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December 29, 1850

Zyon: "Let's Go We Have To Go!"

Ava: "Why? Where Are We Going?"

Zyon rushes through the room grabbing their things and throwing them in a bag.

Zyon: "They Know About The Baby."

Ava: "Shit. Shit. Shit. Um Okay Do U Have Everything ."

Zion: "Yeah."

They rushed down the stairs and out the front door. They jump into the car and zoom off. Heading up Milvu St. they were speeding when a group of people confront them in the middle of the road. Zyon trying to avoid hitting them tries to steer the car in a different direction but the car spins out of control and they smash into a tree.

Greeting them when they land are 3 siren soldiers and 2 Siren mercenaries...

Asia( Mercenary 1): "Hello Sister."

Ava: "Why Are You Doing This?"

Asia: "You betrayed our family with this demon child. Now father wants you brought to him. So you can be dealt with."

Zyon: " She's not going anywhere with you."

Axel( Mercenary 2): "What makes you think you can actually stop us?"

Ava: "You guys are supposed to be my family. We're Triplets. You guys are supposed to have my back. I mean axel come on you know I'm innocent."

Asia: " If you are innocent then you to come prove it."

Axel: "Good luck with that you know how dad is."

Asia: " He's right. You have to come with us. Peacefully."

Ava: " Im Sorry but I'm not going with you."

Axel: " So be it."

Asia, Axel , and their soldiers charge towards them. Zyon Helps Ava sit down on the ground next to a tree as she aches in pain. He quickly turns around and is met with a blow to his head. Knocking him on the ground. Ava let's out a sirens scream blowing them away from Zyon. She then realizes that Zyon is unconscious. They cuff her and take her away.

Ava: " Let go of me. Please don't do this. Zyon please wake up! Wake up!"

They transport them back to their underground temple. They locked up Zyon. They took Ava to their father, Ahriman.

Ahriman: " Hello Daughter."

Ava looks up and says nothing.

Andras: " When someone speaks to you. You speak back Girl. Don't make this harder than it needs to be."

Ava: " You don't have to do this."

Andras: " I warned you Ava. You didn't listen. We don't associate with gods let alone fall in love with them but you are hard headed."

Ava: "Let's be honest. This is just you being petty. You wanted me to marry Osiris to our families together so that you could have more power and that's not what I wanted and you hated not being able to control me."

Andras: " Hm. Maybe you're right. It doesn't matter now though. I've brought you here to make a deal. We can leave this all behind if you get rid of that wretched seed and end you relationship with Zyon, is it?, Until the joint ceremony is over. You could leave and by then I'll already be in power and it won't matter."

Ava: " Are you insane?! You want me to murder my baby so you could have more power! Over my dead body."

Andras: " Hm. Don't worry I'll change your mind soon enough. Take her and lock her up."

Asia and Axel take her and lock her in a cell next to Zyon.

Zyon( Weakly Mutters): " Ava is that you?"

Ava: " Yes. It's me. Are you okay?"

Zyon: " Yes. Barely. What did he say?"

Ava: "He wants me to kill the bad and ends things with you so can he advance to power and then I'm free to go."

Zyon: " No we will fight this. Do you remember the spell to save our baby if anything happens to us."

Ava: "Yes."

Zyon: "Good."

Zain( Whispers): "Hey!"

Zyon( Loudly): "Zain!"

Zain: "shhhh! I'm here to break you guys out."

Zyon: " How did you know where to find me?"

Zain: " Psychic twin connection remember. Now shut up while I figure out how to remove this lock."

Zyon: " Hey! Watch Out!"

A guard knocks Zain unconscious and then opens the gate knocks Zyon unconscious again. They transported them to the Ambellic Sector. Where Andras has 3 siren Witches cast a spell to trap Zyon and Zain into a sleep trance.

Meanwhile Ava feels something very bad is happening. She use a piece of white rock to draw the symbols she needs to cast the spell and save her baby. She Finishes drawing the symbols and starts chanting. Andras orders his servants to take Zain and Zyon's bodies and spell them in a cellar in the lower level.

As Ava finishes the spell the guards come and snatch Ava out of her cell. She resists but they take her to her father. Very angry after her father tells her he " killed" Zyon and Zain charges at him and they fight. She stabs him the arm and he slice her stomach open and drops her body to the floor as she bleeds out. He Cries out in pain and Says " I Loved You."

Chaos Erupts and Andras prepares to have a spell casted to preserve his body for his resurrection in the future. Before he goes into the ceremony he assign His Brother Jherico in his place while he is out. After their meeting he is confronted by his 2 children angry about the death of their sister and he has them thrown into the locked away and put under a spell like the one he is going under.

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