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Shaina Pauleen Castellejo lost all her memories when she had the accident but she is very grateful when someone save her life- Ralph Miguel de Leon and his family. She learned to live in a simple and those things that she could not do before. She lived quietly even though her momories erased. However, there's a man appeared to her life again named by Brixton George Ferrari who was her ex-boyfriend. It was the reason for her to remember the past and her personal identity. Still Shaina return to a former boyfriend who cheated on her and forgive the trusted friend who also betrayed when all memories has restored? She still love Brixton or an anger will prevail?

Romance Contemporáneo No para niños menores de 13. © roseandtulips31

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Chapter 1: The Betrayal

Shaina Pauleen’s POV

I am on stage to conduct oneself in a fashion trend for H & J Entertainment and Modeling, where I am working as a model. I also heard the applause of the audience when I stumbled.

“She’s pretty when she’s in a very close whatever attire matters to her.” I heard the women in front of me whispering as they kept watching the crowd.

“Yes, she’s very smart too.” Another woman stated that. “It’s not something I aspire to.”

After the show, I talked with the managers first about my performance.

"You seem to be the ultimate expression of excellence, Miss Castallejo. You impress everyone in the room not only with your beauty, but also with your confidence, connection, and intelligence. "Their compliment made me smile a little.

"Thank you so much, Ma'am Kristel and Janette."

"You did fascinating in the interview sessions as well," they added.

"Didn't you train me to be like this one, right?" I replied proudly.

I'm losing notbecause of them. They proven out about me. They gave effective training and guidance to me. It makes use of my intelligence and self-esteem. I am grateful that I would be attaining my goal of becoming well-known in this field. I dreamed of being a model since I was in elementary schooland here now,idolized by many people.

Regarding our meeting, the lobby might have been instantly dominated with media.

"Good day, Ma'am Shaina. What motivates you to be successful in your career?"

I waited to finish her question before responding, "Hmm, of course my boyfriend. I might not be here if it wasn't for him. He's always around me." I assured them and they smiled.

"How do you feel concerning your best friend, Miss Valerie? Have you ever competed against her, despite the fact that she is also one of the best models in the Philippines? ”

“No. I didn't want to struggleagainst my friend. I value friendship in such a way that I value my career. As being successful in this profession, we have our own set of strengths and weaknesses."

After that, I refused other interviews because I needed to unwind which there such a long session andwe stood on the stage all day.

I stepped into my other colleagues and noticed they weren't with Valerie.

"Congratulations!" they stated right away.

"Thank you," I responded back with a smile.

"You are much more welcome."

"Anyway, did you see Valerie?" " They turned to look around before having to respond.

Jannah was the first one whoreplied,"Earlier, she was just watching a fashion show and after that, we don't see her anymore."I remarked with a nod.

“Ok. Would you like to eat first? It's my treat. “

"I apologise in advance, Shai. My boyfriend is waiting for me right now, so I can't join you," Jannah explained.

“I have a dinner date with my parents. Sorry Shai.” Hillary replied.

“Ok fine. Next time when you’re free, no excuses. “I said to them.

“Yeah, we promise.”

They went ahead, and I proceeded to the parking lot. Walking towards my car when I heard a woman laughing so loudly. It seems familiar. Later, also heard the voice of a guy. It was Brixton. So, I didn’t go to my car and peeked to look for noise there.

Because of my intense curiosity, I saw my best friend and Brixton kissing in front of me. I clenched my fist to them. They were both momentarily stunned when they noticed me. I suddenly slapped my boyfriend.

“How dare you!” Although, say it to Brixton. Eventually, I gazed at my best friend, who was just smiling at me.

"I trusted you two, so I treated you fairly. This is how I see it!" I summoned them to manage my tears at bay. I almost had to slap Valerie when my boyfriend gained control of me.

"I can't believe you're doing this. I'minclined to think what I did to betray me." I tried to tell them as my throat dried up with resentment.

"Actually, Shaina, I used you to carry out my parent's plan. They are the reason I went on a date with you due to the fact that Valerie is someone I adore."

This feels me mad at him right now. All these years we’ve been together, it’s just a pretense. He was the man I would be with for the rest of my life; I thought. I believed in his sweet words and promises. Stupid.

“Brix is right. He just used you to follow his parent’s goal of having a big partnership with your company. “I leaned down on my supposed friend.

I thought she was real, too. I’m wrong that such a smart person, but why was I fooled? It’s disappointing that my teeth grind with excessive grit.

“Why?” furiously shouting at them. Valerie just laughed at me as Brix pushed me away.

“You’re such a jerk.” Insisting in him again. He was really numb because there just said nothing. He really didn’t love me, but had used me because of that business partnership. I couldn’t accept it, so I slapped him again. Eventually, he gripped my arm.

“Ouch! Let me go. “Complaining while Brixton is grinning.

“She is desperate to see you, Brix.” I heard Valerie make an ironic statement that she was so glad to see me here like this.

I cannot forgive them. They are the great pretenders who fooled me to get what they wanted.

I certainly left while crying and walking towards my car. They had deceived me and I could no longer resist. I’m really stupid.

I slammed the car door shut and let it run faster. My eyes watered while driving. I don’t even care if I die. I deserve it for being a stupid woman. Everything I did disappeared. Have lost my inspiration, so how else can I start again? Brix has finally become part of my life, and my world revolves only around him. He is also the reason for getting all those achievements that usually make me think he loves me. It’s all just a dream.

I sped up the car even more and tried to overtake the vehicles I was with. I want to express my emotions.

Coincidently, I didn’t realize that a bus was going to meet me. I turned to the side immediately, but it couldn’t control any more the brake.

“Hey, what’s happening?” I said it tensely.

I could not have known that my car had suddenly slammed into a solid tree.

I feel a lot of blood flowing through my head. I could not almost move until I lost consciousness.

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