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The deal (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Kelly kept sauntering from one end of her room to the other. She had been roaming to and fro her room so haphazardly. She wasn't certain of how she felt but she was perplexed, very confused. Kelly had never been in a state of confusion for this long. If it is a dream she is having, she hopes someone wakes her up from her shuteye. It could only be a dream, Kelly nipped her cheek.

"Ouch!!!" She exclaimed "That stings,"

she said to herself as if she had just been nipped by someone other than herself.

Earlier today, Kelly got summoned by the executive chairman of the company she works in, and what she got called for astonished her. It took her off balance. She had perpetually assumed that she was imperceptible to anyone in the company. Kelly began working in the company about a month after her father died.

When she was informed that the chairman seeks her attention she was somehow nervous. She felt she did something improper or maybe she was going to get fired from working in the company. Because it is unusual for anyone to get called by the chairman except crucial workers in the company. So, being called by Mrs. Kim, the chairman is a hefty deal. Kelly had never accomplished anything for the company since she had just begun working in the office. Therefore, no one paid attention to her. So why would Mrs. Kim ever seek her attention? That was unbelievable. Or maybe she did something wrong?

'Oh My God, what have I done wrong?' She asked herself.

'My family needs me and they depend on me for a living. Even if I would get dismissed it shouldn't be now that my family needed me the most since Father died earlier this month' Kelly said to herself as she walked herself down to Mrs. Kim's office.

She flashed back to the activities she did at work just to be sure she didn't do anything wrong while carrying out her duty for the company. She walked relatively slow to the chairman's office

She was very nervous as she walked into the office. She could feel her body trembling due to fear, her palms were sweating so much that she swabbed her palms over her skirt.

Mrs. Kim was engaged with some files when Kelly walked in.

"Good afternoon ma" Kelly greeted with a vague voice trying to hide her nervousness.

Mrs. Kim looked up to see who was greeting her. Kelly could see Mrs. Kim's eyes examining her as Mrs. Kim looked up. That got Kelly even more fearful.

'Her gaze! Did I dress so badly or did I...." Kelly's thoughts were so troubled that she could feel her heart beating so fast, without a stethoscope anyone could record her heartbeat. There was silence in the room. Kelly could hear the fainting sound from the file as Mrs. Kim resumed flipping through the pages.

"Now I see for myself" Mrs. Kim finally said something. Kelly thought Mrs. Kim was referring to something someone somewhere had reported that she did.

'It can't be! I have never gotten into a fight with anyone, so why would someone report me unjustly? I have to say something what if I get sacked' Kelly's thought got occupied again

"Ma, I need this job please don't sack me. Use any other means to get me punished for any crime I might have committed" Kelly tried bailing herself out in advance

" Who said you did something wrong?" Mrs. Kim asked almost confused

'Ohhh I didn't commit any crime at all' Kelly felt much more relieved but the fear she once had changed to a feeling of embarrassment. She felt embarrassed for having spouted such nonsense.

'My thoughts deceived me again' Kelly muttered under her breath

"I'm sorry ma, I was......just ......." Kelly tried searching for words to justify herself for the nonsense she spouted.

"Whatever," Mrs. Kim said waving her hands in the air like she was trying to put off a fly or something.

"I want you to attend a dinner party with me this night, it's an official assignment for you. During the party, you are to make the chairman of Starlight mining company dine with you and get him to take you to his house" the chairman said to Kelly after she explained what transpired between the Starlight mining company and her own company, Avanti jewelry company.

The Avanti jewelry company is one of the top jewelry companies in France. The president of France signed a contract with Avanti jewelry company to make a necklace for his daughter's birthday. The president's daughter's wedding is in three months and the jewelry the president wants Mrs. Kim's company to manufacture is a present to his daughter. Mrs. Kim got only three months to make a piece of jewelry with the rare diamond for the president of France. The rare diamond is in the possession of Mr. Brunnie, the CEO of Starlight mining company. Mr. Brunnie has decided not to offer the diamond for sale but to keep it in his possession and Mrs. Kim wants the diamond so dearly for her contract.

Kelly would be the last person to be invited for a dinner by her chairman. Manager Jean has always been the one to go out with Mrs. Kim on official assignments so why Kelly today? Since luck is on her side, she has to consider going to the dinner. Kelly enjoys going out to meet people and also having fun.

'it isn't bad after all' Kelly thought

"Just like that? Take me to his house? What if he does not take me to his house?" Kelly questioned

" Well, judging from the look of things and with what I'm seeing right before me," Mrs. Kim said as she scanned Kelly with her cat eyes again. Kelly is busty with a breast size of 40 inches and a chest size of 40 inches. Her hips are so prominent with a size of 45 inches and a waist size of 28 inches. Her beautiful face also added to her lot. Kelly's shape belittles other ladies with lesser endowments like her. She can't walk past any guy without making the guy filled with lust and the urge to fulfill his sexual gratifications

"He wouldn't even be able to resist you because you have all that he wants in a lady" Mrs. Kim completed her statement

"But ma......." Kelly hasn't even reached the peak of her sentence when Mrs. Kim cut her off rudely.

"You just have to conform to what I say and not question my sovereignty. Don't you know that Starlight got what my company wants and it's in Brun..nie's house?" Mrs. Kim spoke harshly from where she was seated accentuating the name of the chairman of Starlight mining company.

Kelly has been wondering why Mrs. Kim had been talking so nicely to her in the first place because Mrs. Kim usually spoke so rudely. Kelly has once had an encounter with Mrs. Kim and she prays never to get involved with her again. Mrs. Kim almost machetes Kelly's ear with her screaming because Kelly took a nap during working hours. Kelly didn't have much sleep the night before and unconsciously dozed off while making some design sketches. Mrs. Kim made sure Kelly did all the file analyses that were meant for a week just in a day. It was so stressful, that Kelly promised herself never to cross Mrs. Kim's paths again. That was the reason she got scared when she was being called by Mrs. Kim.

'I don't want to ever cross her paths again'. Kelly had sworn to herself after she completed the file analyses Mrs. Kim made her do.

But they seem to cross each other's path, but this time on a business note though.

"You got all characteristics Brunnie loves in a lady, and that's enough to get him into my trap. And yeah, you just got to do all I tell you or you gonna lose your job and I won't let out your family. How about you do what I say and get a lot of money for your family or I make this world hell for you and your family? I heard your family depends on you for their needs, you aren't doing this for free anyways but in exchange for money enough to cater for your family" Kim talked like she was the God in charge of people's lives, which got Kelly annoyed but there was nothing Kelly could do, she just had to obey Mrs. Kim's instructions. It was obvious she just wanted to use Kelly for her selfish profit. But the hearing that Kelly was going to earn a lot of money made Kelly more interested in accepting the deal and signing it. She just wanted her family to be happy.

"Are you signing the deal or not?" Mrs. Kim asked

Without much thought, Kelly answered yes

Mrs. Kim tossed a document over the table for Kelly to sign. The file moved a few distances away from Mrs. Kim and halted at the center of the table. Kelly dragged the document to herself, she opened it and didn't even bother to read the terms and conditions that apply to the deal. She signed it gladly. The thought of her family got her so overwhelmed.

"It was much easier to convince you than I thought," Mrs. Kim said with a sly smile

"You can now leave" she ordered

"Ri...ng! Ring!! Ri...ng!!!" Kelly's phone jingled jerking her back to consciousness.

"Hello" Kelly answered with nervousness after seeing who was calling. It was Mrs. Kim as you have guessed.

"I'm sending a car to pick you up from your house at exactly 7:35 pm, so be prepared before that time" Mrs. Kim informed

"Al...ri.." Kelly haven't finished her response before Mrs. Kim hung the call.

"...ght" Kelly completed her words striking her face with her palm. She was into this already.

©️ You.nin_ce

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