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Eleonora is an ego-sword that one day was abandoned by her candidate. Confident, she thought that not many days would pass until she would get a new owner, but to her surprise more than 3000 years passed. In her absence, too many things in the world changed. Most of the things she knows, work differently and magic, along with technology, are moving across the continent as the 3 great kingdoms compete. How will the sword adapt to this strange time never seen before?

Fantasía Épico Sólo para mayores de 18.

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POV Eleonora

“What the hell is going on in your head!? Do you think you are immortal!?”

I tried to lower my tone of voice, as my candidate covered his ears with his hands.

“Why did you do that again in the middle of a battle? If it wasn't for me, you'd be dead by now. You almost got your head chopped in half with an axe”

Annoyed, I continued to nag my candidate for several more minutes.

I was already tired.

How can he be such an idiot? At this rate, he will die before he gets his revenge.

Suddenly, a strong icy breeze hit us and made my candidate fall down.

His fall was awkward, so much so that I ended up letting go and was in direct contact with the ground.

Even while in my sword form, I felt my whole body freeze.

“Hey! Hurry up and keep me in the pod. You need to get back on the road as soon as possible, or we'll freeze to death here”

Letting out a long sigh, the candidate stood up and staggered in my direction.

“Don't forget to take a good look at what those guys are carrying. They might have something useful for your survival. If I'm not mistaken… Humans need to eat 3 times?”

Picking me up with his hands, the candidate put me away and nodded his head.

“Hey… You know something?”

As he was looting the lifeless bodies of the barbarians, I couldn't help but want to ask a question.

His eyes strayed to the sheath at his waist as he continued to check the corpses in detail.

Lately, his attitude towards me is indifferent. He listens to my orders, but does not answer my questions with words.

At first, it didn't bother me, it made cooperation easier and if we ended this nonsense soon, I could see my sisters at the sacred hour of this century.

I consider myself a pretty understanding sword, so I gave him a good few weeks to improve his attitude, but to my luck… it was all getting worse.

His face no longer had any glow or motivation. It was like a lifeless body whose eyes were empty.

Her black hair was quite long and a total mess.

Having long hair just gets in the way in battles, I don't understand why he didn't cut it.

Should I give him that suggestion?

I was beginning to worry, as this attitude made him risk his life too much in combat, as if he was not afraid of any consequences.

I tried to keep my tone friendly and told him:

“You have to take care of your body. At this rate, you won't achieve your goal fast. Have you thought about cutting your hair? I think that's why you didn't see that boy who…”


Halfway through my speech, the word he said surprised me.

He could still talk!

I thought he had gone crazy. Maybe if I taught him well, I could brag about him to my sisters.

Excited, I gave the following order:

“Do you see those guys over there in the distance? They can't see us from this distance. I can guide you, so we can kill them and see if they are the people you are looking for. They are a rather large group, but with magic it will be easy. Don't use aura because your body…”

I heard a click of tongue before I finished my speech.

This bastard!

I felt like I was going to explode with anger at his attitude, but I controlled myself.

It was there that I suddenly remembered something important.

Why didn't I think of that before!

Feeling like a genius, I tried to talk to him again in a more motherly tone.

“Hey… Candidate, I guess you're going through that stage that humans call adolescence….”

I paused briefly to observe his reaction.

Apparently, he was still checking those corpses in detail.

“Don't worry! I understand. I have more experience than you can imagine. I hadn't thought about it before because you're about… 135 years? Or… was it 123? Well, never mind. I'm here to hear about your…!”

“Eleonora, that's enough”

A dry and direct tone interrupted my sweet words.


How are human mothers supposed to deal with this?

This is supposed to be the part where he listens to me and opens up to me!

Shall I hit him?

Will it all work out if I give it a few whacks?

I've been putting up with this childish game for too long!

Finishing checking the corpses, apparently the only useful thing he found was a piece of green bread.

He took a bite out of it without a second thought.

“Hey! What are you doing? That's dangerous. I can protect you in combat, but if you destroy your body like that…”

“What is my name?”

Surprised by her sudden question, I remained unresponsive for several minutes.

The sun would soon be setting.

The night would be deadly for him if he did not find a place to take shelter.

This was not a time for both of us to be arguing about such trivial things.

“Candidate! You have to follow those barbarians that are various meters away from us now! Remember your objective, you have to kill them and see if there is a place to pass the…”

“Eleonora! Say my name”

The insistence of that question caught me by surprise.

This was not supposed to go in this direction!

We have to kill the enemy and take shelter, not play at remembering unnecessary things!

Why are humans always such complicated candidates?

Sometimes everything goes smoothly, but sometimes out of nowhere they take a 180-degree turn.

I don't understand them!

“I won't move from here if you don't answer me”

Releasing that statement, he straightened his back and stood like a statue.

He seemed to be serious.


If I don't hurry, his life will be in danger. We will lose our enemies and I will spend a horrible night in this place.

I can't allow it!

Searching through my memories, I tried to dredge up the moment when he and I made the contract.

Family of swordsmen… Marriage… Where was it…?

It was there that, after several minutes, I said his name.


There was silence.

Was I wrong?

I have always had a good memory and a very good sense of time. I found it strange that I did not remember his name exactly.

Although it will take me various minutes to remember something, I found it very strange not to have gotten it right.

Agh! This is no time to be self-centered.

I tried to dig into my memories again and just in case I dropped another name.


There was no response.

Were we really going to play this ridiculous game?!

He's the one putting his life at risk, not me!

No matter how cold I get in this form, I cannot die of hypothermia or any of those rare diseases from which humans suffer.

There was no reason for me to keep playing this game where it seemed like he was trying to make me feel guilty.

I decided to stay quiet for several minutes, while I watched out of the corner of my eye as the barbarians moved away from us.

More and more kilometers distanced us. I would soon lose track of them if they continued to move away or if they passed an obstacle that obstructed my vision.

My nerves began to get the better of me and I started calling out all the names that came to mind.

“Jorge, Jarvis, Wilson, Peter, Juan, Robert, Cristian…!”

I went on like this for several minutes, until finally he raised his voice.

“Shut up”

Those sudden words broke my patience.

“What…? What's wrong with you?”

I stammered upset, but went on with my speech:

“I'm the only one who cares about you, is that how you thank me? Didn't your parents teach you any manners? If so, I'm going back to my form right now”


Before I knew it, numerous tears began to fall from my candidate's face.

I watched as he tried to keep his tears at bay by frowning, but to his bad luck, it was like plugging up a waterfall.

Due to the strong wind, his tears froze soon after they hit the ground.

Did I overdo it?

I guess we swords are different from humans. To my sisters I usually speak more sternly to, but they've never cried like this.

“Didn't you say you would do anything to save your sister?”

Without making a single comment, he unsheathed me in my sword form.

“Hey? What are you doing?”

Holding me with his two hands, aiming to the ground.

His hands were shaking, perhaps he was doubting what he was doing.

To our bad luck, when I tried to see where our enemies were, they had already disappeared.

We were in big trouble.

In a few hours the sun would fall and the night in this place would become an icy hell.

I wanted to warn him that we had to act now, but my words would not come out of my mouth.

The candidate's breathing was agitated.

Will my sisters go through similar things with their candidates?




I didn't understand the reason he was apologizing.

Normally, he was very selfish. He would only listen to my orders and instructions, but never thanked me.

His only memorable act with me was giving me this name, but the rest... I have no positive memories with him.

At that moment, a piece of advice that Eirlys gave me many centuries ago came to mind.

There is no perfect creation. We all have flaws.

“Relax, I'm here to…”

“I want to break the contract”

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Sofia Gurung Sofia Gurung
Nice story, I hope Eleanora growth is to become more understanding of human emotions, she gets on my nerves lol
November 25, 2023, 10:15

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