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"Seize her!" A few guards yell as a girl in black clothes squeezes through the crowd in the city market. "Be careful, she's a demon!" As soon as this was heard, the innocent people, who were focused on the goods they were buying, suddenly went wild. An arrow flew from the sky, about to hit the girl, swiftly evaded it. She ran out of the city gates as fast as she could, before anyone could catch her. A woman jumped down from a white building, with a bow and arrow in hand. She smirked and yelled "You can run, but you can't hide Mircalla!" A guard approached the lady, asking if they should pursue their target. But she declined. "But lady Jupiter, you are aware of the consequences if we fail to bring her back." "Of course, I'm aware. Just let this one slide." "Yes ma'am."

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Chapter 1 {Declaration}

"So, you're telling me that you went to Hestia all on your own; To do what exactly?" Damien questioned.

*Damien is one of the grand knights of the city of Meliodas*, currently ranked dark moon four.

*Meliodas is one of the cities in the Demon race.

"I wanted to buy some goods and provisions," Marcella answered.

*Marcella is also one of the Grand knights and she is the most powerful and is ranked as dark moon one.

"What you're telling me is that we don't have provisions here in Meliodas?"

"No. What I'm trying to say is that Hestia has good quality items."

"That doesn't mean that you should waltz into enemy territory. Now, I have been given strict orders not to let you out of my sight for one minute."


"It's not my fault you were wandering around like a lost puppy. You almost got captured."

"Well, you're not the one who almost got captured, neither was him."

"It's for your good." Suddenly, they heard a huge crashing sound outside, so they rushed to the scene. They headed to the backyard of the castle to investigate. They found Acheron; dark moon six, stuck in between the castle walls. Marcella asked why he was there. He replied groaning.

"Your brother and I were sparing, and-"

"Why the heck were you sparing with your senior?" Damien questioned, with a disgusted face.

"I just want to be as strong as you guys."

"But that doesn't mean you should commit suicide."

"Who was sparing with anyway?" Marcella asked.

"Your brother."

"You seriously are suicidal. Where is he anyway?"

"He went out on a stroll."

"Wait, how long have you been here?"

"For the past five minutes, until you guys showed up. And I thought you were going to help me!"

"Fine. Damien, grab him."


"Just do it already." They pulled Acheron out of the partially shattered walls. As he was released, he sighed in relief.

"Thanks so much!"

"Whatever. Anyway, where is Leviathan?" Damien questioned Marcella.

"I don't know. I have seen today at all." Just then an icicle flew across the air, aiming at her. But she cocked her head to the side quickly dodging it. "At least, we know he's around." A guy around 18 jumped out of one of the ferns. He had burgundy red hair with red eyes. He walked over to Damien, waving at him.

"What do you want?"

"Can't I just greet you again?"

"I don't want your greetings."

"Aww!" He turned and spotted Acheron lying on the floor. "What happened to him? He looks like he has been punched hard."

"Because you did punch him hard." She answered.

"Oh. Forget that we're needed in the castle. Abaras wants to tell us a message."

"Alright then. But who's gonna carry Acheron?"

"I don't know, but it sure isn't me." Replied Damien.

"You never volunteer for anything."

"Don't worry. I'll do it." Leviathan said.

"Thanks, brother."


"So, you called for us. What's wrong?" Leviathan questioned Abaras, otherwise known as the king of angels. * You may be thinking why he changed his name. That will be answered in chapter 4, so continue reading to find out. *


"Well, what?"

"This may seem a bit too early, but you all need to be prepared for the upcoming war against the demons. Out of confidence and pride, they have raided more cities in the angel race, fairy race and *fursona race than we can count." Carman, Abaras' little sister, informed. She continued, telling them, about all the damage they have caused in the past few weeks.

*Fursonas are beings that can change into different creatures such as lions, tigers and so on.

"They probably knew about our absence and saw the opportunity to strike." Marcella sighed, rubbing her temples. "So, what do we do?"

"Well, we were supposed to wait for Euryale's presence, but she hasn't been seen." Just then the castle door flew open. A young maiden with blood red long hair and wine-red eyes appeared.

"Why hello everybody. It's been a long time since our eyes last met. Let's say three weeks, perhaps!"

Euryale walked towards the others, while three youths trailed behind her.

"You all will probably be wondering who these fellows behind me are. Well, they are new recruits. Over here, we have Ruthven, who's a demon. His Ability, blood magic. The next one is Draco. He's a vampire and his ability is death touch. Then their little sister, Rosaria is a fatui* and her ability is Snatch. She has the power steal anyone's power temporarily or permanently."

*A fatui is a cross breed from a demon and a vampire.

"Whatever. So, the Fatui, what did you say her ability was?"

"Weren't you paying attention?"

"No. I wasn't."

"Could you stop with your squabble already." Abaras warned. "Euryale, thank you for your help in getting us new allies."

"I was only doing my best to help you out." The siblings: Ruthven, Draco and Rosaria, greeted their king. They were now able to relax after all the trouble. You see, their parents were killed by the gods a few days ago. They had to search for another area to live in, but their luck had run out. They were captured by some guards and sold for slavery. Lucky for them Euryale happened to be an onlooker. She was able to rescue them before anyone noticed.

"Not to pry, your majesty, but the young lady besides you, who is she?" Rosaria asked.

"My younger sister. Also, dark moon five." Abaras answered.

"Isn't that a bit low for the sister of the great king of demons."

"And what is that supposed to mean?!" Carman growled.

"Oh. How can you be at the lowest of the ranks and yet not be ashamed?"

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"It's more likely that I can beat you in a fight." Carman lost it. She convinced her brother to let her fight her, but he refused.

"Why? You can clearly see that she's insulting me and you, yet you don't want to do anything."

"It's better to ignore her than to get yourself killed."

"Yeah, you should listen to your brother!"

"So you also think that I'm a weakling, is that it?"

"Carman, please, you're misunderstanding me."

"Then let me fight her."

"I-I... Ugh, fine."

"Thank you, brother." She continued "Oi, Fatui, you want to fight me, sure you can, but first let's make a bet."

"I know. How about if I win, I get to take your rank. But if you win, you can kill me."

"WHAT?!!" Ruthven and Draco yelled. "You can't do that!" Draco continued.

"Well, I want to." Rosaria replied.

"Fine." Abaras sighed.

"Are you seriously allowing this?" Ruthven questioned.

"It's their choice. But still, are you guys sure about this?"

"Yes brother."

"Alright then, let us head out, shall we?" He stood up from his throne, then chanted. "Renu Samrach Kanier." As he did so, his brown eyes turned into pitch black (including the Iris), and his jet black short wavy hair turned into a snow-white tone. A red star marking appeared on his forehead. Suddenly the castle started to rumble. The ground began to shatter. The area turned into a void.

"Where are we?" Draco asked eagerly.

"You'll find out." Acheron answered.

*Hello everybody. This is my first book and i hope you all will love it. I'm partially inexperienced and i find writing as a hobby. Please try as much as possible to support it. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU

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