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Most beautiful friendships must be kept confidential

Your day starts with an alarm, then you go to college, there is a day when you meet somebody new someone who supports you, understands you and who loves you and then you become more and more closer with that particular individual and then you end up being friends with him.

He who loves you the most need not to be the one who needs to always be with you the most and he who doesn’t love you, you want to be with him the least.

If any relationship is not an intimate relationship both the individuals have a choice to leave that particular relationship, whenever they want to.

If you like the flower you will pluck the flower but if you love the flower, you will water it everyday. You like himyou always feel like being around him and if you see him with some other group of friends and if you could see that if he is happy that could even make you feel really happy and could bring a smile to your face.

Best moments meant to be captured in mind and in cameras they need not to be always posted in social media. If someone doesn’t like something about you but if they really and totally love you they never force you to change any particular behaviour about you, but rather they will help you and support you to bring out the best in you.

If you love someone the most of your time with them, you just have to spend the most beautiful time with them.

You don’t always have to be the most popular one, you never have to fake yourself in front of everyone. You have to love yourself and the one who truly loves you will love you no matter what.

Even if someone is not asking for privacy it is your priority to give and to respect the privacy of your friend who loves you the most.

They act like they are being very innocent towards you but when it comes to serving you, they just forget what you have done for them. The one who serves you and supports you he doesn’t always have to be in the spotlight wherever you go.

If he is too approachable it never means that he doesn’t have anything to do but it could mean that he really loves you and always wants to and chooses to help you but you need to know and you need to understand that you need to respect his time and his space.

The most beautiful must be kept confidential in certain situations but it should never be kept hidden, because friends may come and friends may God, but the only thing you need to know is living here and now.

Thank you so much for reading.

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