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EDDAGE a cabbage from another dimension there are no humans on this alternative earth and veg rule the day.

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Eddage was green and large, twigs snapped under his weight he grunted hissed and cursed the lowly worms biting into him why oh why was he cursed with such undignified vultures. He screamed out leave me alone you cursed demons, I need my skin. Then it rained the gray sky turned black and Eddage thought to himself,"shit, you can't make this shit up", and like any worms on any alternate system they came out of the ground thinking they would drown.

Eddage wondered what terrible deeds he had committed to be surrounded by hundreds of Earth worms. The rain sodden ground curned up as Eddage tried to avoid the inevitable being eaten alive. Then there was a noise a shaking rumble along the ground,and out came the carrots. Eddage eyes rolled as far back as they could,"seriously!". The worms stopped their chewing of Eddage and slid back about eight worm lengths.

Four carrot now stood, staring large eyes and big fangs.

The leader of the worms gulped and shouted,"out of here lads",and in a flash they were gone.

"well well well looks like you owe us one green cabbage", the largest of the four carrots said with a menacing grin.

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