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A one-shot story based on a larger serialized story and universe I am building. Read on for a sweet declaration of love and a sexy, hot smut scene. There's more where this came from!

Erótico Sólo para mayores de 21 (adultos).

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The Road to Hell Begins Here

Lucas and Destiny reached Hell with a couple hours to spare, and Lucas could tell that Hell was colder than it had ever been before.

All the demons must have left Hell, streaming upwards to the golden, mortal surface above ground. Lucas knew they were hunting him, desperate to find him- and the sword and armor of Temperance- before Lord Darthom burned the Underworld to cinders.

Hell was probably the safest place he could be right now.

Everyone assumed that Hell was hot, that it was torturous, acrid, and a thousand other adjectives that Lucas couldn’t quite summon at that moment. But the Dark One himself- Satan, the Devil, Mephistopheles- had decided quite some time ago (a millennia or more) that Hell would remain neutral. Cold. Unforgiving.

The sky, the ground, the trees, bushes and plants, everything was gray. The monotonous landscape stretched on as far as the eye could see, and right then, the only color that cracked the ugly neutrality was Destiny.

He looked over at the werewolf, wincing when he heard his own sharp inhale, knowing that her extremely sensitive hearing would have heard it too. She didn’t notice, gazing out of the passenger window of the car they were in.

She was so beautiful that even thinking about her made Lucas ache inside, and he felt his heart thud and thump in the hollows of his chest, felt the hair on his arms and the back of his neck rise, felt his mouth go dry.

He was a demon and this visceral, almost inflamed reaction that he was having towards Destiny was unheard of in demonic history.

Lucas pulled over, leaving the highway that led directly to Lord Darthom’s castle, onto a side street.

Destiny looked over at him then, her short red hair slicked back, revealing green eyes that shimmered.

“So,’ he cleared his throat, looking down at his hands that were clenched in his lap, trying to compose himself.

‘This isn’t going to be easy. We all knew that from the start. But Hell is a different ballgame all together, and I need you to understand that before we go any further. Because you aren’t a demon, and once you cross over into the pocket universe that hosts Lord Darthom’s castle, some of your humanity will be stripped away with every minute that you’re in there.

I’ll try and get you out of there as quickly as I can. But I can’t guarantee that you won’t come out completely… twisted.”

Destiny smiled, looking away from him for a moment. The dimples in her cheeks were deep, and her wide, full mouth had stretched into a luscious smile.

“I’m not worried,’ she whispered. Her voice was hoarse. ‘I’m sure you’ll take very good care of me. Besides, you’re the most human person I know. If you could make it in here, I’ll be fine.”


Destiny knew that Lucas was worried about what Hell would do to her. In fact, she was pretty sure that he was terrified for her, although he hid it under a veneer of restrained politeness.

Driving into the Underworld had certainly been an experience, and even though Lucas had warned her that it wouldn’t be anything like she had expected, Destiny had been shocked to enter a world that was so completely devoid of life.

She turned to him again.

“There are things I want to talk about before we go to Lord Darthom’s castle.’ She knew that Lucas would try to avoid the conversation, but she was determined to clear the air, because even though she was pretty sure they would both make it out alive, she needed to speak about her feelings- just in case one of them didn’t make it.

‘You know that I love you right?’ she almost rolled her eyes when her voice wavered on the three most important words she would ever say.

‘I am in love with you, and I will never feel this way about anyone else ever again. And now I need to know how you feel. I need you to say those words out loud. Because I will never forgive myself- or you- if we go in there,’ she pointed to the shimmering gray castle in the distance.

‘And something happens. And we don’t ever get to say it to each other again.”

“Of course I love you.” When Lucas spoke he sounded almost breathless, like someone was choking him, and his face had gone gray, and it was clear that every worry he had ever had was floating around in his brain right then, tormenting him.

“I think I must have loved you before I even knew you existed and I don’t know how that’s possible, but when I was human, when I was more than what I am now, I never thought I’d turn into a demon.

When I was human, demons and werewolves and witches were only ever spoken about by my grandmother at night.

And then I became one of her nightmares, and I became enslaved to one of the worst beings I could ever imagine. But I also met you.

I love you Destiny. And I’ve never been more grateful that I became a demon.”

Destiny was shuddering with equal amounts of joy and anxiety; joy because Lucas had finally admitted what everyone else seemed to know. And anxiety because Lucas had finally admitted that he loved her, right before they drove into a certain suicide mission.

She was almost furious with him- if he had only spoken sooner, they would have had more time together.

Destiny wasn’t quite sure which of them reached for the other first, except that they did, and even though Hell was cold and Lucas was a demon, the tips of his fingers were hot against her skin where her shirt rose up, revealing the smooth expanse of her waist.

He lifted her effortlessly onto his lap, and Destiny was grateful then that Katrina had placed several spatial-altering spells on the car because the steering wheel and gear box shrunk and wobbled away from them, and it was easy for Destiny to straddle him, moaning when their lips met, shivering when his hands slid up underneath her sweatshirt.

She could feel him grow hard underneath her, and Destiny couldn’t help but buck her hips desperately against him, and Lucas groaned, shifting beneath her, and she reached down between their legs.

Destiny unzipped his pants quickly, reaching under his boxers and pulling his hard dick out. She felt Lucas jump slightly as she closed her hand around his thick member.


Something changed in Lucas when he finally revealed his feelings for Destiny.

Before he met Destiny, Lucas had been reserved, and almost as cold as the Hell he lived in. It would have been mortifying for him to even think that he might have feelings for Destiny.

But none of that mattered anymore. He couldn’t afford to be cold and reserved because it meant losing Destiny’s warmth. She was brighter than the sun and that was all he wanted.

Destiny was on top of him then, her hand wrapped around his dick, stroking it slowly, her mouth on his, and he bucked his own lips as she pulled his bottom lip gently between her teeth, before sucking it.

Lucas’s hand found its way to the softest part of Destiny, pulling open her joggers and reaching for her pussy. She was soft, wet, her slit puffy with anticipation. He found her clit, and Destiny pulled away, throwing her head back, her soft gasps stretching into low moans as he stroked her clit.

He slid one finger inside her, keeping a thumb on her clit, and with his free hand, reached for her face. Their lips met so easily, like they had been reaching for each other all their lives, and sparks of pleasure and excitement skittered across Lucas’s skin.

Destiny was riding Lucas’s hand now, her own hand loosely wrapped around his dick, and their moans reverberated around the inside of the SUV. He knew she was about to reach her climax when her legs tensed, and she let go of him, lifting her hands to the ceiling of the SUV, balancing herself as she came.


Destiny was hot- so hot that she thought she could set Hell on fire all on her own.

Lucas’s hands on her body, on her wet, soft pussy, his fingers inside her and on her clit, made her shiver and sweat, sending her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

When her climax had subsided, she slid off him, taking his hard member in her hand again, stroking it up and down as she kissed him. There was so much more that she wanted to do with him, but they both knew there was very little time left.

Soon the pocket dimension would be opening, becoming a rift in the universe, and they had a very small window of time to get in and out, before all the demons of Hell came back and descended on them.

She bent down, kissing the tip of his dick, before licking up and down the shaft of his hard member. Destiny smiled to herself when she heard a soft, low groan from Lucas, as he put the palm of his hand on the back of her head.

Destiny was very conscious then of how gentle, how restrained, Lucas was being around her. Even though she had increased strength and speed and all the hormonal enhancements that came with being a werewolf- as a demon, Lucas was lightyears ahead of her in strength.

She knew that Lucas could create a thunderstorm simply by whispering, and that he could summon strength straight from Satan himself if he needed to.

Lucas could crush her like a bug if he wanted to.

Destiny closed her lips around Lucas’s hard dick, swirling her tongue around the tip, guiding it deeper into her mouth, taking as much of it into her throat as she could. She used her free hand to cup his balls, using her thumb and forefinger to stroke them.

She bobbed her head up and down on his member, and her mouth became sloppier as her saliva and his precum mixed. Lucas’s moans had become louder, and Destiny knew he was close to cumming when he started thrusting his hips up towards her. She remained steady, her hands on his thighs to pin him down.

The climax came with the tightening of his thigh muscles, and a loud, low groan that shook the vehicle around them.

Some of his cum had spilled onto her chest and Lucas’s eyes were glued to her chest as she sat up and cleaned her face. His breathing was shallow and unsteady.

They both sat in silence and though neither spoke, Destiny knew they were both thinking the same thing.

We should have had more time.

Just then, a shrill heavy ringing filled the air, penetrating even the heavily protected SVU, making the inside of the vehicle vibrate imperceptibly.

“It’s time.” Lucas’s tone became sharp, business-like immediately and they both hurried to straighten out their clothing.

As Lucas turned the key in the ignition and brought the car thrumming into life, Destiny was suddenly anxious. She grabbed his hand when she felt her own breathing become erratic.

Had her panic attacks come back? In the moment that they could least afford it to?

“Lucas,’ she whispered his name. ‘Please don’t let me come out different. Please. I don’t want to lose myself again.”

He was silent, turning his face to the gray, gray road ahead of them, as the car rolled smoothly on the tar surface.

“Destiny,’ he answered eventually. ‘You’ll come out exactly the same. Even if it is the last thing I do.

I’ve got you. Now and forever. Always.”

Before she could answer, the pocket universe had swallowed up their car.

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