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Just breathe

That's me in the picture. No not the one with his head blown off, the other one. Go ahead look closer. Yea, that's me, dancing my way on the edge of a blade with every care in the world, for no reason. You ever sweat the small stuff? And for what? There's a demon inside me most of the time, and he wants to get out most of the time, well;maybe not most of the time. When I'm at my peace, the world is good; but when I'm not, well, you'll know. When I'm not happy it's not always violent stuff, but I can be cruel. I wonder if everyone feels like this? probably so. When ever I feel as though someone is disrespecting me I think of all the ways to fuck them up. I think of different ways to humiliate and expose them. I target them and hold this grudge until I see them suffer the same disrespect I felt. Usually, I wait till it's worse for them. Sorry, not sorry. I'm not really concerned with how the world views me, as my feelings outweigh their opinions. I mean come on, think about it. You really think I'm ever gonna care about how a person or people I feel are beneath me feel about who or what I am? Good luck. I can destroy whole neighborhoods over night so tread easy. I have learned that tough guys aren't so tough when they are alone and everyone has a weakness. I once chased someone's parents with Roman candles taped together all because he owed me ten bucks.Ten bucks can you believe it! Laughing my whole ass off! I once stole money off a guy in Central bookings and when he realized his money was gone, I convinced him it was the homeless guy asleep in the corner. The two guys started fighting and both got removed from the cell. I slept well. Got released the next morning. I guess it wasn't that serious after all. The point is, destruction, chaos, and noise are my best of friends, and it all depends on my mood for the day that tells which will show up. So, do your self a favor whenever you see me just, breath. (It'll all be over soon)

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