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Is food tastier this year? Why? Second part is up now: Where did all these Hearts Come from?

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Crabs Are Tastier this Year

I’ve been following this Korean vlogger on youtube, she’s a very sweet woman that goes camping and cooks amazing meals on her trips. It seems it’s now crab season over there, on her last episode all her meals or at least most of them included crab and she was very excited about how delicious they are this year. I must tell you, they do look good.

This got me thinking… Some of us have the Crab Feeders in our minds, right?

What do crabs eat? The American Oceans Organization says they are meat lovers hunters… And so far over 6.5M have died of Covid in the last couple of years, these bodies are cremated or buried. Buried. But in my mind’s eye I keep seeing crabs feeding on the bodies somewhere. But they are back to the soil, away from crops and bodies of water, I know I know, or at least I hope however isn’t it all connected? It’s known there's a complex underground web of roots, fungi and bacteria that are now feeding on soil, as you read this.

All these bodies, coming back to their source on the earth almost at once, seems powerful, loaded. All that information, knowledge and wisdom, all experiences collected becoming part of that web and eventually getting back to us here on the surface.

This idea made me a bit sick to be honest, first thinking about meat eating meat, but then I understood this meat is back on the soil instead of being eaten directly. It’s in the soil sustaining my veggies, my legumes and my fruit, sustaining me.

So, is everything tastier this season? It kinda is, isn’t it? And if it is, how is it going to impact us to be consuming such a high concentration of information, of energy? Very similar to what we experience online on social media, but from within our bodies, from our sustenance. Will some of us thrive in this new climate while others react in fear and anger as we see on the internet but then again not online but from our own bodies.

Now, have you seen the royals? Especially people marrying into royalty, how skinny they become, both men and women. I believe they are supposed to be above of all mundane pleasures - not prince A though - and as far as I understand there’s even a whole lot of foods they won’t eat for security and health reasons. While on the other hand we get fatter and fatter and now food is getting tastier and tastier… and loaded.

I would really like to know your opinion, please leave a comment.

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