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Dark magic induced beings threaten the kingdom of Selasia- and soon to be the world. The only one who can stop them is Elowen, a young warlock with much power hidden inside of him. In order to do this, he needs Julian's help. To take down the corruption, they must find the source which happens to be the baphomet, himself.

Aventura No para niños menores de 13. © Carolina E

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The waves of the ocean crashed softly in the distance, a milky white froth forming at the ends just as they settled against the sand and drew back from the warmth of the golden grains as if they were a forbidden fruit. The soft sound of trees blowing in the distance was like a calming euphoria sweeping itself over me. I could succumb to the sound and scenery, lay here forever and let the salt stained ocean take me away.

I let the tide wash over me, flowing over my waist. Droplets of water fall from my wrists like shimmery pearls and disappear once they meet with the damp Earth. I clasp my hand in a fist, bunching piles of wet sand.

I watch as small brown grains fall from my fingers in clusters. The tide washes up, shocking a cold sensation through my body and numbing my legs. I let my hand drop and feel the sand wash from it.

I close my eyes, listening to the faint conversations of seagulls in the distance.

I breathe in the sting of salt, smelling the vast ocean in front of me and the fresh scent of plants and dirt not far from the beach. It's times like these I wonder how far this calm of nature could go if such beings like me never stepped foot onto our planet.

I open my eyes back up as the tide rolls in once more. It has brought me a dead sand dollar. I smile, caressing it with my fingertips. It has a flower-like design in the middle with four long oval holes cut into it on each 'corner' of the round shape. It's almost a perfect circle, so simple yet beautiful.

I hear soft crunches on the sand in a steady rhythm, footsteps. I turned to face the sound, my chin rested on my shoulder. I smile as he bends down and wraps his arms around me. "I missed you," I say with hardly a sound. He chuckles and cups my cheek in his hand, his pale skin warm against mine.

The wind blows his hair back and I run my fingers through the soft locks, running it back and letting it fluff in front of his face. I trail my hand to his ear, pressing his hair behind it and watching as his soft curls frame his face. His eyes shimmer fondly.

He kisses my cheek and I lean into his soft shirt, a blur of white cloth. He laughs softly, running his fingers through my hair and playing with the ends that lay on my shoulder.

His voice is smooth like honey as he sings to me, begging me to fall asleep. I close my eyes and loosen my muscles, not realizing I had been tensing. I can feel his cool breath on my cheek with every word he breathes. I feel a tug of the other world, making me drift into a daze and sleep. But if I could, I'd give up the whole world to just stay here with him forever. Forever with Julian.

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