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Jackie woke up feeling different. She wasn't sure if what had happened was just a nightmare until she looked beside her and saw Marcus lying there. Her heart raced with fear as she realized that something had changed within her. She had a sudden thirst that she couldn't seem to quench, and her actions had caused a lot of devastation. Now, she was a missing person with her face plastered all over the news. How would Jackie make it through all the struggles she faced, and what had she become? Was she now a vampire? "He was a vampire part 2 (Jackie)" is a thrilling mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Filled with love, loss, and action, this is just the beginning of many more adventures to come. Follow Jackie as she navigates her new life as a vampire and tries to uncover the truth about her transformation. Will she be able to control her thirst for blood and avoid the authorities who are hot on her trail? Find out in this gripping tale of survival and self-discovery.

Suspenso/Misterio No para niños menores de 13.

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Am I A Vampire?

Jackie gasped for air and opened her eyes, feeling different. Every sound and smell was intensified, and she wondered if it was all a bad nightmare. But when she looked beside her, there lay Marcus, his hands still wrapped around the chair leg that was now deep in his chest. She ran over to him, trying to wake him up, but it was no use.

She ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and the bites from Marcus disappeared before her eyes. She was confused, and when she looked at her eyes, they had changed to a beautiful crystal blue, and she had fangs. How could this be? She ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, stabbing herself in the arm, but the wound vanished as fast as it appeared.

"I'm a vampire. I'm a monster," she cried. She had to disappear. Her girls would be home soon, and she didn't know if she would hurt them or not. So she grabbed Marcus's body and fled. She couldn't believe how fast she could go. Now she knew why Marcus would vanish so fast. She finally felt free.

She found an old abandoned house down an old road no one used anymore. She lay Marcus down and made a vow that she would find a way to bring her love back. It couldn't be too hard; he was already dead. All of a sudden, she got a sharp pain in her gut and dropped to her knees, feeling a sudden urge to drink.

She went as fast as she could to town, went into a corner store, and started drinking anything she could. But it wasn't quenching her thirst. When all of a sudden, the store clerk dropped a bunch of glass bottles and went to clean up the glass. Ouch, he cut his finger, and she could hear the sound of his blood dripping onto the floor. "Drip, drip, "everything seemed to happen in slow motion as she felt her senses kick in and one whiff of human blood sent her into a frenzy. She killed the store clerk in a matter of minutes and felt an intense hunger that could not be satiated. She went outside and found herself surrounded by people, the ringing sound of their voices beating against her ears. Jackie couldn’t help herself, the smell of their blood was too overwhelming and she went in for the kill. Time after time, she attacked unsuspecting victims until her hunger was finally sated. But it was all for naught, as the aftermath was devastating.

Jackie had never even considered the possibility of vampirism until it happened to her. After being killed by a vampire, she woke up a member of the undead with an unimaginable thirst for blood. The uncontrollable urge to drink the blood of humans made her feel like an animal, and she soon found herself taking the lives of innocent people.

Bodies lay scattered around her, lifeless and drained of blood. What had she done? Jackie was filled with guilt and attempted to flee the scene but was stopped by a man and woman who appeared in front of her. When they asked her name and heard that it was Marcus who had killed her, they demanded to see him. Jackie showed them to where she had left him but he was gone. She tried to explain but it was too late; they grabbed her, threatening to rip out her heart. Luckily, they were stopped in their tracks by Marcus who had suddenly appeared. Surprised to find him alive, they immediately let go of Jackie and bowed at his feet "forgive us sire" they said to him, Marcus knew what Jackie was going through he explained how all vampires stem from him, but he was made by the devil himself he told her how they can turn humans into their kind with just one bite. Jackie was shocked and couldn't believe what she was hearing but she knew she had better now control or she could really hurt someone, 'we can help you, trust me I know what it's like to have the thirst for blood and not be able to control it' Marcus said as he took her in his arms, 'I will help and teach you to control it my love, but you need to embrace it you now are the queen of all vampires" when she looked out she seen hundreds of them bowing to her like she was someone important, she finally felt like she had a purpose in life, this was just the beginning of a life of darkness.

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