranger says confidently. “I am going to start to make my plan come true in the nearest time.”

“Come on, do this. I will watch how the police are going to catch you.”

“Nobody will guess anything.” The stranger smiles slyly. “Nobody will even think about me. Nobody will think that such a sweet, innocent, and fluffy man like me could do such terrible things.”

“After listening to you, anyone would unconsciously think you’ve got mental issues. And think it’s time to call the doctors from a mental hospital at your home.”

“No, my mental health is fine. I just want to take revenge on Raquelle Allison Cameron so badly.”


“Trust me, I have a real reason to do it. The case is not only about my wish to ruin her reputation and ruin her career to the fuck.”

“It’s like you are taking revenge on her for rejecting the love of your son, nephew, brother, or someone else.”

“Alas, I don’t have anyone from my family. And even if I had a son, I would not let him date such a nasty bitch like Raquelle Cameron.”

“I don’t understand you, then!”

“You will understand everything someday. You will understand what kind of pain one of her close people gave me one day.”

“I repeat, she must only be responsible for what she is doing.”

“She will, don’t worry. She will pay for sure.”

The stranger glances aside, pays attention to the wooden table placed near the sofa, and takes a glossy magazine from it. Then he starts to look at the young, attractive girl, whose portrait is published on the cover of it. With straight, windy black hair, piercing, slanting gray eyes, a narrow face, puffy, bright red lips, and massive golden rings in her ears. Her light skin looks much smoother, and her eyes are bright and full of gloss thanks to the good retouch of the photo.

“That bitch will pay me for everything…” the stranger pronounces thoughtfully. “The weight of revelations will break her wings. Soon, everyone will see that she is not a kind and innocent angel. That she is actually a selfish egoist, who is obsessed with her job and compliments. Who forgot her real side. Who forgot that she was actually a terribly insecure, homely girl, who used the chance to feel like a goddess very well.”

“Oh, do what you want!” the man on the phone gives up. “I am sick of trying to change your mind. If you want to have problems with that girl, God will judge you, as they say.”

“I am an atheist and don’t believe in any Gods.”

“In short, I have told you everything.”

“Let's see who will have problems. Who will be crying much louder. How that girl will be proving that I am guilty of all her problems.” The stranger raises his head proudly with a sly smile. “May my revenge come true! May everything I have come up with come true! I want it passionately! My game starts right now. From this minute on. The countdown to the moment X has begun.”

The stranger puts the glossy magazine aside and starts laughing evilly, not suspecting that a part of his talk is heard by the one, in the apartment of whom he is now being. Standing near the half-closed door, the six-foot-tall man with jet black, thick hair and slanting blue eyes frowns slightly, looks closely at every action of his, and listens to every single word from him. He also has suspicions about the strong wish of this man to take revenge on the girl, whose name he did not hear because he came here at the last moment.

However, the owner of the apartment decides not to ask the stranger about the reasons for this act, assuming that it is going to be worthless. It seems like he somehow tried to do it, but he did not manage to get any clear answers that could help him understand who was about to be in the middle of a serious scandal. Though, the black-haired young, sympathetic enough man is truly worried about the life of the one, who is hated so much as if she gave his visitor too much pain. However, he does not exclude that the stranger did not go crazy, and he may wish to take revenge on her for a real reason, which he tells nobody about, thinking that the moment for the full confession has not yet come.


February 24th, 1998.

“So, did you see how the automobile of those people was driving at high speed and crushing the truck?” the policeman quietly specifies, writing something on some paper while he is questioning the witnesses, and the others are examining the car and looking for something.

“Yes, that’s right,” the old woman, who is here along with her husband, nods confidently. “My husband and I were passing by and saw everything well.”


“Although I barely saw that from here, I thought the man, who was driving it, did not watch the road and was giving attention to that woman.”

“Did they not watch the road?”

“Yes, and she was either happy about something or mad about something.”

“Why do you think so?”

“We saw that woman literally jumping in the seat and waving her hands.”

“Agree, the woman was really kind of nervous,” the husband of this old woman adds. “And the man was quite excited.”

“Did you manage to see what they were doing in the car?” the policeman wonders.

“We were going on the side of the road when their automobile passed by us. So, we saw those two talking about something and waving their hands.”

“Yeah, and their car almost hit us!” the woman exclaims. “But thank God, we jumped aside just in time.”

“Yes, it all happened! We almost gave our souls to God!”

“They probably fought because of something and got so busy that the man lost control of the car and crushed that truck.”

“Alright…” the policeman frowns slightly, taking notes on some paper. “Did you not see someone chasing them? There is a speed limit of fifteen miles on this road.”

“Erm, no, nobody was chasing them,” the woman shrugs. “But the man was driving at very high speed, which was much more than fifteen mills.”

“More? How much?”

“Oh, I would not be surprised if it was one hundred or even more miles.”

“That’s right!” the man confirms.

“Alright…” the policeman pronounces thoughtfully.

“Who knows, maybe that man was actually drunk. Maybe, that woman also drank much.”

“Do you think they drank alcohol?”

“Who would drive on roads at that speed when being sober? That’s good the car hit nobody. It would be bad if innocent people died because of them.”

“Oh, yeah, I agree!” the man agrees. “Thank God!”

“Now the youth have been acting too freely and giving a damn about rules and bans. So, those two drank, got into the car, and went on the road.”

“And it led to bad things!”

“Yeah! They would not survive after that hit.”

“And that’s good there was nobody in that truck. Or some innocent person would have suffered because of those hotshots.”

“Anyway, we will surely find out whether those two were drunk before going on the way,” the policeman says thoughtfully.

“Oh, what you should find out, Mr. Policeman!” the woman exclaims. “The man was drunk! If he survives, he must get a great penalty.”

“Or better get deprived of a driver's license,” the man adds. “If he cannot drive and goes to drive when being drunk, he should go on a bus.”

“Alright, I got it,” the policeman nods and quickly clears his throat. “Let me ask you a few more questions, and then you will sign some papers and may be free.”

And while the policeman is questioning the witnesses and taking notes about what they say on the record, and they keep saying the suffered people were drunk, a few more people from the police staff are examining the smoking car, the front of which is absolutely destroyed after the strong crush against the truck, the back of which suffered, as well.

“I think the car was working absolutely correctly,” the young policeman assumes confidently. “But after this car accident, it can’t be recovered. This baby would have only to be trashed.”

“At first sight, it’s hard to say if this piece of iron got fixed,” another policeman notices. “Moreover, the horse is quite old at first sight. It was bought at the start of the 80s.”

“Yeah, the car is old…”

“Alright, no need to guess! Let the experts examine the auto and give us a conclusion, and we’ll say something after examining it.”

“Anyway, we could get the first version now – the driver just lost control of the car,” the third policeman says confidently. “If it’s so, there is no crime in this case. And it happens that we may not open a case.”

“It’s just an assumption. Everything may be different.”

“Oh, come on, I’m begging you! I’m ready to bet it was the first day that man was driving the car. And had drunken before!”

“But he is not an idiot and knew well he could get a great penalty for driving a car when being drunk.”

“Maybe, he knew, but he just wanted to show off for the girl. So, he started driving fast and thought nothing would happen if he didn’t follow all the limits.”

“No, hardly! The man is no longer a boy, and she is not a young girl. They’re not less than thirty!”

“So, they’ve got brains that teenagers have! They still can’t grow up.”

“I don’t know… I think you’re too categorical.”

“Anyway, see what might happen to you if you got in a car while being drunk.”

“C’mon, men, it doesn’t make sense now!” one more policeman meddles. “What happened is happened! Maybe, the man was not guilty! What if he just needed to get money for a new car. This beauty is really very old and needed repair or at least a technical inspection at a service center.”

“Yeah, but this beauty cannot even be sold for scrap ‘cause nothing left from this one. The front of the car is absolutely destroyed! And the back is broken, as well. And the doors are actually bent…”

“I wonder, how high the speed was supposed to be to crush a car like this?” the young policeman wonders. “I personally never saw such broken cars!”

“Everything could happen much 'better', buddy. Believe me… I remember much more serious accidents.”

The policemen keep examining the car and looking for what might be clues in this case and give them at least the possible cause of the car accident. And a few more ones are talking to the doctors, who are talking to each other, working on the suffered woman and man and telling the police stuff about their condition.

“Unfortunately, I must tell you that the man and the woman passed away some time ago,” the doctor upsets with sorrow.

“Passed away?” one of the policemen wonders. “Both of them?”

“Yes, both.”

“Alright… But I would be much more surprised if they survived.”

“An approximate time of the death for every one of them is about two or three hours o’clock. The reason is that too many fractures and hematomas that are incompatible with life.”

“Not so long ago, as I understand…”

“Moreover, the man probably got brain hemorrhage and strong fractures of his legs and arms. And the woman lost much blood after getting an iron stick into her abdomen.”


“That piece of iron definitely hurt many of her organs.”

“Here’s the conclusion: the death was inevitable.”

“Right. But the right reason and the right time for the death will be told only after the autopsy. Now I can say nothing to you.”

“So, did the two die at the same time?” one of the policemen concludes.

“At least, at one the same hour, rightly. And there might be a different difference: minutes or seconds. Who knows…”

“Did they die at once after the accident or not?”

“I think, no. And the doctors believe if they had been found at the right time and gotten help in getting out of the car, this young couple would have had a chance to get saved. At least, the man had a chance. But I do not exclude that he might have become disabled.”


“Unfortunately, we could do nothing and just certified the deaths of the man and the woman.”

“So sorry they died…” one more policeman says with sadness in his eyes. “The two were so young and quite healthy to look…”

“Yeah, but what can we do? Those people cannot be brought back!”

“Sometimes life is too unfair…”

With these words, the policeman throws a look at the other doctors, who are finishing examining the white, dead bodies of Jackson and Elizabeth, in some areas of which there are blue parts and many bruises, and then they start placing them in special packets and carrying the corpses on a gurney, which will be carried in two different car ambulances.

“By the way, did you find some documents and phones of the dead people to identify them?” the doctor asks, stroking his chin.

“Yes, we found some documents, which would let us identify them,” one of the policemen replies confidently.

“That’s how!”

“A driver's license of Jackson Ronald Cameron and a passport card of Elizabeth Lauren Cameron. The birthdate of the man is October 17th, 1964, and the birthday of the woman is December 12th, 1969.”

“Quite young, as I understand. The woman is not even thirty-years-old.”

“He was born in Kingston, and she was born in London.”

“So, English woman?”

“It’s clear she became an American citizen a long time ago and lived here for a long time.”


“There are also phones for the two, which we checked,” the other policeman says. “And we found contacts of certain Frederick Cameron, Alicia Thompson, Timothy Thompson, and Tiffany Thompson. Judging the messages that we found, those people are a part of the family of the dead people.”

“Have you already contacted the families of the dead people and told them about their deaths?”

“Our colleague is going to contact them and tell them about that. And to make sure they were really Elizabeth and Jackson Cameron, we will arrange an identification procedure, on which those, whose contacts we found, will get invited.”

“Oh, gosh…” the doctor sighs quietly. “It’s going to be a hard time for them… Those people couldn’t probably think this young couple would die under such events.”

“Agree, very sorry it all happened…” the other policeman replies with sadness in his eyes. “However, no matter how hard it would be, we must tell those people about the deaths of the man and the woman.”

“Let us know when we need to get ready for the identification procedure.”

“Alright, we will.”

The policemen and the doctor throw a sad look at the other doctors for two seconds, who already placed the corpses of Jackson and Elizabeth in dark packets and carried them to a gurney in big cars, and now they are moving them to big cars all together.

“When do we expect the results of an autopsy to know the right death reason and death date?” the policeman specifies.

“We will try to do an autopsy as soon as possible and contact you and your colleagues,” the doctor promises confidently. “But I already told you the approximate reason. And as our practice shows, they turn out to be right. The result of long work.”

“We got it.”

“Practice,” the doctor shrugs. “Many years of work.”

“Good, thank you so much, doctor,” one of the policemen thanks correctly.

“So… The doctors already finished their work. My colleagues and I should drive the corpses to a morgue.”

“Go then. We will leave this place later because we should do something.”

“See you later, then.”

“See you later.”

The doctor tightly shakes the policemen by the hand and then gets into an ambulance car along with the doctors, who are leaving where they need to along with the dead Jackson and Elizabeth, whose deaths will get all their relatives shocked. At the nearest time, they will have to hear everything from the policemen, who are still examining the absolutely broken car of the dead Camerons spouses and carefully examining the personal things that belonged to the two with the hope of finding some clue or something interesting that would point at the reason that provoked the car accident.

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