nightmare333 Marilyn Lindoor

A girl who is practicing her ballet dance, is 'helped' by a former teacher at the school she is attending. Little did she know that the teacher is dead and tying to kill her too

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Raquel Wheeler stood in front of the mirror in the ballet studio. It was a huge rectangular one,which reflected the ballet stand -Barre- and her. She was in full ballet attire; leotard, tutu and ballet slippers. All in pink of course. She regarded herself, scowling at her reflection. She knew at once why Mrs. Hobbs had scolded her this morning, her posture was dreadful! she stooped rather than standing up straight and when she stood on her toes as she was now she wasn't even doing that right, she was leaning on her toes rather than on the tips of them and when she danced it was poorly too.

She turned away from the mirror and did stretches before she started practice. As she held her arms above her head and pointed her toes, she thought she heard a creak, like that of a door opening. Looking around and seeing nothing, she returned to her stretches, casting a look in the mirror now and then to make sure no one entered who weren't supposed to be there. it was her third day at S.t Athena's School Of Dance and she was the only one to remain after class to practice. Her mother was still at work and she never knew or met her father, so nobody was waiting for her at home. What made it even more convenient was that she only lived a few blocks away from the studio. It was now 16:00 in the evening and she knew the caretaker, Mr. Gibbons were locking up. He was an old short man with a bald head and mean. She knew he'd be coming her way on the first floor soon, so she had little time left. She was struggling with Grand Jete- Big jump from one foot to the other while one leg is in the air- its pretty much the only thing she has to practice. The rest of the moves were pretty easy. Doors and windows being shut reverberated through out, she better get a move on, the caretaker was close. Raquel hit the play button on her little cd player and took to the center. Arms raised above her head she launched herself into the air and raised her left leg behind her, sticking out the right one for landing and missed, falling on her hands and knees again "Damn it!" she cursed under her breath. She really thought she had it down this time. Sighing, she got up and gathered her things. She was sweaty and sticky Maybe there's still time for a quick shower she thought to herself. She turned out the lights and closed the doors behind her. The hallway was still lit. Good! he didn't come this way yet, must still be on the ground floor. She took out her phone from her bag to check messages she missed. There were two; one from her mother and one from an unknown number- which she ignored- and headed toward the showers down the hall to the left.

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Caitlin Bocko Caitlin Bocko
I dontlike herrer that offten but this story s so cool
August 23, 2023, 16:51

  • Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
    Awe thank you so much 🥰 I'm glad you enjoyed it August 23, 2023, 16:53
Ivy Valerie Ivy Valerie
getting goosebumps
April 14, 2023, 08:32
Cas Williams Cas Williams
I don't really read horror, but this got me hooked from the start. Can't wait to read more!
October 17, 2022, 07:13


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