A wizard gather some people to make them believe in magic to help his world grow

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The beginning

Long ago, there were rumors about a place called Garden of Wisdom, a place of peace, magic, love, and friendship. Only, the purest of heart could go, that mostly is kids, but that was way back in the Middle Ages, to put this in easier terms it was like Neverland, in this land people could live to a billion years old, and you couldn't even tell. The stories have been passed on from generation to generation on Earth, all around the world. The Garden of Wisdom has a scenery that looks like the Middle Ages, and some people talk that way to. The Garden of Wisdom has only been run by two rulers: Scarlett and David, these two are really close friends, alongside them is the council: three mermaid police named Nicki, Phari, and Leaf, a vampire that hunts monsters named Luna, a zombie that is a skilled Archer named Andy, and the pharaoh, King tut but looks seventeen years old; the rulers and the council members look like they are in their 30s.

The rumors stopped after Earth, the Great Depression, little people believe in it and few adults get to tell the story to their children, but there is still a few kids that still believe, because of this little hope of the Garden of Wisdom from Earth, the council is going to find those children, restore the energy, you see since not many people believe in the Garden of Wisdom, it has lost some of its power, and it's hard for the rulers to keep it in shape.

But, that all is about to change.

Also, the people of the Garden, are known for bringing the place to glory during the magical war.

Not many mortals knew about this land, and if they did their minds were wiped immediately.

The councils of the garden thought it was for best, because the people of the outside world weren't at the position of choosing to be peaceful.

Which is another cause that the people apart of the Garden of Wisdom hasn't tried to reunite with humans.

This tale begins in the wonderful land, Garden of Wisdom, where the two wise rulers, David and Scarlett are having a meeting with the whole land.

At the meeting, he is holding his staff high in the air, and said,"my fellow citizens, today were at the dawn of a new era, where we finally make contact with the outsiders".

The news that he gave shocked the people, and the people looked concerned.

David raised his hand, which called the people down, and continued his speech,"I know that the last few time, those outsiders found out about our wonderful land, we nearly had to go to war, but I assure you. That I did more research on these mortals, and found three participates with bravery, heart, and cleverness as their personalities. These few are not well known, but they do have the same dream to have a better life, and we can it give it to them".

The people thought about it, but before they could say anything, a woman starts clapping, which makes the others clap as well.

"I'm glad, you agree with my decision because I'm the one that must retrieve them", David announced.

The crowd gasped, after hearing that news.

Then, the other ruler Scarlett walked beside David, as he walked down the stairs.

"Wait, David, you didn't mention this in our meeting", Scarlett reminded him.

David gave his friend a smile, and touched her hand.

"My dear friend, if I spoke of the news then it would delayed", David informed Scarlett.

"I would've came with you, this land needs both rulers, if one leaves chaos will rain", Scarlett spoke truthfully.

"I know, which is why I got another to fill in for me, I think he would do this job perfectly", said David.

"How long will you be gone?" asked Scarlett.

*Only six days in their world, but it will only be two days in this world", answered David.

"You always have a smile, and be safe, I don't want to lose my closest friend", said Scarlett.

"Same, in any situation, you will never lose me", David told Scarlett with a warm smile.

"Same, you will never lose me", said Scarlett.

David and Scarlett share a hug, then David waved to Scarlett, while walking away.

As he walked away, a portal opens for David,

In the 1930s on Earth, Europe, France to be specific, inside a mansion, where an eighteen-year-old African American girl is reading to a blond seven-year-old girl on the bed.

The African American has a bun in her hair, wearing a plaid dress, and isn't wearing any shoes.

The blond girl has a purple gown on.

The African American girl's name is Snowberry, and the little girl's name is Amanda.

Snowberry has been a slave to the Tower's residence since she was six, and took care of Amanda since she was born, they grew a bond, and saw each other as sister, but the parents only see Snowberry as a nuisance and a slave.

Knowing this, Snowberry would barely ever smile.

Snowberry puts the book down, Amanda grabs a candle.

"You think if we blow it, the warlock will come, just like in the book?" wondered Amanda.

"I doubt that", said Snowberry, then blows the candle.

After she blows it, they both notice a portal that has a green aura, David, the man who is in a dark blue cloak comes out, this shocks Amanda and Snowberry.

"Hello, my dear ladies", said David.

"I'm David, a wise warlock, that has come to take you from this place", said David.

"Cool!" exclaimed Amanda.

"I mean Ms. Snowberry, only", David made clear.

"You can't, Snow is my sister", said Amanda, shocked.

"I assure you, it's quite safe", David assures Amanda.

"I mean you can't take my sister", said Amanda, holding Snowberry's hand.

"Please don't go, I'll miss you, and your promised to take care of me", said Amanda, crying, while hugging Snowberry.

Snowberry looks at za necklace with seashells.

As he walked away, a portal opens for David, to California, on a farm, where there is migrant farmers working hard.

"This is a place of a garden to be, which intrigues me, and I think I found the male human", David noticed.

The man, he was talking about, has short brown hair, wearing a straw hat, overalls, and boots, and he is tall.

I bet your like, well does he have a name, well of course I mean what person wouldn't give a character a name.

Unless that author has a really good reason, like many I know.

Back to the story, the man that I'm describing name is Farm boy Pete, but most people just call him farm boy.

Farm boy is picking corn, when he notice David.

"Darn heat, messing with my mind", Farmboy Pete assumed, while wiping his sweat off.

"Most people are more suspicious than that yet you seem to not be", said David's voice in the wind.

Which scared Farmboy, and he grabs a shovel, trying to figure out who is saying that.

"You're not going to find a solution with that shovel, after all, i'm not your enemy", said David, as he appears in front of Farmboy.

"Where the heck do you come from?" asked Farm Boy.

"I come from a magical land, of which you want to visit", David told Farmboy.

"Listen, I don't know what messed up place you came from, but I don't belong in no mental place", Farm Boy responded, not believing what is happening.

"I know it may seem foolish to believe in such a magical place, but it does exist. I assure you,Pete", said David, not giving up.

"Listen Mr, I don't know where you came from, this magical land sounds interesting. But, I have a job here and if I lose this job, I'm going to starve", said Farm boy Pete.

"You see that over there, Is everything I own", said Farm boy, pointing to sack.

Then he continues talking," I ain't got no home, no family either, and I definitely ain't going to lose this job. So, you'll have to find somebody else.", Farmboy pointed out, then gets back to work.

"I didn't realize you outsiders live such a horrible life, did I mention that in this land, you have as much food as your heart contend",said David.

Hearing this Farm Boy gave a big smile.

"I say, I will try to believe that this magical land does exist", replied Farmboy.

"Excellent, now you must get your stuff and don't worry about your boss, he will be too busy to notice your gone", said David.

Farm Boy grabs his stuff, that's when one of the men notice him, and replied,"Finally leaving this crap job".

"No way, I'm just taking a day off to grab some grub", said Farmboy.

*Well, I'm glad to hear it, hey bring me a sandwich with pickles", Requested the friend.

"No problem", said Farmboy.

"Don't worry, my land is filled with lots of ingredients for this sandwich, you speak of", said David.

"Great", said Farmboy, in a sarcastic tone.

They walk away from the farm, when Farmboy notices the portal, and says,"Okay, maybe you're not a crazy old Kook after all".

"Uh, what does she want to know, I already cleaned almost every spot in this house today,and got the groceries", Snow muttered.

Snow holding a towel, walks into the kitchen, where the woman that called her is in putting on her gloves.

Seeing Snow, the woman gives a smile, with her family behind her.

"Snow, I need you to go into town and stay there because the guest is coming and you remember the rules right", said The woman.

"When the guest are around I am to stay far away as possible", answered Snow.

"Exactly, now go our guests, it won't be long before they get here, said The woman.

Snow walks out the door, when a little girl with blond hair, wearing a purple dress, and white heels follow Snow, while her parents are looking away.

"Snow, wait, here", said The little girl, holding a necklace with seashells.

"Thank you, you better go, before your parents think I kidnapped you, again", said Snow, hugging the girl.

"I don't know why they don't trust you, but I do, and we will always be friends", said the little girl.

"I'm glad, you seem to have company", said David.

The girls turn around and see David standing there, and Farmboy Pete fell on the ground.

"Who are you, and where did you come from?" asked Snow.

"I'm David, a wise warlock, that has come to take you from this place, and this is Farmboy Pete", said David.

The little girl and Snow act like what.

"You can't, Snow is my sister", said The little girl.

"Don't worry, I'm taking Snow to a magical place, where people can live happy, meaningful life", David informed the little girl.

But, The little girl wasn't convinced and hugged Snow, and whispers,"Please don't go, I'll miss you".

Snow gives a confused look, not knowing whether to go with David or Stay in this horrible life with a special little girl.

Snow finally collects her thoughts and decides what to do.

"Mr.Warlock, I appreciate the invitation, but I couldn't possibly leave this place. I have family, even if they don't all treat me well", said Snow.

"I understand, maybe I could make an exception and let you bring the little girl", said David.

"Really! Oh, could I, could I, please!" Exclaimed the little girl, giving the puppy dog eyes to Snow.

"Alright, but what about your parents, they'll be worried to death?" asked Snow.

"Don't worry about them, I found a solution, now we must go. We still have one more passenger to take to this land", David told Snow.

David takes them to a portal, which shocks Snow and the little girl.

Farm boy Pete walks up to Snow, touches her hand, and says,"this ain't nothing to be worried about, it's just like going through a door, except when you do you feel a chill down your spine".

Snow takes a deep breath and jumps with Farm Boy Pete and the little girl into the portal.

The portal inside has flying clocks, portals to and from other places, and looks all futuristic.

"Wow!" exclaimed Snow and the little girl.

"I know it's a beauty, isn't it", said Farmboy.

"Yeah", said Snow, giving a smile.

Before I tell you the rest, I have to introduce you to the antagonist.

The land she lives in is called the valley of manipulation.

Unlike the garden, the land is filled with volcanoes, creepy vibes and weird magic.

The antagonist lives in the castle in the valley, where she is staring at the sky, and sees portal magic is being used.

Seeing that a big, kind of fat creature bows down to the antagonist.

"Your Majesty, I have found great news, David has decided to bring some humans to his land", said The creature.

The antagonist gives an evil smile, already aware of this, and tells the creature to get her special weapon.

The creature salutes and walks away.

The antagonist gets out of her thrown, and walks to her closet.

When she enters the closet, where there is a teenager tied up.

This teenager with black hair, wearing a red hoodie, blue jeans, and red shoes.

The antagonist looks at her in the eye, and takes off the teenager's muzzle.

After the antagonist took off the muzzle, and the teenager bites off ropes.

"Girl, I can't believe you are still going with this, and dressed like that", said the teenager.

"I have to, sweetie, if this kingdom figured that out. My reputation would be ruined and this problem is what caused the last war", The antagonist replied.

"Okay, I understand, but you could've at least gave a kiss goodnight", said The teenager.

"Of course, but remember they don't know about my sexuality", said the antagonist.

The antagonist and the teenager look into each other's eyes, then the villain turns on a projector.

"Now to ruin David's plan of making peace between humans, since that's the only thing keeping my kingdom in tack. You know strong bonds makes my kingdom crumble, like it did when we first met", said The antagonist.

"Of course, I nearly died, nice reminder to our past", The teenager pointed out.

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad after all, it's how we met", said The antagonist.

"Yeah, that was when I first figured out I was asexual", said The teenager.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, I did research secretly lots of humans are, they just embarrassed or secretive about it", The antagonist told the teenager.

"Really, alright", responded the teenager, then touches a ruler and spins it.

"So, what's your genius plan to bring the Garden of Wisdom to flames?" asked the teenager.

"Well, I thought you never ask", said The antagonist.

"It starts like, lead him to the wrong place for peaceful humans, and I think I know the perfect place", The antagonist explained.

If you're wondering the antagonist is named Emma, and the teenager's name is Ashley.

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