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An unfortunate accident leaves a man trapped in acave that leads him to darker secrets. Short story contest.

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Dead Gods

After an unfortunate slip and lack of preparation on my part. I have found myself residing at the depths of a cave system. I fancy myself an adequate spelunker, but this mishap has proven I have much to learn. Without alerting any immediate family or close friends I traveled to New Zealand. In hopes of a relaxing vacation. In the down time I discovered this particular cave and decided it worthy of exploration. I was not anchored correctly and my weight released the pin from the stone above. With little to no survival experience I determine that in just a few short days I will perish down here. Armed with a head lamp with a spare battery and a pocket knife, I check for injuries. A few scrapes but nothing major, I would say I'm lucky if I knew help was on the way.

After accepting my fate I decided to delve deeper into what was now destined to become my tomb. I toggle on my head lamp and clamber down the jagged cave floor. As I travel deeper the light from the above fades and becomes non existent. I am now consumed by darkness and only a small cone of light emits from my forehead. The cave comes to life with sounds that were previously unheard to me. Small drips of water, the scittering of small unseen creatures around me.

My attention is grabbed by a faint pulsing glow deeper down. I pursue, as I draw closer I see that it is small insects flickering like fireflies. Though the light they give off is a combination of blues and greens. Upon admiring the insects my eyes fall on etchings on the wall behind them. They appear to be some type of runes, perhaps if I were an educated scholar I could possibly determine their origin. To me, they are unknown and foreign. I run my fingers over the symbols and feel their rough and wet shapes. In the instant I made contact with them, images flashed in my mind. Something ancient, something angry, and something terribly evil. A voice that was not my own whispered in my mind. Malefic and foreboding, my body knew it could not be trusted. My mind however was lured by it and wanted to become one with it. The voice led me deeper into the cave and as I descended deeper into the earth the cave expanded in massive scale. A heart beat pulsed through the cave and reverberated through my very soul. My body tried to hinder my progress but the mind proved to be stronger.

Flashed in my head once more of an ancient terror. It's flesh rotten and etched with symbols, perhaps a seal of some sort. It beckons for me to come deeper and the words it whispers are of a dead language. I do not understand them, simultaneously I know what they mean.

Was it fate for me to fall in the dark dank hole? Is my life destined to fulfill some sort of prophecy or is this purely coincidence. As I wander through the monumental chasm, I discover stairs that lead even deeper. They are slippery and moss covered, lost to time. The stairs are far too large for a human so I must take them one at a time and drop down to each one. The beat of the heart grows more powerful, it rattles my brain with each pulse. The visions grow more frequent and more clear. The voice nearly drives me to madness as it speaks in its ancient tongues.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs I am impeded by a massive pair of stone doors. Etched with similar runes from before. I reach out without thought and place my palm on the icy cold doors. The symbols glow to life and stone and debris rattle and shake loose. The doors slowly move inward and reveal a path. On each side are massive obelisks, bearing similar etchings from the door and my visions. A smell more pungent than death itself burns through my sinuses and settles deep in my lungs. An unearthly glow emanates from the end of the path. I hear it's breathing now and the heart beat nearly forces me to my knees. Running along the back of the obelisks are massive chains. They are being pulled and stopped with surprising ease. My feet carry me forward without my permission and I am finally brought to my destination.

A force beyond my comprehension, tugs my head upwards and I am looking directly into the eyes of a beast. Its flesh was blacked as if it were severely burnt and the symbols had been carved all over its body. Its eyes resembled a solar eclipse, they burned into my soul and left me cursed. The hate I felt come from this creature fealt as if it could physically manifest itself in the room. I am lifted a few inches from the ground and pulled toward a pedestal. It is a stone pillar with a bowl made of obsidian resting atop. I feel the cold steel of a blade at my wrist. I cannot break my gaze with the beast but I know it is my own doing. My will is no longer my own, I have become part of this ancient horror. The voice enters my mind one last final time.

"With your sacrifice, comes my return."

The bowl fills with blood, and my vision fades to black.

My master is free.

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Gage Bare I like to write in my free time, im by no means a professional but I put my heart and soul into everything I write. All feed back is appreciated.

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