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This story is about my frightening struggle for survival and fight that will determine my ability to over come fear.

Suspenso/Misterio Todo público.

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It all began! One Early morning in winter, it was 5* degrees the sun was rising, the light was glimmering through the trees; a cold chill gently blowed through. Moisture covered the forest floor.

It had rained the night before, so the ground was soft and wet, and leaves had covered the forest floor; I could hear the muzzled sounds of birds nearby, and mist started to fill the area, surrounding the dense, rugged bushland.

In the distance, a man appears from behind a tree dressed in a long black overcoat and dark boots, metal on the tip of the shoes glows as the light shines off them; the figure walks along, walking between the trees as he carries a shovel in his right hand.

Arriving at a clear section of the woods, the man stops, holding something like a rug, carrying it over his left shoulder, raising his head to sniff the air; he looks around before he drops it onto the ground, holding the shovel in the right hand, the man stabs the point into the ground with the handle placed up. Kicking the rug with his foot, a hand pops out of the end; the man looks down, noticing the hand staring down with a frown; he turns to stare at it, waiting! Oversees the formation, observing before grabbing the shovel and digging a hole—one shovel at a time. The figure gets more profound as the hole gets bigger; a few minutes pass, and the figure stops suddenly! When he hears a twig snap and looks around, scanning the woods and listening to a bird whistle before squeaking. The figure turns in direction and browses through the trees, hearing the bird flap its wings before it flies away; the figure spots the bird watching it as it passes out in the distance over the tree line; the figure looks around carefully and waits before taking grip to the shovel and digs once more, shovelling dirt out of the ground.

Dropping the shovel onto the ground, the figure unwrapped the cloth suddenly! A body appears, and a woman lays still, gaged as if she was still alive, the woman looks up at the constitution as their eyes lock, and then the figure takes a step forward, standing over her when tears run down the woman's face; the figure smiles at her before kneeling placing hands on her, the woman struggles to move, but he says “ stop moving, the man makes sure she is strained as she cries and moans under the covered mouth, the woman couldn't scream, her mouth was wrapped with a sock and tape around her mouth, the man places his hands on her then pushes her into the hole, Only sounds of panic and frightening moaning came from her as she knew what was happening; without thinking about it, the man pushed the woman into the hole. She tried to scream but couldn't, crying as she stars up towards the man; the man start shovelling the dirt as it lands on her chest, the man smiles as he stares down at her, she looks up panicking and crying when the man keeps on shovelling one after another as the hole gets filled.

Filling up the hole the man spreads it aroundthen pats the dirt making it smooth as the hole was filled, standing over the dirt looking down, The trees started to shake, birds flew off when something had disturb them, the man looks around stabbing the blade into the dirt as the shovel stands tall, the man scans the whole area, looking around with a frown quenching his eyes focusing as he stares between the trees.

The sounds of the crickets, echoing through the bush when the the man arrives back to his vehicle’ a old banged up pick up truck with rust over the tray, placing the shovel down onto a old cloth the man walks over to the drivers door opening as he gets in, the door rattles as he closes it, starts up then slow pulls out reversing before driving along the thin track that leads back onto the dirt road, Gazing through the rearview mirror, dust forms behind the truck as he drives along; a chain hangs on off the side of the truck, swinging as it hits the metal rail; the man Hums a tune and whistles staring out the window as the bush comes to a vast open field.

Meanwhile, A young man named Stewart haven, a eighteen year old college drop out had pulled over the side of the road, having the urge to pee, he stopped the car turning of the engine leaving the keys in the ignition as he rushes out of the door scattering his feet quickly along the ground walking around the front of the car, looking around as he walks through the dusy field, Stewart walked down a incline where he stood and unzipped his pants, peeing, as he relieve himself, Stewart feels relief and sighs as he says” Oh yeah, that's better, Stewart looks around making sure he wasn't been watched, when the man drives along making his way along the first road, enjoying the scenery, the man drives around when he notices Mountains around him, he stares out looking at the view when he gets distracted, slamming on his brakes, coming to a complete stop, the man spots a vehicle in the distance, on a small hill, squenching his eye brows the man thought to himself as he whispers” that vehicle wasn't their before, with his foot on the brake and gripping the steering wheel firmly,he decided to drove slowly carefully taking his foot of the brake as the truck moves forward, staring out the window gazing upon the car he looks around, the man focuses but couldn’t see anyone around. Observing, the man drives slowly, creeping up, heading towards the abandoned vehicle, the wheels crunch over the dirt road, as they sounded as they rolled over the lose gravel, the man stops his truck twenty meters away from the vehicle when the drivers door opens with a squeak, getting out of the truck the man stood by his door, scanning the area as he notices the car was empty, he looks around, the man makes his way round the front, walking over to the car, standing near the drivers window he leans over starting inside as he peeps inside the window, noticing the vehicle was clean inside, the man heard talking in the distance so he stood up spotted a young male walking through the dusty field,

The man looked over the roof when the young male stopped and spotted him near his car, they locked eyes as Stewart stood still, the man walked around heading towards the back of the car, when Stewart watched him, the man stopped placing his hand on the boot as he looked at Stewart, feeling shocked and uncomfortable Stewart looked away for a second thenlocked eyes with him again, not sure what to do Stewart had a strange feeling about the man but knew he had to stay Calm and not to show that he was scared, the man tilted his head, staring at Stewart, looking ambitious, Stewart finally asked the man what he wanted, but the man just stared at him with a blunt look; Stewart then walked towards the man and watched his hand on the boot, his fingers tapping on the metal as he walked by, noticing his truck and not making it obsessive, Stewart gazes down seeing his vehicle didn't have a number plate, approaching the driver's door, the man watched him open the door and got in, the man strolled over to the door as he stood looking through the window, giving Stewart an intimidating smirk Stewart felt uncomfortable as he stared at the man before driving off, the man stood watching Stewart as he drove off standing grinning his teeth as he spat before he turns around walking back to his truck hoping in as he drives away.

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