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Hello fellow fanfiction fan or writers or both,remembered when I made Harry, Key, and the discovery of the sorcerer's stone.

Which is a story about Harry's first time in Hogwarts, but this time with his protective, and caring cousin: Key.

By the way, Key is a fae, also if you haven't read my first story, do that because this is the second story; so, you'll be completely confused of who my OC characters are or what they are like.

With that warning being put into your brains, good luck, as for normal readers enjoy the story.

The second story starts with Key looking at her clipboard upstairs in her and Harry's bedroom.

"Everything's going to be great, Olivia, Makai just sent a message saying 'the cake and decorations is officially done", smiled Key, talking to her owl.

At the time, Key sees her friend: Betty flying by her window, so she quickly opens the window, pulls Betty in the room, closes the window, and asks in a whisper "Are you crazy? I was going to send Harry over there, while the Dursleys are busy with the guest that's coming over".

"But, I wanted to visit", muffled Betty, since Key was holding her hand over Betty's mouth.

"That's sweet, I have missed us hanging out, but I have to suffer with Harry, how I get stuck with the Dursleys I will never know", said Key.

"So, where's the birthday boy?" asked Betty.

"Downstairs, that reminds I better help him out, please stay out of sight", Key reminded Betty.

Downstairs, the Dursleys are about to sit down at the table, while Harry is putting breakfast on plates, the plates Key is holding, now have breakfast on it; so, she gives it to the Dursleys.

Betty being invisible, sees Dudley complaining about he wants more bacon and rolls her eyes.

Key offers to hold the pan, so she can bring the bacon, and Dudley grabs the bacon immediately.

"You know there's a special word your suppose to say, when somebody gives you something", Key hints.

The Dursleys looked shocked, thinking she was going to say the forbidden word,but instead she said.

"It's Thank you. Yeesh! Would it hurt, for any of you to learn manners", Key blurted..

That's when Vernon takes Key and Harry upstairs, Betty follows them, he throws in the room.

"Stay in there, and don't come out until the guests are gone. Oh! And next time, mind your tongue, Key", said Uncle Vernon.

After Uncle Vernon walks downstairs, Key helps Harry up from the floor.

"Well, that went great, you okay Harry?" Joked Key.

"Yeah! Besides, we were going to be stuck here anyway", replied Harry, as he sits on the bed.

"That's my cousin, stay positive.Oh! Betty you can come out", Key says with positive energy.

Betty turns visible, revealing she's by the door.

"Hi, Harry", said Betty, not sounding too loud,and has her hands wrapped together.

"Betty! When did you get here?" wondered Harry.

"Just now. So, that was the Dursleys, is that really,how the treat you everyday", said Betty, looking at both Harry and Key with worry.

"Don't worry, Betty, we're fine.But, yes the Dursleys are just as awful as I described before", Key assures Betty, while hugging her.

Key takes Harry and Betty's hand,which surprises Harry.

"Betty, blindfolds", Key snaps her fingers.

"Got it!" exclaimed Betty, and wraps the blindfolds around Harry's eyes.

"Key...Betty...what are you?" Harry tries to ask, what's going on.

"Harry,trust me,you'll love what I'm going to show you,but you can't take off those blindfolds. Until I say so,alright", Key tells Harry.

"Okay. I'll trust you", Harry gives in to Key's terms.

Key teleports them to the place,where decorations are everywhere,lots of presents,and it's in the kitchen.

Key gives a big whistle,which brings Gem the magical ferret in the kitchen,and jumps on Betty.

"Okay! Okay! Where are the others?" giggled Betty.

"Gem! You were suppose to wait for us", complained Keni.

"Key! Harry! It's good to see you two!" gleamed Amija .

"I would say the same, but I'm blind at the moment, literally", Harry shows a small smile,while saying that joke.

"I can fix that, everybody come out, Harry and Key are here!" called Keni.

After Keni said that, a whole group of people center around them, seeing this, Key whispers in Harry's ear, "You can take the blindfolds off".

So, Harry takes the blindfolds, seeing all the friendly face, decorations,and such, a smile rises upon his face.

"Happy Birthday Harry!" Cheered Everybody.

After that, Key kisses Harry on the cheek.

By everybody, I mean the Weasleys, Makai, Hermione, Amija, Gem, Syria, Liza, Betty, Keni, Alden, Devin, Li, Qin, Key, Abigail, and Hagrid.

"Who...When...How..?" questioned Harry, with a smile.

"Do you like it, Harry?" Keni asked.

"It's brilliant. Really! When did you do all of this?" proclaimed Harry.

"It's all thanks to Key", Alden complimented, while rubbing Key hair.

"Is that why? You had a clipboard with you most of the time?" Harry clued in.

"Of course, I've been planning this since we left Hogwarts, getting in touch with everybody, and getting everything ready", Key explained, while walking around the kitchen.

"Thank you, Key. Thank you, everybody", Harry hugged Key with a smile.

"Awww! It was nothing", blushed Key, while Harry was hugging her.

"Alright, let's party, come on Harry", said Liza, taking Harry's hand.

"This is a fine thing, you did for Harry", Mrs. Weasley complimented Key.

"Hi, Mrs. Weasley. Well, I always wanted to plan a party like this for Harry without our aunt, uncle, and their son ruining it; and since we made so many friends at Hogwarts, an idea sparked", Key admitted.

Mrs. Weasley walks to Harry and gives him a piece of cake.

Key starts walking over the place, since she notice Makai has disappeared, then she gets spinned by Li and Qin, as in dancing.

"Seems your plan worked, looking for Makai?" Li noticed, holding Key's hand and half of her body is close to the floor.

"Yeah! Have you seen her?" asked Key,with a normal, yet concerned look on her face.

"She's over there, she looks confused and scared even more than usual", Qin pointed out, twirling Key, just like Li.

"Thank you, and keep a positive attitude my friends and the dance was lovely", Key stated, as Qin let's go of hand, ending the dance.

"Part 2 of young love, how do you think this will go?" Betty muffled with her mouth full of cake.

"I'm guessing it's a bad dream/vision", Li guessed.

"And it will probably end with a hug", Qin finished Li's sentence.

"True, but what if the vision is a big reveal like last year?" Amija brought up.

"That could be a possibility. Alden", Keni agreed.

"The odds of that happening, are 50% likely 20% unlikely and 30% chance we're worried about nothing", Alden predicted, looking in his notepad.

"Well, that's reassuring", said most of the girls along with Qin in unison.

Over on the other side of the kitchen, Harry is talking with his friends.

"It's good to see you, Harry", said Hermione.

"It's good to see you too", Harry tells Hermione.

"So, now that we are all here, there's something I must ask", Liza blurts, then puts a piece of cake in her mouth.

"What's that?" asked Harry, baffled.

"Why haven't you answered any of my letters?" Liza asked/reminded Harry.

"Oh!" Harry remembered.

"Yeah! I sent you a letter as well, and didn't get an answer", Ron agreed with Liza.

"I don't know, what happened, I haven't received any letters all summer", Harry spoke truthfully.

"Really?!" Everybody found curious.

"That's odd", said Hagrid.

"Maybe somebody took Harry's letter, I mean they had to go somewhere", replied Abigail.

"Could you possibly bring them back?" asked Harry, referring to Abigail.

"I could try, but I can't promise it will be flawless", Abigail shrugged her shoulders,then uses her magic,but nothing happened.

"Odd, I was joking, something must be blocking my magic from getting the mail", Abigail tells tells them.

"Is there any type of magic? That would have that kind of ability?" wondered Harry.

"Only one magic...elf magic", Abigail plainly stated.

"An elf, but why would an elf take Harry's mail?" Hermione questions that as a possibility.

"Probably under the rule of his or her master, it's the elf way, they must obey whatever their master tells them to", Abigail figured.

"But…who would…" Harry thought out loud.

Upstairs, Key is looking for Makai, and finds her in the second room close to the stairs.

Makai has her head down, breathing hard, and holding a piece of paper.

Key senses something is wrong, so she hugs Makai, which makes Makai's eyes stop glowing.

"Makai! Makai! Relax, i'm here, it's alright", Key reassures Makai, touching her head.

"Key!" Makai realized, once she snaps out of her daydream, and hugs Key back.

Makai starts crying, while getting an headache.

"What's wrong, tell me, please?" Key begged, while Makai is still hugging her.

"I...had...this...awful...dream or it might've been a vision", Makai whispered/stuttered.

"Ha!" whispered/cheered Li.

"Sssh!" whispered Keni,towards Li.

"Oh! Makai, it's alright, I mean that vision can't be that bad", Key replied. "Describe it".

"There was fire everywhere, everybody gone, there was shadow creatures. And we…", Makai described her vision.

"And we?" wondered Key.

This made the friends and Key intrigued.

"We kissed! Okay", Makai finally spit out. "Which wasn't really bad".

"I didn't think we were that deep in a relationship", Key humored herself and Makai.

"Do you think this mean anything?" asked Makai, worried.

"First, let me see the vision with you, then we talk about the kiss", Key decided.

Key takes Makai's hand, which makes her eyes glow.

In the vision, Key sees a land that has fire all around, symbols of a heart, square, a wand, and diamond floating in the air; then at the end it shows Makai and Key sharing a kiss.

"Well?" asked Makai.

"Well! I have to say there is nothing to worry about", Key cleared up.

"Really? Are you absolutely sure?" questioned Makai.

"Absolutely, because that vision is from the past, except about the part us kissing, also I saw some new symbols", Key remembered.

"You saw more symbols, what it stand for this time?" Makai gasped.

"Heart for love, Square for intelligence, a wand for magic, and a diamond for unique", Key answered quickly.

"Weird, what about the kiss? I mean do you think it could happen?" Makai almost doubts, yet hopes it's happen.

Key holds Makai's hand with a smile, and says "Of course, as long as we understand our relationship".

"I'll be honest, at first I thought it was a crush, now i'm not sure", Makai confirmed.

"So, we can just be great friends and maybe date in-between until we reveal our real feelings", Key thinks up.

"Sounds like a plan, so how about a kiss on the cheek to prove our deal?" Makai agrees .

"Why not?" Key shrugs her shoulder.

Key kiss Makai on the cheek.

Which made the girls cheer along with Devin Alden,and Qin.

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