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Luisa is just a regular sixteen year old girl living in a town which sounds like a zombie hunting camp. Other than that,there’s nothing too suspicious about her life. Until this cookie comes along that turns people into zombies.. …She’ll deal with that and many more odd adventures..

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Part One

Once upon a time, in a small town called ApocalypticNightXVamp,there was a tiny,quaint bakery called:"Jackson's Bakery."

Two teenagers (they were a couple),decided to come to this shop. Their names were Josette and Braden.

When they walked into the bakery,they looked at all the sweets. "Which one should I pick,Braden?" She asked.

"I really don't care.Any dessert will do." He responded.

So,she picked a green cookie with glittery green frosting and black chips in it.It looked gross.

Leave it to Josette to pick the weirdest one.Braden thought with a smile. It was funny,how she liked weird stuff. Anyway,they paid for the cookie at the cash register. Who,for some reason,checked her nails and smiled mishelevilsy at them asking: "Are you sure you want THAT cookie?"

"Yes,miss." Josette answered.

They sat in the car.

"So,now what?" asked Braden.

"We eat the cookie together." She answered.

So,they made the worst mistake ever and ate the cookie.All of it,too.

"Ugh....I... don't...feellll...good." Josette moaned.

"Me neither..."He agreed.

Then they ran to the nearest hiding place,which was behind a garbage can.

"Ughhhh...what's...happening to us?" asked Josette.

Just then,they felt a sharp pain in their stomachs. Their skin turned a moldy green and their eyes lost color. They barfed and screamed and moaned. Their skin was falling off,and their bones could be seen. It was a disgusting sight.

Josette tried to grab her phone,but kept on dropping it. She finally managed to get a hold of it.After many tries,she finally had the camera app on. She selected selfie mode and was surprised to see an ugly,weird,green face stare back at her.

WHAT?!She thought,but had trouble saying the actual word.

Are we gross ZOMBIES?!


Josette wished she could scream,but couldn't get it out. She and her boyfriend were trapped in these stupid zombie bodies,with no hope of ever becoming normal.

Or so she thought...

Luisa was a shy,sixteen year old girl who didn't like the spotlight. She had one friend. Her name was Josette. Before she was popular,she would always be there for her and help her along the way. She inspired her to do things she never thought she could. Josette was amazing.

Until she got popular for her leading role in the school play.Suddenly,Josette had no time for her. All Josette had time for was her new hunk of a boyfriend,Braden,and her weird friends who did nothing but shop,shop,and shop.

When Luisa found out that Josette and Braden weren't at school,she wasn't surprised. They were probably ditching school and hanging out at the local Shop and Stop,hollering at people and stealing from unsuspecting teenagers who had what they wanted.

But then the news turned,saying that they were nowhere to be found. They just disappeared. Just like that.

Where are they? What happened to them?Luisa thought.She was panicking.

She was so scared she ran out of the school,looking for them.

She was surprised and scared to find rotting people behind the trash can of the bakery.

She was even more surprised to find out that the rotting people were alive.

"What?" She asked,panting.

The girl managed to point a finger to herself and gurgle out one word.


",it can't be." Luisa couldn't believe it was Josette.

If Josette was here,then the boy must be...

"Braden." The boy confirmed.

"But...but how?"Luisa asked in disbelief.

"Cookie...ate it...poison.." They gurgled.

"The cookie you ate poisoned you?" Luisa asked.

"YES!" They answered. Then they spat out pieces of their brains.

"Help..." They whispered.

"How am I supposed to help you?" Luisa asked.

That's when a blue mist appeared.

"Helllllooooo,Humans. I am Jackson's sister,Marie. We are sorcerers. Although,Jackson gave up his powers to learn how to use poison. I can turn you guys back,but you must do exactly as I say." said the strange lady.

"Marie,why did he give up his powers so he could learn how to use poison?"asked Luisa.

"Well,my child...

He doesn't like people. He wants to rule the universe. He thinks that if he can poison everyone to be zombies,then he will be the most powerful man on Earth." Marie answered.

"How do we defeat him?" Luisa asked.

"I need you to get me these ingredients: A dirty white sock,a bottle of Vinegar,red lipstick,and a yellow sponge." She answered.

"You want us to get you THOSE things?!? I thought you said you were magical. You know what,I'm just going to call the Psychiatric unit."

Luisa did not believe a word this crazy lady said,but before she could dial the number,she grabbed her hand and said:

"You don't have a choice."

Luisa set off to reluctantly find those ingredients. She ran to her house (Thank goodness her parents weren't there,or they would have demanded an explanation on why she was home instead of at school.)

She then climbed up the stairs to her brother's room,holding a gag as she looked around,searching for a dirty,white,sock. The whole room was a pig sty.Dirty clothes and crusty food was everywhere. She almost barfed.

But,she found a dirty old navy sock and took it with her.

But before she could leave,weird green mists surrounded her.

They materialized into wizards and yelled in unison:


Oh great.Now Wizards want my brother's dirty sock.Lovely.

In any other circumstance,she would have gladly given the sock. But,with lives at stake,she had to fight for it.

Something most people don't know about the shy,nerdy girl is that she took karate classes since she was four (She was a black belt). She loved karate,and now she was going to use this skill to fight these weird wizards. She kicked in every place,knocking them unconscious. If the wizards weren't mind controlled by Jackson to only talk and not fight (He did this thinking the wizards would never be in a bad situation.Jackson wanted to fight,but he's not here now,is he?) THEN they would have defeated her.But that's not the case.

After knocking them out,she checked her reflection in the mirror. Her face was still perfect. She applied a layer of lip gloss,ready for what was thrown at her next.

Not many people know about this attitude Luisa has.But,soon everyone would know.

Now to get the other ingredients. The sponge,the lipstick,and the vinegar. She could just take her own lipstick. There. Now that she had the lipstick and the sock,she could get the sponge and the vinegar.

Just as she was walking to the superstore,a million zombies blocked her path. They were coming towards her and they weren't slow,like the zombies in movies. They were lightning fast. Luisa had to kick and punch and karate chop zombies,but they would just get back up again.One zombie,Josette,grabbed her by the neck.

"JOSETTE,IS THAT YOU?!?" Luisa shrieked.

She said nothing. Her eyes had no pupils in them,and her breath stank of mildew and mice.

Mice? What happened to her?thought Luisa.


Josette dropped herself to the floor,shocked and surprised.

But that's when another zombie grabbed Luisa by her shirt and bit her.

She fell to the ground like a rag doll.

Luisa opened her eyes.She looked down at her hands.

She still had the items,but they were rotting a little.She only had minutes before she turned into a zombie,and she could already feel and see the side effects coming.

No time to waste.I must get the brains.

I mean the sponge and vinegar.

She half walked-half staggered her way to the store. She bought the sponge and vinegar,now she needed to contact the witch.

She didn't have to.

Just as the witch appeared,she fell to the ground and turned into a zombie.

That was okay.Marie thought.Once I perform this spell I can turn them back.For now,I need to perform the spell.

She grabbed all of the ingredients and mashed them together. Then she uttered an ancient spell.Pretty soon,the sky filled with a blue fog. Good.

The mashed ingredients liquefied.She put this liquid in a vial.

She spilled the vial on the ground and it spread to the zombies.The witch watched as the zombies turned human.Then she smiled to herself.

I defeated you,Jackson.Now the world is saved.

The witch disappeared as if she were never there at all.

The humans looked around. Slowly,but surely,they were forgetting everything strange that happened.

"What happened?" They asked.

Followed by a "Why are we here?"

Luisa responded with an"I don't know."

Then Josette ran to Luisa and asked:

"Do you want to hang out after school?"

"Really? What about being popular? What about Braden?"

"Braden doesn't care that I hang out with you. As for popularity,phooey! I miss you,and I think we should hang out more." Josette answered honestly.

"Thanks." Luisa and Josette walked to school happily,talking like old friends again.

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