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Javier has everything a guy could wish for (fame, power and success), however, as the years go by he begins to feel a shaky emptiness within his heart, as if nothing else mattered anymore. And so, during one of his many spiritual pilgrimages in the search of answers, he decides to climb a holy mountain in the Pirineus - as his master has instructed him to - so that he could consult, for the last time, with his personal demon.

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Part 1

After a long ascent to the top of the mountain, I enter the cavern and say: “The darkness is my friend” — since the storm outside won’t end so soon, and it’s been quite a while since I last spoke with my personal demon.

I sit down on the ground and place the backpack beside me. Afterwards, — as the summoning ritual —, I relax my muscles, close my eyes and begin to stamp the darkness surrounding me with the following words: “I am now relaxed, and my eyes rest as the sleep of the world”, and then I allow my mind to wander freely, with no strings whatsoever, uniting my private darkness with the darkness of the cavern.

When I realize my mind is no longer occupied by anything of this realm, I begin to imagine a column made of fire right in front of me, to the right. Soon, the fire column burns increasingly brighter. So, with gleaming and burning embers, I begin to whisper: “I command my subconscious to manifest. It opens itself to me and reveals its Dark Secrets.”

I wait for a moment. The fire column to the right, it remains burning fearlessly; with its orange and red flames nearly reaching the heavens of my mind.

Suddenly, random images start to pop into my brain: I recall the old beggar by the road, then the kids playing soccer by the river, as well as the old couple walking hand in hand by the alleys of Puente la Reina, and the shepherds with their goats looking for greener pastures uphill.

From then on, gradually, as the column to the right continues to crackle endlessly, I start to imagine another column of fire in front of me, way to the left. Seconds later, when the flames are vivid and wild, I whisper into the darkness again: “May the strength of the Lamb, — which manifests itself in everything and everyone, — may also manifest in me while I summon my Messenger”.

In such, the Messenger begins to manifest its own nebulous image in between the columns of fire. “Golous under your service” — I hear in a crackle.

When it reveals itself entirely, between the columns, — such as every time I summon it — it gazes at me with sobriety and I return the same weight in my gaze. We stay like that for a few seconds, glaring at each other, until I take a risk breaking the silence.

— “Golous”, — I say its name — by the strength of this ritual, in the certainty you are my Sword in this world, I come to ask you for some earthly advice.

The Messenger’s eyes are like burning embers, and it’s like they know every secret in the world.

— I am before creation, — it says, with a metallic voice — and there is nothing in this world which I don’t know the entrails of.

— I am aware, — I reply — hence why I have summoned you to comprehend my path.

— I know the path of men in every era — it says, with a voice sounding just like metal clashing against metal. — In which of those does your search consist?

I think about approaching matters of the heart, but am quickly reprimanded by the memory of my master schooling me: “When you consult with your personal demon, never speak of spiritual matters, for the Messenger only knows the affairs of the physical world.”.

— You are my Sword in this world, — I repeat, admiring the fiery flames that burn over the columns by the sides of the Messenger — and as my Sword in this world, I command you to go forward and clear my Path.

With that, it recalls its previous words, with the same metallic tone from before:

— I know every path of men in every era. In which one of those does your search consist?

When I begin to answer it, I notice that on the meadow outside, booming thunder begins to whip across the sky with extreme violence, while gusts of a stronger wind begin to surreptitiously sneak into the meanders of the cavern. After covering myself with a blanket, I return my attention to the ritual, and then to the Messenger that remains looking at me with its eyes of fire.

I breathe out and then breathe in deeply, but with no hurry. As to the columns I had imagined; they remain as they were before, which is, in vivid burning embers, right in the center of my thoughts.

— I’m on this journey to recover something I lost a long time ago. — I say at last, partially breaking the promise I had once made to my master.

— Something?! — the Messenger smiles for the first time.

— Yes, — I say — because the joy of living has gone away a long time ago with it.

For a while, the Messenger stares at me but remains silent. This time, I’m the one who glares at it with flaming eyes, waiting for an answer.

— Human soul is beyond the limitations of my power. — it says at last. Then, it instructs me, even if against its own will — You should summon the One who inhabits the Higher Heavens.

With eyes closed, I scratch my head in exasperation. Still, the Messenger notices the movement and repeats what it had just spoken.

— Human soul is beyond the limitations of my power. — it repeats — You should summon the One who inhabits the HIgher Heavens.

to be continued

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