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The story is about a family that is born with a curse from his ancestors and grows up and finds out he's a Hybrid. His brothers are abnormal and is given a choice to either save the earth from the threats that came upon their lives or let them take over and kill off everyone.

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The phone rang as, Charles was getting dinner ready and the television was playing in the background.

“Hello?” Charles answered.

“Hi, sir we have your wife Dee here, at the Blue Heart Hospital and she’s going into labor.”

“Oh hell,” Charles said with excitement as he dropped the pan turned off the stove and ran out the door as the smell from dinner attracted the dogs attention to it’s whereabouts.

Charles Devine was a hard working father of 2. He had 2 other boy’s, Prince Devine and Marciano Devine. Charles lived with his wife in Shadowville. A populated town of about 35,000; people and all sorts of abnormal energy. The base wasn’t too far away and then you have the surrounding towns, that attract different eye’s of interests.

Charles show’s up at the hospital and runs inside. Identifies his self to the receptionist, at the front desk and she tells him Dee’s room number. As Charles rushes to the room, he opens the door to screams and shouts.

Charles aids his wife’s side and goes over breathing techniques with her and she pushes. Letting out life. A life they were so happy about.

“Ok you’re crowning, I can see his head,” the doctor shouted out.

Dee pushed again and again. Taking breathes and circulating oxygen through each break.

“One more push!” the doctor ordered and Dee gave one last push and released out a yell of pain…

Dee Marcus was a beautiful red haired woman. Married Charles after falling in love with him at a high school gathering. They were going to a game and bumped into each other and Charles got her another punch and they started talking and sharing laughs, as shouts and cheers let out in the background and you heard the occasional ‘Boo!’ from rivalry fans.

They got an apartment together right after their high school graduation. Had Prince, then Marciano.

Cries let out and the doctor cleaned and wrapped the baby. The doctor handed the baby to Dee and her and Charles hugged, as they stared at their little one.

“What would you like his name to be?” Dee asked.

“Charles. Charles Devine,” He replied with a smile.

He kissed her on the forehead and they continued to hug.

That night Charles walked around the hospital room with his son in his arms, while his wife caught some sleep and changed the course of her day before. She’s a champ he thought from time to time, when he’d glance in her direction. A couple days later they kicked her out with her Blue Heart discharge papers.

When they were arriving home, Dee’s sister, Rachael, was parked in the front of the apartment and Prince and Marciano hopped out and ran to the car.

“Can I see him!” they yelled in unison.

“Yes you can, but in the house,” Dee said, as Rachael helped her out of their Station wagon.

They sat in the living room, with the Zenith boxed TV, playing a comedy, while they relaxed and talked and laughed about the pains of labor.

Rachael made her way out the door, a couple hours after her visit with her sister.

They finished up the day with dinner and a late night show. Put the kids to bed and laid Charles Jr in his crib.

Sr made sure everything was cleaned and the doors locked before he called it a night. He hit the lights and headed off to the room.

The next day Charles gave his wife a kiss, made sure the kids were ready for school. Dropped them off, then headed to work. He worked labor and earned an honest buck. He was a provider.

Spent his agenda filled with tasks for the benefit of his family. Paid his bills and lived his life.

He was driving home and heard shouts from a dirty woman in drapes. Slowing down, he rolled down his window looking at her. She glared at him. Pointing a dirty, greenish, gray finger at him and spoke, “The birth of your spit, opened the curse of my family.” Charles turned pale with confusion of the woman’s disrespectful remark. He got home, checked the mail and went in side. His wife was cooking dinner and the boys were playing in the living room. The smell of lasagna filled his nose, as his stomach growled while he made his way towards the baby.

“How was your day?” Dee asked.

“Busy. We got more work coming in next week, so we’ll be pretty busy through out the year. How was yours?” He replied.

“It was as good as it gets after giving birth a few days before.” She said.

They ate dinner and that night Charles Sr laid in bed, thinking about the hobo on the corner.

Why the hell would anybody say that? The question continued in his head, as his dreams carried him away.

Cries alerted Charles as he jumped up and ran, when a window was broken by boulder with markings of some symbol on it. Shouts came from the other boys room.

Charles picked up the boulder and drew down the symbol, put the piece of paper away and called the authorities. They gathered their statement and asked their questions, then left to begin their initial investigation. Charles put the kids back to bed. Reassured his wife that everything’s fine. Put Jr to bed and started cleaning up the broken glass. He put a board over the window and placed a two by four leaning against it to hold it in place, too tired to nail it closed. He made his way to the kitchen grabbed a cold one from the freezer, popped it open and took a drink. He put his beer down and went to get the piece of paper with the symbol drawn on it. He stood in the kitchen turning the piece of paper in all different directions to see the symbol at other views. He finished the beer and decided he’ll head to the public library after he gets the window replaced tomorrow.

The next morning he made to his word, had the window replaced than headed to the library. Asking the library clerk for the reference section and she pointed to the left backside of the library. Charles got to the section and began looking for symbols from witchcraft books.

A few hours passed and he pinched the bridge of his nose. Eyes red from irritation and strain. He closed the book and sat frustrated. He let out a breath and thought. Thinking about what that lady had said on the corner, the symbol on the brick, the whole thing didn’t make sense. He Got up and picked up a weird looking thing at the far side. Not knowing if it was his mind playing tricks on him or the strain in his eyes catching the wrong thing but he made his way in it’s direction. He squatted with exhaustion and looked at the paperback and lifted it from the shelf. ‘Huh’ he thought, as he flipped it over then back to the front. Standing up he made his way to the table and sat down. He read the title “Hex’s and Curse’s” by Lucas Tarnak. He flipped it open and started to read. He flipped through a few pages and came up on a couple sketches and pictures of symbols. As he tried to match them up, he got nothing. Continuing with persistence, he came up on an old picture. Barely noticeable he put the picture and doodle, he made the night before, side by side and went with his gut. The symbol was from a group of people who did witchcraft and sacrificed human beings and animals, for power and worship. They grew extinct over a century and popped back up in the middle east, then went scarce again. In the early eighteen hundreds they popped up in America and went silent.

Charles read some more and closed the book. He returned it to it’s place on the shelf and left with his peace of mind. He got home and it was already after 4pm. He showered and went to spend time with his family. They laughed and went on with their day to day lives.

Over the years, Jr grew and had the regular childhood. Running around laughing, scraping up his knee on an occasional fall and running to his mother for comfort. He’d argue with his brothers and he’d fight with them. Charles and Dee had another little boy and named him Luciano Devine. He was a silent one. Real smart and always eager to learn. Luciano and Jr grew up close.

As Jr reached his teenage years he began to change. Something inside of him began to wake.

A rage, a hate, a thirst… something beyond his control.

As he panicked and drew distant from his people, in wonder of this new craving, he grows cold…

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Alexander Packman Alexander Packman
This is definitely a good chapter, and it's got me hooked, so well done
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ER Elaine Rubidoux
Very interesting. Can't wait to read the next
May 08, 2023, 22:09


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