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Tall One with Fair Hair(5th)

It was around 2, and you were sitting on your front porch, pondering on the Doctor's return. The last time you saw him he was young with black hair and playing his recorder. "Dude, you've been sitting there all day," your sister said as she came in. "Leave me alone Kate, can't you see I'm busy," you said to your sister.

"Busy with what?" she asked you. "Nothing, just leave me be alright," you said to her. "Don't tell me, you're still waiting for that man from the stars?" Kate said to you. "Yes, so what if I am?" you said to your sister. "Y/n, come on it's been months since you last saw him, he could be dead by now," Kate said to you.

"No, he's not, I know that somewhere up there, the Doctor is still alive and travelling around time and space, saving everyone's lives," you said as you look up and thought of the Doctor. "Alright, I leave you to it," Kate said to you. "Where are you going?" you asked her. "There's a new store that opened up, on our street, Jen and I are going to check it out," she said.

"You can come with us if you like," Kate said to you. "No, it's fine, I'll stay here," you said to her. "Y/n, you haven't left your house all week," she said to you. "It's fine," you said. "You sure, you don't want to come?" she asked you. "Yes," you replied. "Oh, well suit yourself, I'll go now and see you later," Kate said to you as she left.

"Well, might as well, head inside," you said as you got up and went inside the house. You went upstairs to your room. You went to your computer and decided to play some games. While you were busy playing, you heard an old familiar sound, coming from your backyard. You look up and saw the Tardis landed.

Once it landed, you got up from your chair and immediately rush towards the Tardis, "Doctor!" you said as you knock on the Tardi's doors. A young man with fair hair came out of its doors. "Doc..tor?" you asked. "Ah, there you are," the stranger said. "Who are you?" you asked him.

"Y/n, it's me don't you recognise me?" he asked you. "Sorry, who are you?" you repeat once more. "It's the Doctor," the stranger said as he got closer to you. "No, you're not the Doctor," you said as you move away from him.

To the point that you fell on the ground, "Are you alright?" the stranger said as he rushed to help you up. He offered his hand to you but you pushed it away. "Don't touch me!" you said as you tried to get up but you twisted your ankle.

"Are you hurt?" he asked you. "Yes, I twisted my ankle," you said. The stranger knelt and feels your ankle, "There are no bones broken, can you stand?" he asked you. "I think so," you said. "Here, lean on me," the stranger said as he offered his shoulder to you.

He led you inside the Tardis, "Here, take a seat" the stranger said to you as he tend to your ankle. "You'll be alright now," he said. "Then you are the Doctor," you said. "Yes," he said. "But how?" you asked him.

"Regeneration," the Doctor said to you. "Regeneration?" you asked. "Yes, I've changed several times since the last time we met," the Doctor said to you. "I see so you did change Doctor," you said to him.

He nodded, "Oh, Doctor I miss you," you said as you hugged him. He hugged you back, and once again you're travelling with the Doctor.

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