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This poem is dedicated to everyone's best friend whom they haven't met since a long time.

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A Best Friend That Blooms Like A Flower

Oh Dear Best friend,

I miss the time that together we used to spend

Miss those days when we used to laugh at each other's non sense

I'd always want you to stay with me, but can't share you with some else

We always shared our tears and joys with each other

You were always there for me throughout my times that were tougher

You are the only cure to all my pain and wounds

To me, you are like a flower that blooms

You are the one with whom I can share all of my secrets

Thanks to you for filling my life with lots of sweetness

I hope that soon, one day we will meet again

Forever, our best memories will remain.

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Amelia Grac3 my author name is Amelia Grace and real name is Arwa. I'm from Pakistan and my hobby is to write stories. I'm 17 years old. Hope u like my stories

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