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A group of Children, on their way to an ordinary school camp, but then, there is the unordinary, it smiles, it lurks, it kills. There has been tons of missing posters scattered around canada everywhere, on the posts. Everyday adds more. And never stops . . . It all began, by a photo, and it lives, and crawls out into reality. But, there may be something bigger than that clown, possibly the clown isn't the main reason of why there has been missing posters. Something bigger, that lives among the tunnels, and the home of darkness. Something more terrifying awaits. But what is it? Competition Story | Feedback will be needed with this story, considering it is a compition story. Tell me what you think, what you like, and what you didn't like, and then I can change it. "No matter what Noah Writes, I am in with both feet. He knows, And can deliver the darkness" -M.J Romo Achievements -ūü•Č3rd in horror - ūü•ą2nd in Teen horror

#1 en Horror #1 en Horror adolescente No para ni√Īos menores de 13. © ¬©All rights reserved by Noah Rowland 2023

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©All rights reserved by Noah Rowland 2023

Please do read the link that this story has, it is extremely important.

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