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I met her when I was 14, it wasn't love and we knew it never will be. She was 19 and we were just different, we still are but I really don't wanna be without her.

Romance Suspenso romántico No para niños menores de 13.

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You're too young

I was 14 when I first met her, she was hanging out with my Brother and his Friends, down by the River.

She wasn't the cute Girl from next door, she didn't even try. Her Jeans - Shorts rarely covered what they should, she knew it made her legs look even longer. She was wearing a Ramones Shirt, that was supposed to be falling around her slim waist, but she pushed it up under her Bra. Somehow that was a Style she liked, and I did too. She was 19 already and I wasn't the only Boy, who liked her.

People were talking about her, calling her an easy Girl, easy to get if you had enough Money.

I don't remember how many times I had to ask my Brother if I could join him and his Friends and always got the same answer.

I almost gave up asking but then it was her asking him, to take me with them, just that one evening.

Girls like her could get annoying if you don't do what she wishes for. My Brother couldn't resist and of course agreed to take me, just for this Night, nothing more.

As we walked down the Driveway to his Friends Car, my Eyes were admiring her Body and the way it moved in the Headlights.

I was on the right, she was on the left of the Backseat, I couldn't take my eyes off her legs, while she was lighting up a Cigarette.

I asked her if I could have one too, she laughed and put her hand on my thigh. I was already smoking for some time and it hurt my pride just a little bit when she laughed like that.

Before I could even open my Mouth, to say something courageous, I felt her lips on mine softly blowing in some Cigarette smoke. I wasn't able to stay chill, my Eyes closed and I tried to keep her lips on mine for just a little longer.

A short Kiss later her Lips were close to my Ear and my Heart was racing in excitement.

The Car stopped roughly and the Door to my right got opened fast, if she didn't hold onto me, I would have fallen straight to the Sidewalk.

Another Friend pressed himself with us on the back, pushing me to the Seat in the middle. Fixing my Clothes I spotted my Brother looking at me through the rearview, he was winking at me for whatever reason.

As I turned my head to check on her I noticed she was disgusted as I was, with this new Guy eating like three Burgers at a time.

The smell filled every Corner of the Car and even our Clothes smelled like it. We were all Happy as we finally arrived at the River. When I tried to leave the Back after her my Shoelaces got stuck for a few seconds and I accidentally bumped into her.

She was making sure I'm alright while I was feeling my Heart drop because she was touching my Arm.

I saw and heard my brother's Friends laughing and leaving, so I got up myself and held out my hand to help her up too. She smiled, took my hand and we both followed the others.

It was already dark and surprisingly nobody else was around. My Brother handed me a Bottle of Beer and we were watching the Reflection of the Big City in the Water.

After another Beer I saw her talking to one of the Guys, he was caressing her Back and Arm and it made me dead jealous. I wanted it to be me, touching her. It didn't get better as both got up and left for a while unseen.

We knew what they did, behind the abandoned Building. I dropped my Bottle and followed them some Moments later.

They were walking back, with him closing his Pants and kissing her Cheek. Before I got the chance to say something I felt her hand on my cheek and a soft smile appeared on her Lips.

Her Lips came closer and I got lost in her eyes until she whispered

"You're too young, Danny".

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