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Two interesting true and coincident facts involving one of the presidents of United States of America make us think, if the destiny does not play with our lives sometimes.

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Coincidence between life and death

"Destiny is a matter of choice"

Augusto Cury

Several presidents of the United States of America died during their term of office, four of them assassinated. The first of them to be assassinated was Abraham Lincoln, the 16th. president of the USA (United States of America). Abraham Lincoln was born into a humble family in the state of Kentucky and as a boy the only book he had at home was the bible, which he read repeatedly. Lincoln grew up and at the age of 22 moved out of the house and out of the state on his own. He moved to Illinois, got a job as a clerk in a shop, later became a postman and thanks to his intelligence and popularity, he entered politics and was elected Representative(1) of Illinois. Later still he became a member of the senate(1). He started studying law, borrowed books and became a lawyer. Lincoln was in favour of the abolition (end, extinction) of slavery and in his speeches, he used to employ (use) biblical quotations. In 1854 the Republican Party of the United States was created and in 1860 the party put forward Abraham Lincoln as a candidate for the presidency of the republic. Lincoln was elected and governed the country with many successes from 1861 to 1865, until he was assassinated.

Abraham Lincoln

During most of his administration, Abraham Lincoln had to deal with the greatest internal crisis the United States ever experienced, the War of Secession. The word "secession" means separation or division from what was once united; therefore "War of Secession", as it became known, means war of separation. The War of Secession was an internal fight that took place in the United States where the southern part wanted to separate from the northern part of the country.

In the south of the United States of America the first settlers who arrived there found a warm climate and a suitable soil for planting. To work these plantations the settlers brought huge numbers of slaves from Africa. On the northern side of the United States the climate is cold and the soil rocky, so it is difficult to grow anything. So the settlers in the north had to survive another way. Instead of planting, the settlers in this region were forced to look for another way to make income (money) and so they promoted (made it happen) manufacturing (handmade products) and trade (buying and selling products). In this way, the north of the country did not need slaves. Over the years, the north of the country became industrialised, that is, industries arose to better and more quickly make the products they marketed (sold), while the south of the country, maintained an economy (survival mode) basically agricultural, that is, planting and raising animals, as farmers. The differences between the people of the north and south were enormous and while the Americans of the south were in favor of slavery, since they depended on it for slaves to work on their farms, the Americans of the north said they were against it and wanted to extinguish slavery in the country.

In 1861, 11 southern states of the United States declared secession (separation) from the rest of the United States, and created a new country called the Confederate States of America. The Confederates, as the Americans who would be part of the newly created country were called, stormed a fort(2) called Fort Sumter in the state of South Carolina and war broke out.

Abraham Lincoln began his term in office exactly in the year that the War of Secession broke out (broke out) and even with such difficulty from the beginning, he knew how to keep the country together and ended slavery throughout the United States of America.

Edwin Booth was a famous American actor by the 1860s and had two brothers, John and Junius, also actors, but with less talent and less recognition. Everyone in the Booth family was related to the theatre. One day, Edwin Booth was waiting for the train to arrive on the platform at the New Jersey station. The train was slowly approaching and Edwin was calmly waiting for the car he was supposed to get into to get closer to where he was standing so he could finally get on the train. The many people who were also going to travel began to push impatiently to get on the train. At this, Edwin saw a well-dressed man, pressed (compressed, crushed) by the crowd, become unbalanced and fall between the platform and the moving train.

Without hesitation, Edwin put his foot on the rail, grabbed the man, and pulled him up. Edwin saved the life of the strange man who when he recovered from his fright recognized the famous Edwin Booth.

A few weeks later Edwin Booth received a letter, which he carried with him until the day he died. The letter was from the federal government and was a letter of thanks to Edwin Booth for saving the life of the son of the President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln.

In 1865, during a theatrical performance, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at close range by a crazed Confederate who stormed (suddenly) into his box. The assassin's name was John Wilkes Booth, brother of Edwin Booth.


1 - Senate: The congress or legislative branch (which makes the laws) of the United States has two chambers, one is called the "Senate" - made up of senators - and the other is called the "House of Representatives" or "House of Representatives". In the Senate, each US state is equally represented by two members, regardless of its population. Both Senators and Representatives are elected by direct vote, that is, each American citizen goes to the polls to choose who will be his/her Representatives and Senators.

2 - Fort: a construction used to defend a strategic zone.

3 - Augusto Cury: is a Brazilian physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and writer of psychiatric literature, born in Colina in 1958. His books have sold over 12 million copies in Brazil alone and have been published in over 50 countries.

Test your knowledge:

1. Who was the first US president to be assassinated?

1. George Washington.

2. John F. Kennedy.

3. Abraham Lincoln.

2 - Regarding slavery in the United States of America, how did Lincoln think:

1. Lincoln was totally in favour of slavery.

2. Lincoln was in favour of abolition.

3. Lincoln preferred not to opine on the issue since he wanted to run for president and wanted to secure votes from those who were against and those who were for.

3 - Which political party was Lincoln from?

1. Democrat.

2. Republican.

3. Green Party.

4 - What was the War of Secession?

1. It was a civil war where the president fought along with the southern people of the United States to defend slavery in the country.

2. It was a general revolution that took place in the United States where the people wanted to remove the president from power because he wanted to end slavery in the country.

3. It was a civil war that took place in the United States where the southern part of the country wanted to separate from the northern part of the country because of differences of opinion regarding slavery; the southern part of the country wanted to keep slavery for black people and the northern part wanted to abolish it;

5 - What is a fort?

1. A strong construction, as the name says, that serves to defend a strategic geographical area.

2. A strong construction built in the old days to hold the enemies of war.

3. A strong construction built for the local ruler to hide there with his countrymen to plan attacks on enemies.

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